Headunit install on a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan.

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Huzzah! I have a new car!

A really fast car, with a super beefy alternator designed for installing all sorts of stuff that runs on electricity !

Bummer it ***** for sound.

For those of you not in the know, the PI Sedan is a suped up Taurus, and much of the mods that can be done to it are essentially the same mods that can be done to a Taurus.

I am looking to install a system in it, and without argument the hardest part is going to be the headunit. I am looking to install a double din unit of some form that will do phone app support. At the moment there are no dash kits available for a 2013+ Ford Taurus

One thing that should be noted is that the center console which all other trims of Tarueses have stock, are optional on the police interceptors, as most police cruisers mount computers and radios in these locations. Mine came without a center console. There are a couple of companies that make center consoles, but as they are selling to municipalities, and don't really have much competition they seem a bit overpriced.

I did some call outs to junkyards from my region and can get a center console from a wrecked SHO for about $150 including all mounting hardware.

So after a bit of digging, some successful most of it not this is what I have found:

Metra is working on a dash kit for 2013+ Ford Taurus of all trims. It is listed in their 2016 catalog on page 188 as TBA. However, there is still no word on when it will be available at this time. Also, their dash kit for the 2010-2012 Taurus ( part# 99-5721) is no longer being made and will be replaced with an updated dash kit (part# 99-5722) in the near future. The difference between the two models is a touchscreen which I am assuming replaces their analog controls for HVAC, and will be much like the Scosche ( FD1447AB ), and will likely be priced similarly as well. ( ~$300 vs ~$200 for the #99-5721 ). And if that is any indication the dash kit for the 2013+ Taurus will probably be least $300 as well.

Ideally I would prefer to install a SHO console and use the Metra dash kit. But it been in the works for over a year, and might in the works for another year. So Plan B it is. It looks like the best options for installing a double din sized headunit is to install a Gamber-Johnson MCS Center Console.

In looking at center consoles, I also talked to a few car audio installers. While the consoles are really good for hooking things up like two-way radios, scanners, and laptops. You need at least 10 inches of depth, preferably more like a foot for doing aftermarket headunits with a DVD player. In looking at the Havis, Jotto and Gamber-Johnson solutions, Gamber-Johnson was the only one that cleared 8 inches of depth from the specs of their MCS product. With a bit of digging I found a source for a new MCS console with armrest and cupholder (7160-0409) for about $350 shipped. Which is a relatively economical solution all things considered (I am open to used equipment if anyone has a lead on something that would do the job).

So it does seem like I have this figured out. However one final issue is going to be an adapter plate for the headunit. While Gamber-Johnson makes a bunch of adapter plates for different equipment (including single din radios), they do not make one for double din units, and there doesn't seem to be anyone else who has tried this. So if anyone has any ideas on a solution for this I would appreciate it.

I really underestimated how essential an armrest and cup holder are for long trips.

Time to get good with fiberglass.

Also if the 2012 version of the METRA kit for Taurus will fit but is discontinued some shop must still have one kicking around, right?

From the conversation I had with Metra, they made it out that the update to the 2010-2012 Taurus kit is not the same as the kit for the 2013+ Taurus. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that.

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