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After a bit of research, I'm choosing JL audio to replace my stock Bose setup in my 2023 Civic. A few questions.

Do the JL Audio Subs need an enclosure? My current 8" Bose sub is just exposed Hanging in the top my trunk facing up towards the rear glass. Not looking for wild crazy bass. Just good quality.

I want to avoid replacing my head unit, will a DSP / Sound Processor work for me if I JL audio the whole system. If so, which one?

I'm looking to add (4) 6.5 inch door speakers, (4) Tweeters, (3) 3.5" Mid range speakers all from JL. How many amps do I need to make it all work, and what amps should I use?

I'm a noob, and will hire someone to install all this, but I do want to educate myself regardless.
Its been years since Ive ran that type of sub stage. I was working so much that I had it installed way back then. RF subs,amps Blaukp. HU Ect. I was so disappointed with that substage. Mids and Highs were fantastic all JBL GT series. I ended up sealed later on and then ported.

If you have the room and run some power/amp and keep it simplistic, and can be removed when needing space and not so heavy..
Id look at an 8" or better yet a 10" Passive Bazooka DVC sub.
I did read about a guy that used a Cerwin Vega 8" that worked for him on DIYMA, (Not sure what model?) But it seemed to lasted him a couple years overpowering them
IB can sound good with the right sub, but a single 8" IB isn't a ton of bass, like it can't be that much power going to that sub, and IB loudness is basically xmax and cone area, because pressure isn't built like ported or others, and an 8 isn't going to have much of either one of those stats. I'd base bass quality off what type of music you listen to. If you're willing to do an enclosure, it'll almost certainly be louder. Most people say they want quality, but there's a ton of different enclosure types for bass that match up with what people tend to listen to better or worse. IB is probably one of the best for all around sound, but it really has its limitations.

JL tends to make high quality stuff, but it's super expensive, too. I'd run a ton of JL if I could haha. High quality sound comes more from all the things outside of the equipment, IMO, you just need equipment that matches your needs. Tuning a system can go very far. And I'm not aware of a JL sub that is designed for IB, although you can run any sub IB if you're brave enough or have low enough power applied, but a designed IB capable sub would be best IMO for IB.

Doing equalizing and time alignment, etc, and box designing are all good ways to learn sound without like having to tear your car apart.
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I am doing an all JL audio instal on my new F250 SD . I'm using a Audio Control LC 5i Pro with a JL Audio XDM 700/5 and C3-650's in all 4 doors and a 10" TW1-2 Sub . The fronts will have the tweeter in the pillar and the rears run as coaxial . Here is a pic of the amp board . The doors will all be sound treated with Boom Mat and Blackhole tiles with custom door access panel block off plates from Sounds Good Stereo
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