Replacing Car Stereo Advice and Thoughts for a NOOB

zimsjim Newbie
So I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and my panel quit working. I hit the buttons and no CD, no volume change, no Aux... nada

I'm going to try and switch out a plug or two and see if it helps, but most likely am going to need a new stereo. Mazda dealer said it would be around $700... so I'm looking to get something online or from Best Buy and have it installed for much cheaper.

Long story short, I know there are kits to fit stereos into cars so they , well, fit well.... But as far as finding a stereo, what limits do I have? Meaning, if I see a good one online or on Ebay, etc that is a good price, how will I know if it will work with my car and if the kit would fit, etc? Basically looking for any feedback from anyone about replacing the factory with something for a lot cheaper than $700:)

For example- I found this one that looks nice. How do I know what a kit will cost that fits it, if it will fit, and if Best Buy or someone will install it? 

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