Need help with subwoofer.

xlzbx Newbie
Apr 18, 2021

My subwoofer is an Edge ed7300 twin sub. I had this set-up in my old car which was a Ford fiesta with an aftermarket stereo fitted. Now I have a VW Scirocco with a nice stock stereo. So, because I wanted to keep the stock stereo I ran into the problem of not being able to connect a remote cable or rca left and right from my sub to the back of the head unit. Instead of buying an adapter I decided to buy rca to aux cable. Then to an aux splitter so thay the audio from my phone will play to the aux in the stereo and to the rca for the sub. As for the remote cable I heard that if you connect it to any ignition source it will work, so I connected it to the live wire running from the battery to the sub. The problem with that is it constantly stays turned on so I have fitted an isolation switch to turn on and off.
The sub now works with the stereo in the car but it's out of sync. The subwoofer is about half a beat faster than the car speakers.

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