Need amp advice please

Built not bought JK Newbie
Jan 8, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
I have a 2016 jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, saved for a year to build my audio system “correctly “. Feeling like I may have made a mistake.
Head Unit Apline i209
Highs and Mids, Infinity Kappa
Sub JL Audio W7-12
Highs and mids amp JL audio 8channel/800w
Sub Amp JL Audio vx1000.1
My question is, I really feel like I may have made a mistake with my sub amp purchase.
My understanding is that my w7-12 is a 3 ohms sub
The vx1000.1 I bought only gives a 1000 true watts (which the sub calls for) at 1 ohms. It says it is 600 watts at 2-4 ohms. So I am potentially way under powering my sub. What 1200-1500 watts amp would you guys suggest?
I would like to run my sub at the very least with 1000 true watts.



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Aug 12, 2008
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did the whole jeep forum suddenly come to
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Marve_Lous Well Known
Aug 4, 2019
Houston, TX
Direct from JL
If you are interested in one I have a brand new in the box.
I was just wondering cause if it was something like Crutchfield that sell open box and scratch and dent products you could call them to try and do a “trade-up” for the HD. JL might do the same. Give them a call. But if you want to stick with JL the HD is perfect for the W7.

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