1. Jakezacb

    Need clarification with capacitor wiring

    Let me start with some back story. The photo attached is of my 2x 10" kicker subwoofers, 600 watt kicker amp, and a 2.5F capacitor. This went in my 2013 mini cooper and worked amazingly well for the year i had it in there. I have since sold the coop as multiple, EXPENSIVE, problems arose but i...
  2. outsideshot23

    FOR SALE HUNDREDS of pounds of wire

    I’d rather sell local. Western Oklahoma/western Arkansas. I have literally hundreds of pounds of wire. Some still on spools. Mostly 1/0. It’s nearly all scosche efx frosted flux. Extremely flexible. Extremely high strand count. OFC. Some 4ga and 8ga on spools. Stinger speaker wire. Numerous...
  3. BassHead50008

    How to pair mids and highs

    I’m going to be installing (2) Skar 6.5 mid range loudspeakers (4ohm) in my front door and I have a pair of skar 1.8” super tweeters 4 ohm. How Should I wire them? My amp is 600.4 hifonics 2 ohm stable. I’m worried because I’ve heard it’s not recommended to wire the tweeters down to 2ohm...
  4. Hags222

    Basic question about calculating RMS and total wattage of my set up

    This question may be quite straight forward, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. I am new to this forum but I found the formula to ballpark estimate my total amperage. I do not understand one part. When you calculate this, do you add up the total RMS of the amplifier AND the subwoofers it will...
  5. O

    Use multimeter to determine polarity on speakers while playing?

    Can you use a multimeter to determine polarity on wire that is unlabeled (potentially while music on)? Wires were connected to factory rears to run to amp high level in. Those bare wires will power a test 5x7, just unsure of polarity when wiring my high level adapter.
  6. ndials925


    Hello! So the rule goes you should not ground to a painted surface... once you have cleaned the surface free of any paint, and made a connection. Can you then paint over your ground to prevent rust?
  7. A

    Wire sub to fusebox?

    I have a vibe slick 400 watt rms 1200 watt peak, it's an active Subwoofer that has a 30 amp fuse in it. Does this mean i can wire it to the fusebox which has a missing fuse rated at 50 amps?
  8. H

    amp turn on wire

    Hey there, I'm installing an aftermarket head unit, Panasonic 2007, into my 2002 Toyota Echo. The head unit's wire harness has an AMP TURN_ON (12V+) wire (blue/white) but the wire harness that mates with the car does not. What should I do/what will happen if I just insulate the tip of the wire...
  9. M

    Knu Konceptz wire galore

    I had big plans bought all the wire and car **** the bed. Everything is brand new been installed. 30 ft 0/4 Flex Power Cable Blue. Knu konceptz wants $7.00 a ft. I paid $105 and it’s still brand new so asking $85. 100 ft 10 gauge speaker wire. I paid $100 asking $75 5 300 amp mini fuse block...
  10. L

    Car Door Ate My RCAs

    So I was taking stuff out of my car the other day and managed to snag my RCAs which weren't tucked well and pull them out unknowingly and slammed my car door on them. They are shorter so I've got 2 sets of RCAs connected together and this happened at the connection. so basically right from...
  11. adulbrich

    Cheap 300 amp anl fuses anywhere?

    Looking to buy ten 300 amp fuses, and want them to get here before next Friday, so I can get started on my install. I haven't been able to find a cheap lot of 10 anywhere that will get here quickly. I don't mind paying express shipping, but I think around $25-$35 is the max I'd pay. If anyone...
  12. adulbrich

    DD wire

    Z-Wire | DD Audio MSRP: $459 for 50 ft of 0 gauge OFC Wow, no thanks, lol. I like DD, but that's ridiculous
  13. MkVwGuy

    FS: Knukonceptz wire, speaker wire, assorted rca, distribution blocks a fuse holder

    Item(s) for Sale: New Knukonceptz Flex Red 4 Gauge in the following lengths: - 11'5" - 7'5" - 3'3" - 3' Knukonceptz Flex Blue 8 Gauge 13'9" Knukonceptz Karma SS twisted 12 gauge speaker wire in the following lengths: - 11'4" - 6'8" Used Rockford Fosgate black 8 Gauge 3ft ground...
  14. adulbrich

    Very short run of 0 gauge... CCA or OFC?

    I'm trying to decide what wire to use. I have a 1986 Pontiac Fiero. For those of you who know what it looks like, you can probably understand why I have trouble putting subs in. This is my third install and I still have 20 feet of Knukonceptz CCA 0 gauge wire. I have a Visonik v4000xd. It uses...
  15. M

    biggest, baddest, best wire ever?

    I've looked at sky high car audio 2/0 gauge OFC wire, and was wondering if any other companies made wire of a similar size also in OFC.
  16. heimsothe

    Which Do I Connect My Amps Remote Wire To?

    I have two blue wires.... one comes from the headunit and the other comes from the adapter harness. The one coming from red adapter harness is on the left (Bottom in my hand) and the one coming from the headunit is on the right (top). Both Remote Amp wires, I just don't know what to do. Do I...
  17. B

    Dual Amp and Power Wire Size?

    Two amps. 1. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Class D Mono Block----------For my 1 RF P2D2-12 sub •RMS Power Rating: ◦4 ohms: 300 watts x 1 chan. ◦2 ohms: 500 watts x 1 chan. Says use 4 gauge. 2. Hifonics ZRX600.4 A/B------------------ Running 4 6x9s •Max Power Rating: ◦4 ohms: 75 watts x 4...
  18. basswiigee

    random install stuff....

    got a bunch of wire's, fuse holders, distro's, terminals, got a cadence 2farad cap(not pictured but will upon request) some rca's, and various other stuff.... plus more if i pull it out of my ride, think i got kicker hyper flex 0ga in there... offer up... really need deadner...... but open to...
  19. D

    4 chan amp bridged to drive 4 ohm sub

    just got a pioneer GM-6500F 4 channel amp, and a pioneer ts-w1041c sub, if i try to bridge the amp shuts down on hard hits... why?
  20. cdimic25

    17 feet of OFC 1/0 4200+ strand count

    Item(s) for Sale: 1) 17ft run of black flexible jacket xscorpion wire 1/0awg ofc 4214 strand count pm me and i may be willing to chop it up to desired lenght Item(s) Description/Condition: brand new Price: $60 shipped paypal only Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: flat rate box...
  21. C

    Bad Terminal Cup

    I've been using pre-fab boxes for a while and love the simplicity of terminal cups but the past two times I've used them they've quit working. The first one just quit working one day. It shows no visible signs of any reasons of why it wouldn't work and I get power all the way up to the terminal...
  22. D

    small power/ground + big amp results?

    Hello people I have Pioneer Premier PRS-D2000SPL hooked up to three cvr 12s im using 8 gauge wire maybe even 10 for power im not sure I didnt know it was that big of a deal but I had a boss 3000 watt amp before hooked up the same way with same wires and it hit way harder for some reason and...
  23. andale927

    FS 1/0 Gauge OFC Wire Custom Cuts - 100% Copper!

    Item(s) for Sale: Custom cuts of 1/0 wire however much you want! (1100 Feet available) (150 Feet Sold) Item(s) Description/Condition: 1/0 OFC Wire Price: (Cheaper than AudioTechnix) $3.00 Per foot plus shipping (Min 5 Feet) 25 Ft+ = $3 Per foot Shipped! Precut Deals! (AUDIOTECHNIX ONLY...
  24. rlambert02

    Has anyone gotten there AUDIO TECHNIX wire and would care to share???

    I received my 150ft AT 0g ofc today, and it wasnt quite what I thought. So am I the only one who feels this way, or what does everyone else think?
  25. rlambert02

    Pricing for Shok wire

    Im wanting to get the Shok Ind. wire 1/0awg thats 100% copper, not very interested in the CCA stuff. Can anyone help me, or lead me in the right direction to someone or somewhere thats has the best price for this wire, or if there are any shok wire dealer's on this forum please let me know...
  26. mylows10

    0 gauge wire ofc

    Item(s) for Sale: 5 runs of 0 gauge ofc wire Item(s) Description/Condition: scosche 0 gauge ,not the new flex stuff,this is the older wire ,over 6200 strands 7-8 ft pieces with 1 ring terminal on each piece. you will not find this wire any where ,they do not make it any more ,have about 40 ft...
  27. fieryhooligan

    Looking for some Power Wire (1, 1/0, 2/0)

    Hey there. Looking to upgrade the electrical in my car. Want to do a dual battery setup. Looking for some long thick power cable. 1/0 or 2/0 would be best, but would do 1Ga if its high quality. Would LOVE some flex a prene or other welding cable. Would love to get 50' on a roll, but 2x 25'...
  28. Deusle

    White 8 Gauge Wire

    Item(s) for Sale: White 8 gauge speaker wire. (or power wire, I suppose) Item(s) Description/Condition: Got these when my uncle had a spool of it from his work. Very sturdy, wire appears to me aluminum plated copper. Never installed. Some wires have slight discoloration in spots from...
  29. XORstatus

    DOES BRAND MATTER??? ...and for the price does it really matter??

    I have asked perviously where to find DEALS on 0 gauge wire. For the most part $2.50 to $3.00 per foot seems to be the consensus. I have found however CHEAPER 0 GAUGE wire in spools of 25 and 50 feet. I would like to know If anyone has had first hand experience with these brands, AND if they...
  30. XORstatus

    I want to buy 0 GAUGE wire!!!!

    I want to buy your 0 gauge wire!! Im looking specifically for 20-30 foot strand. PM me!
  31. B

    Items needed to Finish my Install (Batts, Alt, 25ft. 1/0 wire)

    Want to Buy to finish my install. Still need Batteries. Running about 5k daily, so I figured I'd run an XS D1200 under the hood, and a D3100 in the trunk Also need about 25ft. of 1/0 to finish my Big 3. Doesn't matter which color but I want quality wire. Could use some good ring connectors as...
  32. S

    PS3-80GIG backward compatible, 2 controllers, 11 games, ect

    Item(s) for Sale: 80 Gig PS3, 2 controllers, 11 games, Hdmi cable, controller charging cable. Game titles include-COD world at war, Medal of Honor, Madden 10, NFS Shift, Gran Turismo 5, NFS prostreet, Madden 2009, GTA liberty city stories, NCAA 09, and Final Fantasy 13 Item(s)...
  33. N

    Help wiring up 2 Solobarics

    I'm new to car audio and needed help on wiring up my system. I have 2 of the 8" L7 Solobarics and an 850/2 Kicker Amp. I have been told I should wire it up 4 ohm instead of 2 ohm, is this correct? How would I go about this? and To secure my subs into the box is there any specific screw I should...
  34. F

    Amp wiring question...please help

    I am planning on upgrading my system with a 2000rms amp. I currently have single run of 4 gauge wire that is about 12 feet. Could I get enough power with another run of 4 gauge or should I pull it out and run 1/0 gauge wire? It’s a spl car if that makes a difference. Also, does anyone know the...
  35. B

    Fuse blow

    So, just last week i installed an aftermarket head unit (Sony MEX-BT3800U nothing amazing but it does for me) and 2 new vibe slick 5x9 front door speakers. Everything is working fine apart from one thing, the 3 amp fuse in the cars fuse box keeps blowing everytime i turn the volume up loud. In...
  36. S

    Amplifier/Subwoofer trouble

    I have 2 10" boss audio phantom series subs with dual voice coils. I have 3 different amps, all being 2 channel. I can hook each one up without any issues and i get a green power light, which is good. Whenever i hook up the subs the amp will go into protection mode. I have checked all amplifier...
  37. R

    My Friend cut the end of my battery cord that goes to my amp

    My Friend cut the end of my battery amp and now I cant connect it to the amp. It's connected to the battery. How do I get another circular terminal connecter? Or where do I find them so I can connect it to te end of the wire.? I don't want to have to buy another so.. Where can I find another...
  38. f1mclarenagr

    How many wire runs and number of RMS Watts you running?

    Just wondering how many runs of cable you guys run from up front to the trunk/back and back up front. I want to get an idea of how many to run so voltage drop doesn't affect when you apply a large current to a single run of 1/0 to the back (talking about 250+ amp draw). Also if you do more...
  39. A

    Need help with wires

    I am currently hooking up 2 amps(1 power acoustic 4 channel amp,1000 watt max, wanting to push 400 watts total, also a kenwood kac-7203 1000 watt, but im only gonna push at 500 watts). im only looking to push 900-1000 watts total. my question is what gauge wires am i going to need and would...
  40. A

    4 speakers to 2 channel amp?

    can i hook up 2 5 1/4 alpine type r's and to type r 6x9's to a 2channel kenwood Kac-7203.