JL Audio in a Toyota Tacoma-(presumably) speakers make a thumping noise


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Jul 24, 2018
Hello. I have a 2010 Toyota Tacoma that I recently purchased from a used car dealership. What came with the truck was a lift, some big tires, backup camera in the rearview, aftermarket hood (dont think the 2010s came with a hood scoop), JL Audio in the doors, and a full screen display with DVD player for the radio.

I have owned this truck since March of this year and slowly started to notice a small thumping sound. I didnt think much of it, thought it was just "truck noise" so I paid it no attention. The noise was very light and not a big inconvenience.

Lately, the thumping has gotten much louder. Here are the details that I can give you:

I first assumed the noise was coming from the glovebox area which led me to believe it was possibly something dealing with the AC, maybe something hitting the arm that opens and closes the fan. A mechanic told me a vehicles AC doesn't HAVE to be turned on for the arms to be moving.

Another mechanic rode with me to listen to the sound, and deduced that the noise (the louder sound I had been hearing recently) was coming from the front passenger door. The door vibrated and everything, but only in that area with the speaker cover and JL logo.

The sound reminds me of a chopper, namely a huey. The sound starts thumping as soon as the truck is rolling. The rotation of the thump\the constant speed of the thump increases as the speed of the vehicle increases, until you hit about 35mph and then it all kinda blends together.

It also creates an electrical hum which you can hear when the vehicle starts with no music or AC on, and persists while driving, and even until the last few seconds of battery life after you turn off the key in the ignition. I assumed this electrical hum was in fact plastic rubbing together very fast, but im sure that's not it.

What kind of issue does it sound like I am having. If needed, I can post a video linked from Facebook or something showcasing the sound. I have no clue what kind of audio system is installed I just know I have the JL emblem and that's all I know. Im not a major mechanic guy but anything electrical just stumps me.

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