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  1. keep_hope_alive

    FEATURED KHA 2023 SS Camaro - SQ Build Log

    Welcome to the audio and acoustic build log for my 2023 SS Camaro. This will be long, with a lot of photos, because that is how all of my build logs are. 😊 Here are some pics of the car, I went with a black exterior with gray rally stripes and a gray interior: It is a daily...
  2. D

    Need enclosure advice. JLw1 to JLw3

  3. J

    What am I missing for my sub/amp installation

    Hello everyone, I am pretty new to installing subs and amps so Im looking to make sure I am going in the right direction and am not forgetting anything I need. This set up is going into my 1992 civic vx(EG hatch), I have a JL 13W3v3 4ohm 600 watt subwoofer and a stage 2 box for it both linked...
  4. A

    TRADE Infinity kappa 603CF/JL audio 10w3v3-4

    Looking to trade my infinity kappa 603cf componet set and JL audio 10w3v3-4 in compact box for a nice 3 way componet set Looking for hertz or focal but will consider other brands/trades located in macomb michigan
  5. G

    Amplifier upgrade, big 3 and eld questions

    For a 2012 civic Si: Currently have a JL JD500/1 running (2) 10w3v3-4 subs with no problems. upgrading amplifier to a JL RD1000/1, my car has an ELD sensor for voltage regulation based on the car’s current needs (fans, headlights, etc.) so I do not get a constant 14, if I am driving without...
  6. T

    10 inch Xfl1022 not loud??

    I just bought a xfl1022 in a custom 32hz box. I then purchased a skar audio rp 2000.1d amp to pair with it. It's Lacking to say the least. What am I missing here? I switched to 1/0 gauge recoil wire. It's just not loud, the only way to make it loud is changing the settings to distortion levels...
  7. E

    COMPLETED JVC KW-Z1000W, JL Audio XD 700/5 v2, Wavetech Link 8

    FS: JVC KW-Z1000W 10.1” floating head unit Condition (1 being worst - 10 being best) 9.5 JL Audio XD 700/5v2 5ch amp $325–Free shipp——SOLD Condition (1 being worst - 10 being best) 9 Wavetech Link 8 Line output converter Condition (1 being worst - 10 being best) $90–Free shipping...

    Wiring 2 JL subs ho boxs to one amp

    I have this amp https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13698617/JL-Audio-RD1000-1.html And two of these subs in box https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13693310/JL-Audio-HO110-W6v3.html From website "The woofer's dual 4Ω voice coils are internally wired in parallel to present a 2Ω load. Terminal: The...
  9. J

    Car Audio Set up 94 GT

    Hello everyone! I have decided to upgrade my car stereo on my 1994 Ford Mustang GT 5L. I have done some research but am still fairly new to this. I was thinking of doing the following... 1.) Upgrade the receiver with to a Alpine CDE-172BT CD receiver 2.) Change all four speakers on the car...
  10. B

    COMPLETED Absolute Complete Sound System for SUV’s

    SUV Sound System: Head Unit: Kenwood Excelon Full Multimedia System Front Speakers: One Pair of Focal K2 Power ES 165 KX2 6.5 Components Rear Doors: One Pair of Focal K2 Power EC 165 K 6.5 Coaxial Rear Deck: Two Pair of Focal 690 AC 6x9” Coaxial Subwoofers: Three 13W7AE-D1.5 Subwoofers...
  11. A

    COMPLETED 12"JL W7, JL RD 1000 Amp, custom enclosure

    I have an awesome setup in great condition. I have a 12" JL W7 sub installed in a custom built audio enhancers ported enclosure. For power I have a JL Audio RD 1000/1 amp. I have $2k into this setup. It has minimal use on everything and I really hate selling but emergency car repair is forcing...
  12. Terrum

    Looking to hit hard @ ~28hz (Can I get better than a HO112-W6V3/12W6V3-D4 or 15W0V3-4?)

    Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge nor the tools to build my own box so I splashed out on the overpriced JL Audio HO112-W6V3 about 6 months ago, and it's been by far the best quality prefab subwoofer I've managed to get my car to output with its stock alternator (~90amps). Although the...
  13. PrjKane

    Help with 13.5in w7s

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm pushing 2 13.5 w7s with a 1200 1v3 slash and a stinger 2 farrad cap. In a 2012 buick enclave. Bought a box from sonix enclousre stage 3 for the pair of w7s tuned at like 34hz. Do I need to upgrade my electrical? And what else can I do to make these bad...
  14. heedicus

    Using Toslink or RCA for signal distribution

    Pardon my ignorance as this is the first system I have put in a rig for about 20 years, so all the technology is new. Here is my plan- Factory head unit in a '17 F150 all JL Audio Fix 86 VXiHUB VXi-600/6 4x C2-650x 2x C5-075 VXi-600/1 10w6V3 The question is: If I swap out the Fix 86 for...
  15. Built not bought JK

    Need amp advice please

    I have a 2016 jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, saved for a year to build my audio system “correctly “. Feeling like I may have made a mistake. Head Unit Apline i209 Highs and Mids, Infinity Kappa Sub JL Audio W7-12 Highs and mids amp JL audio 8channel/800w Sub Amp JL Audio vx1000.1 My question is...
  16. M

    Factory JBL System VS System From Previous Car

    Just got a new (used) car after having my parked car get totaled by a drunk. It’s a 2011 Toyota Camry XLE V6. I’ve never had a factory amp and I’m surprised by how loud the jbl system gets even without a sub. I’m disappointed that the “8 speaker”system is actually only 6. In the coming days I...
  17. H

    Amp Settings help

    I’ve recently purchased a pre build box with two twelve inch subs at 4 ohms and 500 watts with a JL audio 500/1 amp for my challenger. I also have a line out converter since I have a factory head unit. I have absolutely no idea how to tune the amp and would appreciate some recommended settings.
  18. P

    Best JL Audio Sub Pairing

    I’m not to knowledgeable on OHM specifications. I currently have a JL Audio JX500/1d and either want to go with a 10w6 or 10w7. Which subwoofer is the best fit? Or should I consider another Subwoofer? Thanks!
  19. V

    JL HD900/5 overheating issues

    Hi all, new here. I recently purchased and installed an HD900/5 in my Accord Coupe with JL C5's all the way around, with a 12W6. I've noticed almost every time I listen to the system, after about 20 minuets I'll get the red status light on the amp, meaning it's overheating. It doesn't cut out...
  20. Grogger

    Which Amp? Pioneer gm d8704 or Hertz hcp4?

    Hi there, I just wanted to get some recommendations for a better sound quality 4 channel amp. I am on a budget, so $150-200 max for the amp. I'm upgrading from an alpine kttp445u running my front speakers on 2 channels at ~90watts rms and about 82db s/n ration. I'm adding an Audison Bit One...
  21. W

    Will I still get a sundown x 12 to flex with a JL 600.1v3?

    I know the sundown x12 is 1500rms. I been using a jl12w7 which is 750Rms with a jL600.1v3. i totally understand I'm under powering but eventually I want to upgrade the amp to jl hd1200.1 and alternator but not anytime soon. I'm just tired off my w7 and want spl. I was wondering is there going...
  22. K

    JL Audio Amp/sub combo won’t turn on (not usual problem?)

    Hello all, Novice to intermediate audiophile here hoping for some help. Purchased a used JL Audio Powered 10” MicroSub+ today. The previous owner had just purchased a corvette to use as a track build and the car came with this system. He said he hadn’t had luck powering it up but admittedly...
  23. Audrino

    TRADE Parts

    I have a few amplifiers I cant yet understand totally to fix yet ,and a boat load of parts from other amplifiers wanting to trade all items for a decent class D mono around 1000rms any one game?
  24. T

    COMPLETED JL Stealthbox 2014+ Chevy Silverado Console Subwoofer

    I took this out of my 2017 Chevy Silverado and have no desire to put it in my 2019. Asking $250. Used about a year. Sounds great. Will ship for free. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13694645/JL-Audio-Stealthbox.html Michael 817 343 9306
  25. IndySlim

    Wattage, High output alternator, need help

    Hi there Bassheads. I'm new here and I'm putting my own system together for the 1st time with no help from the local shops as far ability to install mechanically im great at that but I've never been good at the technical part I usually take whatever advice the shop gives me and they do the rest...
  26. BigSachsy1

    Wondering how to get deeper bass in my 01 suburban

        Whats good Car Audio community?   First off, I want to thank all of you people out there dedicated enough to help noobs like me, even if its just replying to a random thread on the internet. I haven't been on here in years but I remember when I had questions a decade ago, you guys were...
  27. Deleted User

    20hz-20khz on a budget. Critics welcomed.

    Not everything is pictured, like the Infinity MX20 I installed in the coin tray and the ashtray, or the JBL GTO19T in an empty button slot and center console, both of which are running on deck power from the Alpine UTE73BT as an add on because the Rockfords were inefficient. Just didnt want the...
  28. HariboSingh

    Replacement for 12W7 cone cover?

    JL Audio doesn't directly sell replacement parts for 12W7s and they want like $200 for a service/repair job. https://fixmyspeaker.com/product/full-cone-cover-for-jl-w7/ would be a good option, but they're unavailable and have been for months. Has anyone found an alternative, maybe from a...
  29. C-LocJiggleNuts

    Rockford T1D2 vs ?? Looking to bang but have limited space. 2015 Dodge Ram Crew Cab

    Looking to bang but have limited space. 2015 Dodge Ram Crew Cab. Wanting to run 2 12’s off a Rockford T1500-1. Ready, go. 
  30. mrpep

    Please help with w7 10” box design

    I just bought a used w7 in a ported box that actually sounds pretty good. Thing is it’s a bit punchy for my taste. The box is 14x15x17 and the port is maybe 2”. I usually like 2 c/ft for a 12 at about 32 to 34 hz so I’m thinking that either a longer box like 28” with a larger port maybe 3” might...
  31. T

    JL Audio in a Toyota Tacoma-(presumably) speakers make a thumping noise

    Hello. I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma that I recently purchased from a used car dealership. What came with the truck was a lift, some big tires, backup camera in the rearview, aftermarket hood (dont think the 2010s came with a hood scoop), JL Audio in the doors, and a full screen display with DVD...
  32. D

    2 JL Audio 12W6v3-D4s

    I just bought two brand new JL 12W6v3-D4s and I need to know what would be a good amp to push them with. I have a 1000/1 slash amp, was wondering if I should keep it or sell it for something else. Subs will be in a ported box due to me listening to just rap
  33. n8skow

    WTB JL Audio 13w3v3-8 (SVC)

    looking for a JL Audio 13w3v3-8 (SVC) Shipped to 64012
  34. C

    jl audio tweeters/speakers 1"

    i been running these jl audio.5" tweets for a couple years and blew 3 pairs. specs- TR050-CT - Car Audio - TR - JL Audio im looking for the jl audio 1"- JL Audio C1-100ct - Individual Components the ohms are better for my setup, plus they handle more power. so if anyone has a pair (new) let me...
  35. C

    FS JL audio 10w6v3 subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: JL Audio 10w6v3 10 inch subwoofer dual 4 ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: Excellent. Used for about a month. Mounted to a fiberglass wall. Some very minor scuffs on the basket where it was touching the fiberglass. 9.5/10. But function is perfect 10/10. Used on 600...
  36. kramer_212

    JL Audio Slash 450/4v1 & 1000/1V1

    JL Audio Slash 450/4v1 & 1000/1V1 both MINT with original manuals....both were sent in last year to JL and had the V2 power supply's put in since the V1s were known to fail. Power and Sound quality are amazing!!! some of the best amps I've ever owned, I bought them brand new in 2010 from...
  37. M

    Another 10w6 HO?

    Hey y'all, I've got a 10w6 in an HO box in my truck and it sounds absolutely AMAZING...but I have an opportunity here. I can purchase ANOTHER HO 10w6 for very cheap ($300). It looks brand new and it has hardly been used. If I do this, will the system sound twice as amazing? (It's hard for me to...
  38. M

    JL Audio 10w6v3 discussion

    Assuming I have the money, the amps, and everything... I have a 10w6 in an HO box right now running off of 500w. Question: should I get rid of this setup and get 2 10w6s and have a custom box made? Yes, I know it's all in the box and the amp, but would it get louder than the HO? The HO is...
  39. S

    wtb black jl audio 450/4 and 300/2

    looking for these amps to complete my set for my build. let me know what you got. thanks slash series 450/4 and 300/2 - Scottie
  40. K

    WTB: JL Audio HD1000/5v2 amplifier

    Looking to buy an HD1000/5v2 amplifier, new or in great condition. Post here or PM me what you have and your asking price.