1. S

    New at this please any help is appreciated. Upgrade from 1 to 2 15" 4 ohm dvc sub wiring and right ohm load

    Hello I'm happy to have came across this forum as I'm hoping someone will help with this little bit of confusion I'm having and maybe save me some money in the long run. Background I had went to get initial install from local shop. I had wanted something temporary and allowed me to later on...
  2. Calab

    JVC KD-X370BTS install in '98 Sunfire. Only one channel.

    Recently I ordered a JVC KD-X370BTS stereo to install into my 1998 Pontiac Sunfire from The installation went smoothly, but after all that work I only get sound out of the right front channel. There is no audio out of the rears, or the front left channel. There was no radio in...
  3. T

    Help Figuring out what amplifier can output on 3ohm speakers

    Hi all, I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious feel free to correct my assumptions Doing my first audio install on my Lancer. Saved the amplifier from the old car. I don't want to pay someone else to do it mainly because the last guy did it pretty rough and I wanted to do it my own way...
  4. Christina Tipton

    New Car & Stereo - Unsure Which Adapter Is Needed

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me find the right adaptor for my car stereo. It’s my first car, a Volkswagen Beetle 2001, and the stereo is a Sony one (see photos). The previous stereo was taken out of the car so I’m not sure if I have all the right wires to get this one set up. I’ve attached...
  5. Z

    Replacing Car Stereo Advice and Thoughts for a NOOB

    So I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and my panel quit working. I hit the buttons and no CD, no volume change, no Aux... nada I'm going to try and switch out a plug or two and see if it helps, but most likely am going to need a new stereo. Mazda dealer said it would be around $700... so I'm looking to get...
  6. A

    How many RCA's will I need?

    My list of gear as follows 1x Boss mono block amp 2500w (old setup)             -twin pioneer champs Dvc 1200w 12" 1x pioneer 4ch amp 1000w (60rms x4ch)              - 2x pioneer 6.5 260w (60w                                                 rms)component              - 2x pioneer 260w 6"...
  7. N

    which oscilliscope to purchase for cheap? & my new setup for beginner

    DSO Nano v3 SKU 109990013 will the above be sufficient to check the sine wave current of a 1500 Watt Monoblock Brutus Series Super Class D 1-Ohm Stable Subwoofer Amplifier connected to pair of Alpine Type-R SWR-12D4 3000W Peak 12" Type-R Series Dual 4-ohm High Performance Sub-woofer? I wish...
  8. U

    Installed my Subwoofer and couldn't be happier. What's next?

    I have installed a GCON 12", with an Alpine MRV-M500 in my 2016 Kia Soul and it sounds incredible. This was my first car audio install so I'm still pretty new to all this. Now I want to shift my focus onto my other speakers. My car has 4 door speakers, front and back, and two 'tweeters'. What...
  9. C

    Please help. Ford F-250 install

    I have a Ford F-250 crew cab King ranch. Moved my back seat forward an inch and looking to install. Already have an amp(kenwood 1800w) just don't know what kind of subs to get. Been looking for a while and have came to the conclusion that my options are. 4 shallow 10's, 2 shallow 12's or 2 8...
  10. U

    Not enough rca please lol

    I just got a bunch of new stuff that i wanna install... Kenwood DPX301U-head unit Sony Xplod 600watt 4/3/2-speaker amp Bass Inferno BI2400PRO 2400watt 2 channel-sub amp Sony XS-GSW121 12" 4ohm 2000watt peak/500watt rms-sub Sealed 12" sub square box 2 8 gauge amp kits Extra RCA cable I...
  11. T

    Pioneer FH-X720BT in Fiesta MK6 (2008)

    Hi, I'm looking to install a Pioneer FH-X720BT in my Fiesta MK6 (2008). A fascia and cage some supplied with the head unit. Here're the other parts I believe I need: Shopping Basket | Awesome Screenshot Please can someone advise on if this is correct?
  12. A

    2001 Audi A6 sub install help

    hey guys i recently bought a 2001 audi a6 2.7t with the bose sound system. i have received 2 kickers and a kicker amp (as a present). i have the stock subs and everyone says it easy but dont say how to do it! im new to car audio so talk stupid with references. i would like to keep the stock...
  13. S

    Need some help bringing sound system back up

    Alright. So I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of what I've got as well, but here is a rundown. (Disclaimer: I don't know anything about car audio, so please ELI5. I'm a computer guy, not a car one. I'm also going to bombard you with a WoT so you can get the best idea of what I am dealing...
  14. 08 Black Crown Vic Build

    08 Black Crown Vic Build

    Getting ready to get box going. Cnc cutting for 4th order and built in trunk
  15. 08 Black Crown Vic Build

    08 Black Crown Vic Build

    Getting ready to get box going. Cnc cutting for 4th order and built in trunk
  16. 08 Black Crown Vic Build

    08 Black Crown Vic Build

    Getting ready to get box going. Cnc cutting for 4th order and built in trunk
  17. 08 Black Crown Vic Build

    08 Black Crown Vic Build

    Getting ready to get box going. Cnc cutting for 4th order and built in trunk
  18. 08 Black Crown Vic Build

    08 Black Crown Vic Build

    Getting ready to get box going. Cnc cutting for 4th order and built in trunk
  19. PA install

    PA install

    Rock concert!!
  20. S

    Question about my install. need help quickly

    Hey guys I need help installing my amp in my car. I have an 09 escalade and I have no idea how to hook up my soundqubed q1-2200d to my factory HU. the amp only has rca inputs which is what mostly confuses me because Ive always used my phone as the input to the amp then an rca from the output to...
  21. Z

    Is it ok to install 6x9 speaker boxes on top of sub box

    I have an open trunk and have 2 12" subwoofers, i got new ones with a more powerful amp, and i dont want the bass to overpower the music.. i like my music loud.. so i want to install 2 6x9 speakers 180 RMS each, to a 350 watt amp installed on my sub box... Is it ok to have both the 2 amps, one...
  22. J

    i want more bass

    i have just done my first install and i want more bass and more sound in general any suggestions?
  23. basswiigee

    misc install equip...

    Item(s) for Sale: misc. items install scrap deadener as well... dual anl fuse distro anl fuse holder 17ft 4ga 25ft 0ga 7.5ft 0ga 2farad cap ring terminals just ask i probably got it laying around here... Item(s) Description/Condition: all good condition, all used Price: 50 plus...
  24. basswiigee

    random install stuff....

    got a bunch of wire's, fuse holders, distro's, terminals, got a cadence 2farad cap(not pictured but will upon request) some rca's, and various other stuff.... plus more if i pull it out of my ride, think i got kicker hyper flex 0ga in there... offer up... really need deadner...... but open to...
  25. C

    No power to installed radio

    Attempted to put in a new radio yesterday, I didn't know they made connectors for the old factory wiring to the new so I cut and crimped the wires together in accordance to how a connector I bought afterwards showed the wires. I turned the car on with everything set up how it should and there...
  26. D

    Install in south suburbs of Chicago

    Looking for members in the south suburbs of Chicago or pretty close who would be willing to do an install. Nothing too serious. A monoblock amp, 4 channel amp, two door speakers & 2 rear decks. Subs are not mounted in box yet as the box isn't here yet. Would like to get it done this Saturday...
  27. F

    Making my system safe?

    Okay, so I have a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer SE, and I'm looking to put my system into it. Overall it's going to be four alpine 6 1/2's, two under-seat Kicker *' subs, and 2 Rockford Fosgate Prime R1 12' subwoofers. All are going to be properly amped and all that fun stuff, but I have a few...
  28. S

    Is there a way to control the "tone" of an aftermarket sub through factory deck?

    Hey guys! I am thinking about installing a sub and amp in a 2008 Pontiac G6 that does not have the Monsoon System. This is a very basic setup. Factory head unit, two door tweeters and 6.5's, and two rear 6x9's. What I would really like to do is have the sub controlled by the "tone" settings in...
  29. J

    Help with moving CD player from one car to an older car please

    So I removed my Pioneer Super Tuner III D DEH-1600 from a 2000 Alero, and I am trying to install it into my 1994 Mazda Protege (someone stole my old stereo >_ My question is, since my old stereo was stolen, I just have a mess of wires all wrapped up individually in electrical tape as a...
  30. willfordbrimlee

    Double din install in Trailblazer

    I'm lookin into installing a double din head unit, pioneer avh-p4400bh, and saw i was going to have to cut out or unbolt the stock stereos rear support bracket and was asking if someone could give me insight into that or pictures. I was also wondering about the parking brake bypass so i could...
  31. B

    Install a '98 Toyota Sienna Factory Amp in an '86 Ford Bronco II

    Hi all, I recently acquired a factory amp from a '98 Toyota Sienna (For Free ), and I figured (I live on a super tight budget) that I would just rig this into my system so my speakers would function as well as they can. Let me give you some background, I have all brand new speakers in my vehicle...
  32. Trunk


    I built this amp rack and wired it myself according to MECP standards, Rockford Fosgate T2 at 1000w RMS
  33. B

    Eastern North Carolina Audio Shop

    I'm looking to have some custom work done to my truck. I want my dash piece to be reworked with fiberglass to house an ipad. Any reccomendations on where to do business would be greatly appreciated.
  34. X

    Need advice on new setup!!!!!

    So I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander with a Pioneer AVIC-Z1 head unit. I'm thinking of buying a sub or two, an amp, and an enclosure. I listen to all types of music, but mostly hip hop. I also would rather have good sound quality rather than overpowering bass. Any suggestions? My budget is...
  35. My Truck!

    My Truck!

    I replaced the engine that was re-engineered to give a little more power, but also to help with oil circulation. i did all the painting myself
  36. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  37. My Truck!

    My Truck!

  38. My Truck!

    My Truck!

    There was not an inch of the inside of the truck that didn't recieve sound deadening
  39. My Truck!

    My Truck!

    I removed EVERYTHING from the inside of the truck
  40. T

    What wire to run from amplifier to subwoofers??

    I'm putting in a RF T1000-1bdcp hooked up to 2 12" kicker L5s (if that matters) 1200w rms. This is my first amp install on my own and the amp kit I bought didn't include speaker wire. I asked a friend what size wire to use to run from the amp to the subs and he said 16 or 18 gauge was fine. I...