1. Kevin Persaud


    Which would be a louder sub? Audiopipe 4 stack or a sundown u12 v1 ?
  2. Evan Kays

    Sub gets "stuck" on bass notes

    Just installed my first sub into my car and I'm having a weird issue that I can't find any mention of anywhere else. Intermittently my sub gets "stuck" on a bass note and plays it at full volume even if I turn the volume down or to mute. The only way I can stop it is if I pull the fuse out of...
  3. B

    First time using an Amp and Sub NEED HELP!!

    Hi, first timer here, I need some help for a system I am building, I have a ALPINE BBX-F1200 AMPLIFIER 4 CHANNEL (Max power 600w) and a EDGE 12" EDB12A Active Subwoofer (Peak power 900w). I’m using the cars 12v car battery and 10 gauge wire for power and then splitting it, am I right in...
  4. D

    Audison amp not powering on - advice needed

    Hi all, I'm new here and I've come in search of some expert knowledge! I've been into car audio ever since I passed my drivers test back in 2006 and I used to dabble a lot then with amplifiers and subwoofers. Around 2015 I undertook the task of running new speaker wire through into the doors of...
  5. NatoXemus

    Daisy chain front and rear speakers, or connect at the Amp?

    I'm adding aftermarket rear speakers to a 4 channel amp, sub (mono bridged), and 2 front door speakers. My question is, is it safe to chain the front and rear speakers - so rear positive to front positive, rear negative to front negative, front pos/neg to amp channels? Or should I just play it...
  6. A

    Alpine DDDrive 12 (DDW-F30A) Value

    Hi all! I have (2) fairly rare/ specialized subs- brand new in the box- Alpine DDDrive 12- DDW-F30A… I was hoping someone could tell me roughly what they worth… I know like 15 years ago they were Alpine’s flagship model. But I have no idea what they are worth now. (And yes, I know something is...
  7. M

    remote cable

    can you use and cable as a remote cable coming from your head unit to your amp?
  8. Psychojic

    4 ohm sub measuring 2-2.5 ohm. Amp going into protect.

    Last week my sub fell over on its face when I took a corner too fast. Afterwards my amp would go into protect when I turn up the volume. I checked my sub for any damage and couldn't find any visually. I measured the ohms and it reads 2-2.5 ohms at the sub terminals. I also measured the speaker...
  9. H

    Subwoofer specs

    Hello, I have some subwoofers im looking at and heres the specs. By these specs can you tell how they will sound or loud they'll be? SA's have a 2.5 vc , HWY 4k has 4 inch vc and HWY2k 3 inch vc.
  10. E

    Audio cracks above certain volume

    Im trying to set up a sub and amp in my 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. I got everything set up correctly but when the volume is turned up past a certain point it begins to cut out and crack. I suspect my factory stereo is lacking wattage but I'm not 100%. What do I need to do to eliminate this issue?
  11. M

    COMPLETED (2) Focal P25 FSE Flax Evo Series Thin 10" Subs

    I have for sale 2 Focal P25 FSE Flax Evo Series Slim 10" Subwoofers. Was going to use these in my install but going a different route. These were purchased used but are in excellent condition. Looking to get what I have in them which is $4505 shipped in US48. Willing to split up the set for $240...
  12. HughBushor

    HELP My Amplifer Went into protect mode and I can no longer hear my sub

    I will be the first to admit I am not familiar with any of this but I had bought a 1200 watt 12” bundle from skar over a year ago and had the intentions of putting it in with a buddy long story short a year later I decided to get it done by a professional because we made no progress, $400 later...
  13. NeedAnother

    2016 Acura ilx Installed sub hums only when driving

    Car is 2016 ILX. Using 12 inch skar sdr 1200 800rms and skar 800rms amp. Feedback is a constant tone unless I change speeds driving (when it does change tone kind of matches revs) and if I change speeds enough it breaks the constant tone but will start again eventually. Only happens if cars...
  14. A

    Subwoofer Reccomendation (sorry in advance lol)

    I know there's about a million guys always asking for sub recommendations, sorry to add to that count but I'm not sure what to get. I was looking at getting two Pioneer TS-D10D4's. They seem to be pretty well specced for the price, but I'm still fairly new to car audio, so any advice is...
  15. G

    Anyone ever used these?????

    I just stepped up my bass game an bought this combo. Can anyone please help I can't find a review on these for anything. Just curious what kind of performance I can expect.
  16. B

    COMPLETED WANTED ORION CO154S 15" sub single 4 ohm

    Does anyone have a working ORION COBALT CO154S for sale?
  17. I

    Subwoofer help (I give up)

    I hate asking for help in forums, Kuz I always feel like I'm embarrassing myself, but I'm perplexed as to why my system is sounding so bad. I installed my kicker speakers and amp with no issue, and they sound great. But after finishing the box for my kicker L7 sub and installing it I was very...
  18. H

    Can anyone help to figure out speaker specs

    Was given to me by a friend when I had a more semi-serious system building career. It's a 15" mx autotek 4+4 ohm never got around to listening to it in a box as I didn't have one it could fit. The frame is beefy to say the least. I've tried looking online and I've seen 2+2 ohm but not this one...
  19. L

    truck subwoofer build

    (New to audio stuff) Currently have: Blaupunkt 3000w mono Kicker CompC 44TCWC104 (preinstalled 10" in a 0.66cf box, ported) ~$240 all in and I can feel good bass, just wanting to go bigger My buddy has this same sub and same amp just double the size of a ported box in a SUV and his rattles hairs...
  20. F

    Im a newby and i need help please

    Hi my names Trace, this is my first post, im a novice in the car audio world, im buying 2 15 inch gravity warzone sub woofers 3500 rms 4 ohm powered by an EG1-7000D power acoustik monoblock amp, my question is, what size box? I'd like to go with something prefab as I know nothing about building...
  21. C

    Critique My Setup

    I am looking to purchase my first sub setup. I am looking for a single 12 in a ported box. I will be building the box and orienting it sub up port back on the drivers side, due to the car being a hatchback. I mainly listen to rap and want good bass to flex and feel without drowning out my other...
  22. F

    Any info?

    Has anyone used the atomic subs recently? look at an ELE 15....anyone know if it could be a good daily sub? Can get one for a pretty good price but cant fine much info about them. Was also looking at the FI SSD V4.... anyone with any knowledge on these would be great....would go in the back of...
  23. C

    More Powerful 12 or Weaker 15

    Hello! I’m looking to purchase my first sub and amp setup and am fairly new to all of this still. I am deciding between the Skar SDR15 with a Skar RP800.1 amp or the Skar SVR12 with a Skar RP1200.1 amp. The sub will be going in a proper sized ported box in a hatchback, and I mainly listen to rap...
  24. C

    Need Help Deciding On Sub Purchase

    Hello! I am looking into getting my first sub and amp setup. I am thinking about getting a 15 inch skar sub with 600W RMS and 1200W max at 1 ohm and an amp with 800W RMS and 1200W max at 1 ohm. I have never had a setup before and don't know how loud this will be or if it will be enough. I mainly...
  25. X

    Need help with subwoofer.

    Hi, My subwoofer is an Edge ed7300 twin sub. I had this set-up in my old car which was a Ford fiesta with an aftermarket stereo fitted. Now I have a VW Scirocco with a nice stock stereo. So, because I wanted to keep the stock stereo I ran into the problem of not being able to connect a remote...
  26. H

    COMPLETED Fi Car Audio Q15 w/ Sealed Enclosure - $400

    15 inch Fi Car Audio Q15 Subwoofer in 2.6 cu ft, sealed, wooden Ground-Shaker box. Dimensions are approximately 16.5x19.5x20.5 and it weighs probably around 40 lbs total. The Fi Car Audio Q series was geared towards sound quality, and this thing put out really good volume to go with it. Served...
  27. Jeano221

    Subs amp going into protection mode after turning it up HELP

    So I’m having a issue with my amp going into protection mode after turning the radio up, it’s a stock bmw radio and the positive and ground are 11.90 when cars off and 13.60 when car is on, I switched amp snd still did the same thing... don’t know what else to check. Do if anyone can Help me out...
  28. Jeano221

    Amp goes into protection mode after turning radio up🤦🏽‍♂️

    So I’m having a issue with my amp going into protection mode after turning the radio up, it’s a stock bmw radio and the positive and ground are 11.90 when cars off and 13.60 when car is on, I switched amp snd still did the same thing... don’t know what else to check. Do if anyone can Help me...
  29. S

    Question regarding channels on head unit

    Hi A little noob here. Please help. I have a question for you. My headunit is the Pioneer MVH-S200DAB. I have just bought an active subwoofer to put in the car. In my car I have 4 RCA outputs on the back of the radio. 1 front and 1 rear / SUB. The thing is that I have 4 speakers that run...
  30. AJStaples

    Destroyed sub in 3 minutes why??

    Like 10 years ago I bought 2 Polk DB1040DVC subs. They are 50-270w rms. They've been sitting new in box since I never got around to buying an amp or whatever. I ponied up a couple dollars and at crutchfields recommendation, grabbed a pioneer GM-DX874 4/3/2 ch amp. I connected front door...
  31. J

    Will this amp be enough for this sub?

    I'm doing my first sub install and picked out an amp and sub. I choose the Alpine S-W10D4 ( because its the perfect sub for my small sealed enclosure I have but was wondering if this Skar RP-800.1D...
  32. J

    Need some help picking out a sub and amp setup

    So currently I'm looking to put a sub in my 350z, I came across a photo that shows how to make a sub box that fits perfect. It only provides about .64 cubic feet so finding a sub is hard, I found this skar sub ( which...
  33. E

    Need help just to get started

    Okay So I'm a complete novice when it comes to hooking up a system. But I'm not the type of guy that just wants to go to a shop and pay for them to make my decisions for me I'd like to know what I'm getting why I'm getting and what all my options are before doing that. I have an 02 Honda...
  34. G

    Combining Power for Amps

    I am planning out my install and want to run a single power cable from the battery to the trunk, then split into two 4 gauge cables to power a sub amp and a speaker amp. Each are rated for 4 gauge power. My thought is to use a larger fuse at the battery and then 2 individual fuses at the split...
  35. D

    Bostwick 10”

    Trying to figure out what sub this is to know specs and get a better amp. I have two of these they’re 10s. Thanks
  36. S

    Looking to get a sharper sounding bass

    Hi guys, I'm new to the car audio world so I'm not to familiar with all the terms and functions. I basically wanted better sounding bass for my car so I recently got a subwoofer and amplifier from my local car audio shop. I got the Alpine MRV-M500 (amp) and one 10 inch Alpine S-W10D2 (sub)...
  37. Mgman111

    Help with my new Setup

    So I recently added a subwoofer, amp and a new head unit to my 2008 Jeep Wrangler. I also have The kicker speaker upgrade which are 2 door speakers and 2 sound bar speakers rated at 75w rms each. My new head unit is a Sony XAV-AX5000 and I’m unable to turn the volume up past half without the...
  38. P

    SOS New Subwoofer - No sound!

    Greetings to all! I got a brand new Sub from Amazon, it is all connected and energized but still no sound coming out. I also connected to my living room home-theater to test and no sound at all. From the Head unit, I install a 2 Farad Capacitor to a Power Ground Distribution Block (to a 500W...
  39. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  40. A

    Need ideas! Get Crazy!!

    Hi everyone!  I have had a thread going on in General discussion about a new audio setup I would like to do.  I am still a little bit of a noob but I am reading and learning as much as I can as I go along.  Jeffdachef and a few others helped me out a ton on choosing speakers etc for my new...