Install a '98 Toyota Sienna Factory Amp in an '86 Ford Bronco II

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Hi all, I recently acquired a factory amp from a '98 Toyota Sienna (For Free //, and I figured (I live on a super tight budget) that I would just rig this into my system so my speakers would function as well as they can. Let me give you some background, I have all brand new speakers in my vehicle (An '86 Ford Bronco II) and an old 80 somethin' Ford AM/FM/Cassette Stereo. I had a nice JVC in there but, it burnt out. So, while this is rigged in there my speakers aren't getting the power they need. I'm also planning on putting a powered sub in later, and a good HU but, I'm 16 and it keeps me out of trouble haha. Anyway, I have wiring diagrams for both parts but I can't post because I guess it's too many links (even though it's only two, if you'd like them please request)F So I guess I'm wondering what all this would entail, I figured out how I would wire the amp in there but would I need a fuse greater than the 10 Amp fuse the Bronco uses for the Radio? Are there any details you think I'm missing? I'm just exploring stuff and figuring it all out, but I want to keep my costs down as low as possible haha. I have to be able to afford everything I do. Thanks in advance!



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PM me the image links and i can review.

it may or may not work. you will want dedicated power wire to the battery for the amp, fused at the battery. the amp will need to be able to accept high-level inputs.


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Alright, I PM'ed them to you. I was planning on just going and wiring the amp in the same way you would a HU and then putting the output plugs to the HU, just kinda the same way you would wire a switch into a wire. But then I thought that most amps require a 20A Fuse, and my Bronco supplied a 10A Fuse for it. So, I had different thoughts.


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