which oscilliscope to purchase for cheap? & my new setup for beginner

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DSO Nano v3 SKU 109990013

will the above be sufficient to check the sine wave current of a 1500 Watt Monoblock Brutus Series Super Class D 1-Ohm Stable Subwoofer Amplifier connected to pair of

Alpine Type-R SWR-12D4 3000W Peak 12" Type-R Series Dual 4-ohm High Performance Sub-woofer?

I wish too 100% guarantee that the signal is not being clipped to prevent any damage to the subs. I have zero experience tuning "by ear" and my local best buy only tunes "by ear" which is probably why the sub blew about 30 seconds after they installed it an i drove away from the install bay. they replaced the sub with one rated at a lower RMS because they didnt have any more in stock, so i returned everything kicker and bought this:

Alpine 2-SWR-12D4_BRX1516.1D (2-swr12d4_brx15161d) List price $

i also used coupon code PACKAGEDEAL and got additional 5% off.

there is no reliable car audio tech in my area knowledgeable enough to be trusted with this install. I am on a mission to self-educate until i get everything perfect. money is not an issue. perfection with no clipping is the issue.

this is going in a 2015 mustang GT premium PP with a lot of custom mods on it, i think stock alternator is 200amp.

thank you

please provide cheap oscilloscope options for purchase that will be sufficient, and also do i need a capacitor?


Idk if you already ordered the dso nano. I have one andi like it you can buy some addons that make using it easier (alligator clip connectors.) I wouldnt buy it from seeed directly tho. I got it from amazon for like $20 cheaper because free shipping.

I had the DSO nano and it worked, but I now have the Velleman HPS140i auto ranging oscilloscope and it is a ton better and quicker/easier to use. It's also more durable, my DSO nano was thrown in my tool bag and came out broken a couple weeks later.

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Well, JL Audio is going to be a crap brand in a couple of years.
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