1. S

    help with picking out an amp

    hey i really need amp ideas for my 2013 ford f150, i have 4 sundown e-series v.6 8" subwoofers and need some amp ideas.
  2. T

    Unique (apparently) Car Audio Problem

    Hey all, Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have taken my car into "Tonkin In-car Solutions" about getting my car audio fixed but they have said to me that they don't know what problem it could be as they have never heard of this before?! And now want me to pay $100 an hour for them to go...
  3. pshutt

    2017 Ford Sony Rear Sub Upgrade

    Hi. I recently bought a Rockville USS10 to upgrade the bass in my 2017 Escape Titanium with the Sony Sound System and SYNC3. I got it connected to the battery and to the ground, but I do not know exactly what to do to get the sub connected to the stock media player. All I want is to get the new...
  4. F

    2012 F-150 door speakers not working

    i have a 2012 Ford F-150 XLT, no factory amplifier. The truck has a kenwood double din, Fosgate door speakers, factory tweeters. My issue is ALL 4 door speakers stopped working and only tweeters have sound. I put in a brand new double din I had and still the same, no sound out of all 4 doors.
  5. C

    2019 Ford Transit 350 install - Sony XAV-AX5500 - AXXESS Data Interface - no steering wheel controlls - Will not power on

    I followed all instructions, still no power on. I am wondering if anyone has any insight. I connected wire harness as described in the instructions with a few questions: when installing the emergency brake bypass I had some confusion on the remote/powered (blue) and remote (blue/white) wires...
  6. Diamond_X_Gaming

    Need Help picking speakers

    I just installed a BOSS Audio Systems BVB9364RC stereo in my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. Speakers are blown and I'm just lost on what speakers I should get. I want to place both front and back.
  7. 6

    Having trouble installing Pioneer MVH-1400NEX into 09' F150 XLT

    My buddy and I spent about 8 hours today trying to get my head unit turned on. We eventually found out that the red (ignition) wire has absolutely no power. I was using This Wiring Harness...
  8. A

    2015 Fusion - 270 amp alternator - future build help!!!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this group and ran into an issue that i cant find many answers on. So I have a 2015 fusion that i already installed an upgraded 270A alternator on. I plan to install a crescendo 5500 with a 15" Fi BTL. Before starting obviously i wanted to do the big 3. This is where things...
  9. K

    Tool stuck and I need help removing the head unit on my 1998 Lincoln Town Car with JBL system

    Very frustrating day. Purchased the correct tool from Walmart to remove the head unit. I followed the directions exactly and it will not come out. I stopped by a local car stereo store. I was told either the release was already broken before I got the car or I put the tool in wrong. If I...
  10. C

    Aftermarket Stereo install

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. The stock radio went out so I purchased a JVC double din. I purchased all required harnesses through Metra (70-5521) and even a steering wheel adaptor (SWI RC) through PAC audio. I followed all instructions and solder all wires to each color. The white...
  11. A


    Truck Photos and Enclosure Headrest Solution for Seat Lift Inspiration Please view the photos and video before reading:) Essentially I will custom build my own box and get it as close to the reference photos as possible. Using a router, a rasp set, and some basic sanding. Four 8" subs...
  12. A

    6x9’s not working

    I have a 2006 Ford Fusion and had a new stereo installed but now my 6x9 rear speakers aren’t working. They are getting power and I’ve replaced all the fuses for the amplifier. The speakers are in excellent condition
  13. V

    Ford Fiesta Notch 2008 stereo wiring?

    Hi everyone, someone knows what is the code color for Ford Fiesta Notch 2008? It's produced in Brazil, in the harness I got the following wires: Black + Green Green + Yellow Orange + Black Orange + Black I understand this is for speakers: White White + Purple White White + Pink Gray...
  14. C

    Please help. Ford F-250 install

    I have a Ford F-250 crew cab King ranch. Moved my back seat forward an inch and looking to install. Already have an amp(kenwood 1800w) just don't know what kind of subs to get. Been looking for a while and have came to the conclusion that my options are. 4 shallow 10's, 2 shallow 12's or 2 8...
  15. B

    2015 Ford F-150 Crew with Sony System, anyone else having SQ issues?

    I just recently purchased a 2015 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew. It has the 502A Package with the Sony 700 watt system. I was in hopes that the factory system would be decent enough to keep my audiophile self from doing an install. Well it's been 2 weeks and I'm not satisfied. The factory speakers...
  16. P

    PLEASE help me pick out the products for my Truck audio overhaul

    OLD Vehicle = 2007 Ford Edge Pioneer Avic 920bt Rockford Fosgate p850.4 (with a generously powerful birth certificate) Rockford Fosgate T252-s T2 in front doors Kicker KS or CS 6x8 in rear doors Dynamat installed on all 4 doors Rockfors Fosgate P3D2 12 inch sub in either 1 or 1.25 ft3...
  17. 93Exploder

    Singer Alternator for Ford 4.0, 5.0, ect.

    Item(s) for Sale: 270 Amp hairpin Singer Alternator. Came off my 93 explorer 4.0. Nothing wrong with it just sold the explorer and have no use for it anymore. Fits 4.0, 5.0, and some other motors as well. Item(s) Description/Condition: Came off my 93 explorer 4.0. Nothing wrong with it just...
  18. 2

    Rear Deck Speakers

    Hello, in my 2007 Ford Fusion there are not rear 6x9 speakers currently. The only speakers are the factory door speakers. I'm looking to put in rear deck speakers myself and was wondering the best way to go about doing so? Please Help!!!
  19. S

    New '09 F-150 Subwoofer, Box & Amp Recommendations

    Since my earliest days of car audio, I've had SUVs to stuff huge ported boxes and 12 or 15" woofers in the back, wired up to a huge mono amp. Well, those days are over. I bought a 2009 F-150 Super Crew Cab Truck. I'm needing some advice on what subwoofers, box, and amp will get me as close to...
  20. A

    Upgrade My 2012 F150!? Suggestions?

    Hello Im New To This Forum! just bought a 2012 ford f150 that has room for 6x8 or 5x7 speakers in front and back and 2 tweeters in the front looking to upgrade the whole system every speaker. just wondering whats good andwhats not and what you people reccomend in canada. thanks so much!
  21. my truck

    my truck

    2007 dodge ram 1500 quad cab Its getting a system starting with this box and possibly this amp
  22. my truck

    my truck

    2007 dodge ram 1500 quad cab Its getting a system starting with this box and possibly this amp
  23. my truck

    my truck

    2007 dodge ram 1500 quad cab Its getting a system starting with this box and possibly this amp
  24. bassattack95

    xs d3400

    Is it possible for me to put an xs d3400 battery under the hood of my 2000 ford explorer? If so will I have to do any mods or cutting?
  25. Team TH (Donny)

    FS: 2000 Ford Mustang GT "Spring Feature" Convertible

    Item(s) for Sale: 2000 Ford Mustang GT "Spring Feature" Convertible Item(s) Description/Condition: Up for sale is my 2000 Ford Mustang GT "Spring Feature" Convertible. This is 1 of the 3,091 "Spring Feature" GT's ever produced! Interior and exterior both in excellent condition. Mechanically...
  26. 2000 Ford F150 supercab

    2000 Ford F150 supercab

    12" T3 Audio sub from parts express in a custom 3/4" MDF 1.75 cu ft ported box. Kenwood KDC-348u Head unit and a Boss Phantom 1500 Watt amp. Hits very well!! my first install
  27. S

    WTB ho alt for a ford.

    I need a good alt for my 92 ford ranger 4 liter. if anyone has one up for sale or knows where to get one let me know.
  28. T

    Swap to Kenwood 318DDX, amp, subwoofer help needed

    Hi guys! I am new here, just found the board when I was trying to find help for a small problem I have. I own a 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer and the stock CD6 MP3 radio broke. So I got the Kenwood 318DDX installed. They seemed professional and charged me adapters, harness kit,... While I...
  29. J

    Help installing 2 12 in. subs '97 Ford Taurus

    Hey guys, I'm very new to installing things into my car, I used to have an '89 Cadillac DeVille and had my subs in that (which a friend helped me instal) but I got rear-ended and my car got totaled, so now I have a Taurus. I was wanting to install my subs in this car but I don't know how, and my...
  30. C

    1999 ford escort lx speakers wiring diagram?

    I was wondering if anybody knows the speaker wiring diagram for a 1999 ford escort lx? Thank you...
  31. C

    1999 ford escort lx speaker wiring diagram?

    I was wondering if anybody had or knew the wiring diagram for the front/rear speakers of a 1999 frod escort lx 4 door sedan? thks a lot...
  32. B

    Eastern North Carolina Audio Shop

    I'm looking to have some custom work done to my truck. I want my dash piece to be reworked with fiberglass to house an ipad. Any reccomendations on where to do business would be greatly appreciated.
  33. C

    Which is better?

    Here's the situation. I am only 17, and I don't have a job, so money is an issue. The most I can spend on my setup is about 200$. I am NOT trying to be a high school hero and shake everyone else's car, I just want good rich sounds for my own personal enjoyment. I was looking at getting a Dual...
  34. R

    Need help with my THX Certified audio system in my 2007 Lincoln Navigator.

    I am hoping someone here can help me out. Every time I turn up my radio, the base and volume will sound great for about 5 seconds. The volume starts to fade away as if someone is turning it down to less then half. It is very annoying and nobody has the solution. Ford claims that it is a factory...
  35. harshglare

    High Output Alternator by Quick Start

    Review of: Quick Start's F1-6G-HD200 Ever had a task that was so difficult, so daunting that you thought you could never do it? Replacing my alternator was not one of those tasks on a scale of one to ten, one being breathing, five being an oil change and ten being building an engine, I rate...
  36. E

    Priority Door Unlock

    I just got through installing a Viper 5901 in my 2003 Ford Expedition everything went just fine but now when I press unlock all my doors unlock. I had priority unlock with my factory keyles entry unlock once for driver door unlock twice for all other doors, I was wondering if anyone knew how to...
  37. 06 Roush Stage 1 F150 FX4

    06 Roush Stage 1 F150 FX4

    06 Roush Stage 1 F150 FX4 in front of Shed.
  38. The new ride

    The new ride

    Bought a new car for a brand new install
  39. Exhaust Tips

    Exhaust Tips

    Mercury Marauder Exhaust Tips of my 97 Mercury Grand Marquis
  40. 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

    1997 Mercury Grand Marquis