1. R

    Head unit 1 output rcas, to 5 channel amp, LOC or 1 set off HU

    Hi guys, been a while since I did any car audio but my buddy ordered equipment (not sure how he picked out what he did but) HU is JBL R3500 Amp is JL M700/5 Three sets of 6.5 M3 JL speakers and a prefab 10" sub box (hasn't told me the specs of this) I was going to help him install and my 2...
  2. Bobbytwonames

    Bad Decision

    I tried to install two 15's behind the seat of my 2005 Dodge. I had more than enough mounting depth. However, we tried to build the box on the smaller side and it didn't work out too well. It peaked too high for my liking. We installed two U15 v2's on an SIA5000. It did do a 148 on the meter @...
  3. Mr FaceCaser


    Rn I'm running 12 Guage speaker wiring would that be okay or when I get the new box run 8 Guage
  4. Andre Leclair

    Backup camera

    Hi, I installed a new Kenwood dnr476s head unit along with idatalink maestro Rr, the HRNI1, the HU-Ken1, and the nav1 adapter. It works well except for the backup camera. It works when the radio is in the booting sequence but when it's all started the camera isn't working anymore. Not when going...
  5. Kram Larbac

    Battery related install

    Hello all! I will try my best to keep this as short and simple as possible. I have done many installs over the years. No, I don’t mean to sound like I’m a know it all big-headed idiot that is not open to hear any comments or advice. I just meant I have a bit of knowledge in the field. I recently...
  6. F

    Finally some pics

  7. Mr FaceCaser

    Any advice

    Any advice on how to make this look nice and clean
  8. H

    Need advice on GM new stereo wiring.

    Need advice on new stereo wiring. Can I not use the GM adaptor when using new speaker wires? I purchased the rp4 gm11 adaptor when I connected this blaupunkt to a 08 saab97x made by GM so I could reuse the saabs speakers, wires an it’s amps. Now I want to install this blaupunkt Portland...
  9. F

    Jl tw3 12” space needed, down fire

    Quick question. I’m finishing up my box and noticed these subs are very close to the floor in my Chevy 1500. I’m talking when I stick my hand under flat against the floor I rub the rubber around the woofer. It’s a mti box made for down fire but there’s an area in that back that’s a little...
  10. F

    It me again, mti question.

    So I guess it was too good to be true. I priced out the stage 5 enclosure on their website and it was about 2k for the enclosure plus 500.00 per sub plus tax and shipping. So I estimate the loaded box to Be around 3k. They had a box on display never powered up for 1995.00 at my local audio...
  11. F

    Sound deadening

    how important is it to do some deadening while they have my truck apart doing the install. It’s a 2021 Chevy crew cab. Under the back seat enclosure with 2 jl subs. And an amp rack on the back wall. Would it be beneficial to do some deadening on the floor and back wall. When I have them do the...
  12. Sinisterspawn

    My install is finished

    I finished my AudioControl and Knukonceptz install.
  13. Cristian Borrageiros

    JL Audio Setup

    After a bit of research, I'm choosing JL audio to replace my stock Bose setup in my 2023 Civic. A few questions. Do the JL Audio Subs need an enclosure? My current 8" Bose sub is just exposed Hanging in the top my trunk facing up towards the rear glass. Not looking for wild crazy bass. Just...
  14. L

    2000 1st Gen Honda-CRV Headunit Installation Issues I CANT FIGURE OUT WHY THIS WONT WORK

    2000 1st Gen Honda CRV Headunit Installation Issues I will attempt to keep this as short and to the point as possible... I NEED HELP this is driving me crazy hahah Here is the headunit that I bought for a 2000 1st Gen Honda-CRV: Here...
  15. This_just_in88 C

    Kicker hideaway HS10 help please!!

    Hi, I’m installing a hs10 in my 2002 f250. I currently have a Kenwood head unit. I have connected the remote wire to the head unit remote acc wire. Power to battery and nice sanded tight ground to the body under the carpet. When I plug it in it will blink red momentarily but will not stay in. I...
  16. D

    Sub Woofer Install!!

    Hey guys I’m new here I’ve never installed a subwoofer before and I’m going to attempt to do it but I need help on the installation part of it. Bought a sub and a wiring kit if you guys could let me know what I need to do I would appreciate it!! The links are below to what I have Sub-...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Can I Install My Line Out Converter This Way?

    I installed two 12 inch subs with an amp and a line output converter in my Honda Accord 2009, and I wired it to the harness on the head unit but the amp never turned on. I took it to a car audio store and had them look at it, and they said that it can't be wired to the radio because it isn't...
  18. D

    First steps in custom audio

    Hi all, I hope this is the correct place to post this. If not (mods) please move. I'm going to spend a modest amount (under £600) on some speakers and a powered sub for my car. It's a small 3 door Clio (don't laugh). Please note, I AM NOT trying to build some bone-shaking, blow out the...
  19. gdotcastro

    Amp + Sub install to my Jeep Wrangler

    Hey Car Audio Users - First time I'm attempting to install my own system to a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited... I've never done any car-audio installations on my own, so I wanted to make sure what I researched + plan on doing to my Jeep checks out with car audio experts. Figured the best place...
  20. 5

    SQ/SPL Build input

    Hey, I'm new to the board and looking for input on a new build In the past I've had dozens of systems from many of the higher quality brands, often selling not long after buying due to boardum. Now that I'm gainfully employed and board I want to get back into car audio and put together a...
  21. J

    Noob wiring question (pics)

    I have done electrical wiring before... but never a car stereo. I bought an old junker 2001 cherokee with a sh*tty pioneer CD player in it, which I removed to replace with a boss audio bv9982i single din - i scored it new for 50 bucks, so even if it is junk its still a step up because the USB...
  22. CpsChase

    How to wire 2 dual 4 ohm voice coil subwoofers

    How can I wire 2 dual 4 ohm voice coil subs down to 1 ohm on a 1 ohm stable amp? Can somebody tag a diagram
  23. M

    Speaker installation

    Hey all, after hours of scouring the internet for info I have decided to ask instead. I want to hook up 6 speakers 2 subs and 4 door speakers. I currently have the two subs and 2 rear speakers hooked up. I ordered 2 speakers for the front doors and want those hooked up to the same amp if...
  24. J

    Installing System in 2015 Buick LaCrosse..HELP!

    I have had plenty of systems in the past, my most recent being 2 15 inch Kicker L7s in the back of my infiniti G35. I sold my infiniti and now am looking to purchase a system to put in my Buick LaCrosse. Since it's a brand new car, I don't want to mess with installing the system myself only...
  25. 1

    Old School Restoration Install Questions

    I am restoring a 1959 Chevy Apache and I want to put a sound system in it. I've only helped a few of my friends with previous installs, so i don't have much knowledge when it comes to technical terms. This could be a simple question but I don't know what type of deck(?) to get. there is no...
  26. M

    MAJOR upgrade HELP!

    I'm in Mount Vernon NY and I'm looking to do a major upgrade but installers is charging an arm and a leg please help advice or help with install. Its installation on 2013 RAV4. I'm installing KnuKoncept sound deading 4 doors and trunk CCF Ensolite Peel and stick from LCQ 1 Zero...
  27. S

    PWX 6.5 Installation Help

    Hey guys Ill be installing a PwX 6.5 in each of my doors factory location in my 09 escalade. Ill be removing the grilles unless they will fit with them still on. But will they fit in the stock mounting hole? Anyone have a similar situation? Also their RTS-1 silk dome tweeters..are they 8ohm? 4...
  28. J

    Which amp should i get?

    I am upgrading my system with these three items : 1) JBL GT6-6 6-1/2" 2-Way Car Speakers - Sonic Electronix (JBL Gt6-6 for my door speakers) 2) JBL GTO938 Grand Touring GTO 6" x 9" Car Speakers (JBL GTO938 for my rear deck) 3)JBL CS1214 12" Single 4 Ohm CS Series Car Subwoofer (JBL CS1214...
  29. S

    Mids and Highs NEED HELP!!

    Hey guys. few questions i have on mids and highs because when it comes to it, i get gonna be running a soundqubed 200.2 puts out 220x2 at 4 ohm and 340x2 at 2ohm.. gonna have 2 nendo pwx 6.5's ad one ft-1 super tweet per channel. To get a 2ohm load at the amp do I need the 4ohm or 8ohm...
  30. BigSteve757

    Newbie Looking For Advice On Audio Equipment

    So im in the process of buying a 2011-2013 Dodge Charger Base model (Wouldn't make much sense to pay for a higher model and end up replacing all the Premium Audio Equipment) I want to buy all the equipment i need first and the take it to a shop and have them do a 100% CLEAN install of all of it...
  31. H

    Need installation advice!!!

    Right now i have upraded my sub box and amp but going from my old amp to new amp and box isnt turning out to be as easy as it should. I have an eclipse ae2000 amp and a alpine type r 10 inch dvc sub but all the labeling on the amp is unfamiliar to what i have delt with in the past. Now i have a...
  32. C

    Best way to install all of this?

    Okay for starters, I kind of know what I'm doing but I suppose that really doesn't explain a whole lot. I've installed a few systems in my days and I'm a do it yourselfer. So in my SUV I have (and don't laugh but I love it and it has great quality, features) a Dual stereo with Bluetooth that I...
  33. D

    adding alpine 110 tweeters

    I'm installing a "used/New" system in a 2000 Jeep GC with my son. Anyway, the HU is a MEX-BT3000(used) which only has 2 RCA outputs. one is going to a 4 channel BOSS CXX1204 amp(powers 2 3-way fosgate front speakers on channel 1/2...3/4 is not used) and the other is going to a (used)sony...
  34. D

    Wiring issues - Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31 vs 1999 model Astra

    I am trying to find out how to get my stereo wired into my car but have the issue of the wiring harness in the car not matching the sockets on the back of the stereo. Car = Vauhall Astra T reg (1999 model) Stereo = Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31 I would assume there is some kind of adapter kit I can...
  35. D

    Install in south suburbs of Chicago

    Looking for members in the south suburbs of Chicago or pretty close who would be willing to do an install. Nothing too serious. A monoblock amp, 4 channel amp, two door speakers & 2 rear decks. Subs are not mounted in box yet as the box isn't here yet. Would like to get it done this Saturday...
  36. N

    Amp problem? Sub problem? I DON'T KNOW!!! Help!

    This is my first DIY car stereo installation. I just installed Focal 165-A1 component speakers and a 10" JL Audio W1v2 8ohm sub from a Sony DSX-s300btx head unit into a Pioneer MD-6500f amp. The Focal speakers sound great in front. The problem: I'm getting almost no sound from the sub. The...
  37. A

    Need help installing Sony stereo

    need help installing Sony stereo. I connected it with a harness wiring toolkit as shown on the picture but don't get any power to it
  38. C

    First time installation

    I'll be doing my first install in the next month or so, doing part of my build this following week. In my rear deck I have two 6x9's that I want to wire 2ohm the speakers are 4ohms each svc, how can I wire them down to 2ohms? eventually i'll be wiring the 4 door speakers to 2ohms also, the door...
  39. C


    Hey you guys I have a 1975 Ford F250 regular cab and I want to get a subwoofer box for my 2 Kicker Comp Cvrs 12" and I have no speakers yet and willing to put out a couple-250$ to get some speakers that will keep up with the subs and I want some good vocal speakers because I obviously have the...
  40. rfmayhem

    alarm/remote start hook up

    hi i have a clifford 590.2x and i have to addons which is the dual zone motion sensor 508d and digital tilt sensor 507m how do i wire these two to my alarm thur the optinal mux port for additional sensors