How many RCA's will I need?

AspastIIcBean Newbie
Sep 21, 2018
My list of gear as follows

1x Boss mono block amp 2500w (old setup)

            -twin pioneer champs Dvc 1200w 12"

1x pioneer 4ch amp 1000w (60rms x4ch)

             - 2x pioneer 6.5 260w (60w                                                 rms)component

             - 2x pioneer 260w 6" (60w rms) coaxial

Head deck : pioneer fxh755 bt (2 RCA out)

Just wanted to know the best way to get the audio to the amps,

1 RCA per amp?

I've never delt with  4ch is just having 1 RCA going to give me full control or full quality on my 4ch. If I got 2 RCA splitters would that achieve anything useful?   

Is high level worth using do I lose any quality compared to RCA? So out RCA into mono amp amd high level into 4ch amp?

What's the best way about doing this. Is there any recommendations? I'm not wanting to spend too much money on this ?

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