1. Jeano221

    Subs amp going into protection mode after turning it up HELP

    So I’m having a issue with my amp going into protection mode after turning the radio up, it’s a stock bmw radio and the positive and ground are 11.90 when cars off and 13.60 when car is on, I switched amp snd still did the same thing... don’t know what else to check. Do if anyone can Help me out...
  2. Jeano221

    Amp goes into protection mode after turning radio up🤦🏽‍♂️

    So I’m having a issue with my amp going into protection mode after turning the radio up, it’s a stock bmw radio and the positive and ground are 11.90 when cars off and 13.60 when car is on, I switched amp snd still did the same thing... don’t know what else to check. Do if anyone can Help me...
  3. S

    Question regarding channels on head unit

    Hi A little noob here. Please help. I have a question for you. My headunit is the Pioneer MVH-S200DAB. I have just bought an active subwoofer to put in the car. In my car I have 4 RCA outputs on the back of the radio. 1 front and 1 rear / SUB. The thing is that I have 4 speakers that run...
  4. AJStaples

    Destroyed sub in 3 minutes why??

    Like 10 years ago I bought 2 Polk DB1040DVC subs. They are 50-270w rms. They've been sitting new in box since I never got around to buying an amp or whatever. I ponied up a couple dollars and at crutchfields recommendation, grabbed a pioneer GM-DX874 4/3/2 ch amp. I connected front door...
  5. J

    Will this amp be enough for this sub?

    I'm doing my first sub install and picked out an amp and sub. I choose the Alpine S-W10D4 ( because its the perfect sub for my small sealed enclosure I have but was wondering if this Skar RP-800.1D...
  6. J

    Need some help picking out a sub and amp setup

    So currently I'm looking to put a sub in my 350z, I came across a photo that shows how to make a sub box that fits perfect. It only provides about .64 cubic feet so finding a sub is hard, I found this skar sub ( which...
  7. E

    Need help just to get started

    Okay So I'm a complete novice when it comes to hooking up a system. But I'm not the type of guy that just wants to go to a shop and pay for them to make my decisions for me I'd like to know what I'm getting why I'm getting and what all my options are before doing that. I have an 02 Honda...
  8. G

    Combining Power for Amps

    I am planning out my install and want to run a single power cable from the battery to the trunk, then split into two 4 gauge cables to power a sub amp and a speaker amp. Each are rated for 4 gauge power. My thought is to use a larger fuse at the battery and then 2 individual fuses at the split...
  9. D

    Bostwick 10”

    Trying to figure out what sub this is to know specs and get a better amp. I have two of these they’re 10s. Thanks
  10. S

    Looking to get a sharper sounding bass

    Hi guys, I'm new to the car audio world so I'm not to familiar with all the terms and functions. I basically wanted better sounding bass for my car so I recently got a subwoofer and amplifier from my local car audio shop. I got the Alpine MRV-M500 (amp) and one 10 inch Alpine S-W10D2 (sub)...
  11. Mgman111

    Help with my new Setup

    So I recently added a subwoofer, amp and a new head unit to my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. I also have The kicker speaker upgrade which are 2 door speakers and 2 sound bar speakers rated at 75w rms each. My new head unit is a Sony XAV-AX5000 and I’m unable to turn the volume up past half without the...
  12. P

    SOS New Subwoofer - No sound!

    Greetings to all! I got a brand new Sub from Amazon, it is all connected and energized but still no sound coming out. I also connected to my living room home-theater to test and no sound at all. From the Head unit, I install a 2 Farad Capacitor to a Power Ground Distribution Block (to a 500W...
  13. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  14. A

    Need ideas! Get Crazy!!

    Hi everyone!  I have had a thread going on in General discussion about a new audio setup I would like to do.  I am still a little bit of a noob but I am reading and learning as much as I can as I go along.  Jeffdachef and a few others helped me out a ton on choosing speakers etc for my new...
  15. E

    Which amp is best

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help in the form of picking the right amplifier for my sub. It's pioneer TS-A300B with around 500WRMS @ 2 ohms, I'm looking to run it at about 300-350wrms, I'm thinking a monoblock amp because it's less stuffing around, I need an amp wthat has a LP Filter however ...
  16. brayball25

    Comp Vx vs Comp R

    So ive been lookintg at subs to put under my seat in my truck. ive been wondering whether the difference in a comp r and a comp vx is substantial. im just looking for somethting that will vibrate the cars around me? I was gonna get 2 compvx 12 but now im wondering whether or not two compr 12...
  17. S

    Kicker solo baric 15" (round)?

    Hey guys! im thinking of getting myself kicker solo baric in my car. do you guys have any opinions on this sub. how does it sound? im trying to go budget, il get it all for like 80$ (including sealed box and amp) Thoughts? :D 
  18. P

    Help no clue

    Okay so basically don't have a lot of knowledge about car audio systems just want my car to be obnoxiously loud.  I have a 4 channel amp, 4 speakers and 2 subs.  Can someone direct me to an installation guide to make it easier.  Also is it possible to have all 4 speakers and 2 subs hooked up to...
  19. varano_ohms

    Amplifier -- Sub -- PSU -- Speakers

    Hi, do you connect the amplifier to the 2 jacks (RED-WHITE) behind the radio and the sub do you connect it to the amplifier? having a 250w psu is enough for sub amplifier and a 2x 60w speakers? car radio aiwa 40Wx4 Thanks Regards
  20. T

    Comp R custom box design

    I have 2 Kicker comp Rs in separate prefab enclosure. they can't hit low and are very looking for a good box design with a big port in the middle. Ive looked around a lot online and haven't been able to find anything specific other than ...
  21. 1000101


    View Listing TRADE/Sell NEW IN BOX MEMPHIS MOJO 15'' for MOJO 12'' I'm looking to trade my NEW in BOX Memphis MOJO 15 (NOT THE NEWEST MODEL WITH ORANGE TAG ON WOOFER) Its the one in the stock pic shown. ITS THE ONE THATS ALL BLACK. (Last model before...
  22. Ethan Carlson

    DS18? Newbie alert

    Hey Audiophiles!! I'm looking to buy a fresh pair of subs and amp for my new car and came across these DS18, 2 12's with a built in amp, I'm on a bit of a budget but want to know what is right to look for! I figured this is the right place to come for help! ...
  23. S

    Two Separate Sub Boxes - Wiring Help

    I have two separate Kicker compR loaded enclosures, both 2 ohms 500 rms. I currently have one set up and am looking for a new amp to wire up the other, looking around i can't find anyone talking about how to wire this considering its an enclosure, i was wondering how they would be set up using a...
  24. N

    4-Channel Amp Wired to 1 Sub Continually Overheats

    Hello friends. My amp and sub setup in my trunk works well except that the amp overheats regularly. It's a 4-channel amp, so I have two options for wiring the sub: bridged and unbridged. When it's unbridged, it's weak but it doesn't overheat as much. When it's bridged it sounds awesome but...
  25. J

    Adire Brahma MK2 15"

    Item(s) for Sale: 15" mk2 Adire Brahma. 8/10 for a 10 year old classic sub. 1.9 ohm on each coil. 300+shipping Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you...
  26. B

    Seeking Hairtrick Capable Setup in Los Angeles

    Hello all, I work for a special effects company and we are interested in testing out a "hairtrick" on camera for potential use in an upcoming film. If you live (or know someone who does) in the Los Angeles area and have a set up capable of producing a "hairtrick," please send me a message...
  27. Y

    Need some advice for set up for Subwoofers

    Dodger Charger 2016, 6 speaker alpine stock I wanna run NVX JAD 1200.1 amps with Dayton Audio RSS315HO-44 12" and i was going to have a custom ported box built. Was wondering if I should go dual 12" or just a single 12". And would the difference be that big? Also, what line out converter...
  28. D

    Subwoofer break in period 🔊

    hello everyone. I am new to car audio so I have a quick question. I just one kicker cvx 15 to pair with my alpine mrx m110 amp. I just got an email from kicker saying that they recommended 30 hrs of low bass or low gain play for break in. Is this true? Who breaks in a subwoofer? I thought this...
  29. D

    Subwoofer and Amp pairing

    Hello,I am completly new to setting up my own system and could use a little bit of help. I currently have a set of Alpine E type 10 inch subwoofers and I am a little unsure of what am to use with them. I have a polk audio pa880 and a pa660 which amp would be better to use for them? The pa880 is...
  30. J

    My subs are not hitting as hard as they should.

    I have had a Fosgate t2 15 for a while and it hits pretty good. I finally decided to get an upgrade and bought another t2 15 and hooked it up. It hits with the same power as before. I have a RE audio 3000 watt amp. Is this just a power issue? What is the next step to get more bass.
  31. O

    I cannot decide what I want!

    Hello! I'm currently trying to decide on a subwoofer to purchase. I drive a 4 door coupe so I was looking into getting two 12" subs. My original plan was to purchase a pair of 12" soundqubed HDS200 series but noticed they've been out of stock for a bit. Although they do have the same series in...
  32. K

    10k Subwoofer, What Am I Getting Into?

    I had the great fortune of finding a custom Digital Designs sub on craigslist for a great price. It has an additional motor attached to the back of a DD diaphram. The surround and dust cap were upgraded as well. The previous owner was running 10k watts to this beast. I also have two JuiceBox...
  33. 1


    What secound battery would i need for a orion hcca 12.4 2000rms 4000 peak also will be running a pioneer 4 channel around 320 rms
  34. K

    Subwoofer Help

    So i have two 12" Kicker Comp VX's & i got them off of a friend , i tried looking up the wattage of them, but i can't find anything. how much power in an amp should i have? i have a kenwood lax 922, can somebody tell me if that's enough power to use these subs? i've been having trouble with...
  35. C

    New To Car Audio

    hi i am new to car audi and ive always wanted subs ever since the first time i experienced them. I sgned up to this website looking for help. ive been looking at some rockford fosgate P3-2X12 Punch Dual P3 12" Loaded Enclosure and i thought they looked pretty good but thats all i know. im just...
  36. D

    What kind of box to use for my 18 inch DC xlm2

    I'm having troubles making and figuring out what kind of box to use for my 18 inch DC audio can someone give me some advice
  37. R

    Radio works, Amp works, no sound from sub

    Earlier today I was driving on the road and bumping my music then the sub stopped working. The volume wasn't rally on high. The radio is working properly (Kenwood KDC-BT652U). The amp lights up red when the radio is on and will go off when the radio is off (Kenwood KAC-5001PS). But, no sound...
  38. S

    Amp For Mystery Sub?

    Hello, I know nothing about subwoofers, but I bought this box at a flea market for $5 because it looked cool. I'd like to find an amp for it, but I have no documentation. I honestly can't find much info about it. I measured the subs to be 8" and found this sole post via Google...
  39. Neotek

    Spare Tire Subwoofer

    Hey everyone! I am thinking about custom making a fiber glass subwoofer enclosure that uses the extra space inside a spare tire ( I have seen some good reviews on it, as well...
  40. Neotek

    Need a Sub & Amp. Not sure what types or wattage/ohms.

    I am new to car audio and I need some help setting up my new system. I chose a more ameture all Pioneer system due to budget. I have installed the Pioneer AVH-X5800bhs head unit (RMS; 22 watts per channel), Pioneer TS-A1685R 4 way speakers (RMS; 60 watts ), and TS-T110 tweeters (RMS; 40 watts)...