Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of matter that has a property of electric charge. Electricity is related to magnetism, both being part of the phenomenon of electromagnetism, as described by Maxwell's equations. Various common phenomena are related to electricity, including lightning, static electricity, electric heating, electric discharges and many others.
The presence of either a positive or negative electric charge produces an electric field. The movement of electric charges is an electric current and produces a magnetic field.
In most applications, a force acts on a charge with a magnitude given by Coulomb's law. Electric potential is typically measured in volts.
Electricity is at the heart of many modern technologies, being used for:

Electric power where electric current is used to energise equipment;
Electronics which deals with electrical circuits that involve active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, and associated passive interconnection technologies.Electrical phenomena have been studied since antiquity, though progress in theoretical understanding remained slow until the 17th and 18th centuries. The theory of electromagnetism was developed in the 19th century, and by the end of that century electricity was being put to industrial and residential use by electrical engineers. The rapid expansion in electrical technology at this time transformed industry and society, becoming a driving force for the Second Industrial Revolution. Electricity's extraordinary versatility means it can be put to an almost limitless set of applications which include transport, heating, lighting, communications, and computation. Electrical power is now the backbone of modern industrial society.

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  1. Koverbover

    Need help with a build, two 10s and one 12

    So I built a box, the 12 is in the middle (ported) and the 10s are sealed. I just melted that 12, guess I can't hook up different sized subs to the same mono amp lol. Anyways I have a 1000w rms alpine hooked up to the 10s for now and a 500w rms 4 channel for my front components. I need another...
  2. cb045


    Hello I am looking to run three Skar VVX 12 dual 2 ohms. I will be using a Sundown SIA-3500D. These subs will most likely only pull 3k at the most but they will be wired to 1.33 ohms so i will definitely have enough power from my amp. I was wondering what size alternator I should get. My stock...
  3. G

    Big 3 + to alt fuse?

    I know there are some threads on this already but I’m looking for a specific answer regarding my setup, I’m doing a big 3 upgrade with 4 awg wire, should I fuse the battery to alternator wire, and what size/type considering 4 awg, also I’m not replacing factory wiring just adding to it, any help...
  4. G

    Amplifier upgrade, big 3 and eld questions

    For a 2012 civic Si: Currently have a JL JD500/1 running (2) 10w3v3-4 subs with no problems. upgrading amplifier to a JL RD1000/1, my car has an ELD sensor for voltage regulation based on the car’s current needs (fans, headlights, etc.) so I do not get a constant 14, if I am driving without...
  5. M

    Should I use the double power input my amp brought?

    So first off I’m extremely new to anything in the electrical/sound world and all I’ve done is off intuition and very small amounts of verification from a friend who works with sound equipment occasionally. Now on to the main topic. I used to have a 1500W Machete amp powering a Machete M12v2D2...
  6. momeigs

    Major Voltage Issue: Bad Battery?

    Hey guys, about a week ago (queue Bobby Shmurda meme) I noticed my sub amp start to cut in and out at high volumes. This happened for a few days, then my 4 channel started to do the same. Not to long after, on cranking the car up I read 13.8V. My normal is 14.2v. Slowly turning the music up...
  7. R

    Need help buying new batteries and some knowledge on my system

    Im in the need for new batteries and was looking for some recommendations. My system is 8-10 years old Amps: I have 4 JBL GTO-1001EZ and 1 JBL GTO-804EZ. The mono amps run 4 JBL W12GTi MkII subwoofers. the 4 channel amp runs to four focal 6x9's, do not remember model. The dash unit is the...
  8. J

    Electrical Help

    Hello there, I am currently running a Skar ZVXv2 12 on an RP-2000 in my 2010 Honda Accord Coupe. This is not my first system I’ve run but I’ve been running into an electrical issue, primarily voltage drops. I’m currently running a stock alternator (which I believe is 135 a for my car), 1/0 gauge...
  9. BassJunkie96

    COMPLETED Looking for smsagm220 Battery.

    As the title says im looking for a smsagm220 battery, im switching to a bigger box and do not have enough room for the current batteries in the rear so i need a slimmer battery. Ended up buying a SMSAGM220 new.
  10. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  11. S

    2010 Toyota Prius Upgrade

    So I'm trying to upgrade the base speakers in my prius but I've heard that because of the hybrid system the electrical system is sensitive. For that reason I've been doing a lot of research into speakers that won't break the electrical system. So it really comes down to what are the best...
  12. Aric Sumner

    2011 Subaru outback dual alternator question

    Hey guys I am going to be installing a second HO alternator in my engine bay. I already have a DC POWER 270amp 14.9 volt. The second is a BOSCH HO 280 amp that is rated at 14.7 volts.  My question is this. If I wire both alts in parallel will the two unmatched outputs cause issues? If so what...
  13. U

    Subwoofers producing no bass..?

    Okay so basically right now my setup consists of a sundown u12 and it's wired to 1ohm I've even checked this with a multimeter the amp is a hiphonics Zeus zxx-1800.1d mono amp. My voltages stay around 14-11 when playing music (I know I know) and im getting nothing out of this speaker. It's rated...
  14. O

    Need advice with dimming issue

    I have 2 fosgate p2 12s(400w rms each) running @1ohm on a pioneer amp that is 1600w peak and 800w rms @1ohm. not a huge sound system, but my lights dim. it's in a 2013 vw Passat s(no special electronics, no powered seats, no nav) which still has the stock battery with the alternator at 140amps...
  15. B

    Noob Questions That I Need answered

    Ok i know a bit about audio but just having some trouble wrapping my head around some questions i have. Dont bag just please answer if you can. Thanks 1. My car has a 12v battery, and stock alt (dont know how many amps), and when running and car revved at 2500-3000rpm, the voltage is at 12.4v...
  16. T

    Speakers suddenly stop working while driving and I am confused..

    Hello, Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read. I was driving along a few days ago when suddenly my speakers and tweeters both cut out completely while my sub was playing fine. It was hot so I checked the fuses under the hood and the amp fuses. They were fine so my thought was that the amp...
  17. R

    What electrical upgrades will I need if any?

    Currently have a 2004 grand cherokee and I have a kicker cx1200.1 amp hooked up to 2 comp r s with a 120 amp alt and a normal battery, have issues with headlights dimming. Just want to get a new amp and subs. Planning on around 3500 rms and would like to know what electrical upgrades you guys...
  18. T

    Interference from brake lights, signals, and rear defroster, Please Help!

    After installing a 4 Channel amp I'm getting a humming through all speakers. It happens when I press the brake pedal or have my signal on and is much louder when I'm doing both at the same time. I also get a pop when turning on the rear defroster. It gets louder the higher I set my gains. I...
  19. S

    Need Questions Answered! Please

    Ok guys, so i want to upgrade the amp in my car from the 2 SoundQubed 1200D strapped pushing about 2500wrms, to the Soundqubed 4500D. I currently have a yellow top under the hood and a Kintetik HC2000-rev in the back. All 1/0 Gauge and big 3 upgraded. Is it possible to run 2 Dual 2 ohm subs...
  20. O

    Proud New Member looking for 4/0 connectors?????

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: I've got some 4/0 wire and I'm looking for a fuse block, splitters, reducers! Do they make car audio equipment for wire this big? Or will I have to reduce it? Looking for ideas, I appreciate the help. Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  21. Eggroll

    Electrical Problem?

    Google'd but found no answer similar to this problem. My left blinker is blinking 2x as fast now, only when I put the turn signal to the left. Right one is normal. When I put the emergency lights, it blinks normally. No bulb is blown. Any solutions or similar experiences?
  22. Eggroll

    Where the wires at?

    For you sedan/coupe bassheads, (And even suvs/trucks) Where are you guys putting all that 1/0+? How are you running that from the hood to your trunk/rear? Post pics!
  23. M

    Zapco AG 750 - need electrical help!

    Hi guys, I just bought a zapco ag 750 at a tag sale for $40, the guy claimed it worked great but when I got it home I opened it up to take a look and noticed a resistor was missing, also both "x1 x10" switches are broken! I can't find these switches anywhere and I've emailed Zapco with no...
  24. Eggroll

    The future of car audio... Batteries?

    Just saw this when my friend shared it on fb (gonna also post it here so you guys can see it). What do you guys think? Performance: 1‧Upon activation, it can provide large instantaneous current to reduce the load and prolong the service life of starter battery. 2‧After activation, it can...
  25. Jkidd288

    The Truth on Voltage and Proper Electrical explained

    A very important topic in the world of car audio is the inevitable issue of voltage drop and having the proper electrical equipment installed. Im going to explain to you the most basic principles to any electrical system and why having an adequate electrical system matters. First, lets define...
  26. S

    JVC Head Unit Popping Fuses Repeatedly

    I sold my friend my WORKING (perfectly I might add) JVC KW-NT30HD. He used it for about a week then it blew a fuse. He brilliantly just added fuse after fuse after fuse even though he didn't make any changes is, lol. As you might suspect it popped every fuse. All he did was inspect the wiring (I...
  27. adulbrich

    Lead free solder for lugs?

    So, I've used both lead and lead free solder for small electronics in the past. I have lead free solder used for copper water pipes, and was wondering if it is conductive enough to use for my lugs/wire. It was not specifically for electrical connections. Would it work ok, or should I go get...
  28. D

    Battery Setup - All OK?

    Hey, just wanted to make sure that this all sounds good, before I go ahead and purchase the batteries. Here's the setup, I don't know how much of this you guys actually need Vehicle: 2000 Infiniti G20 Subwoofers: x2 Sundown SA-15s Amp: 2000w Soundstream Tarantula (Wiring @ 1 ohm) I'm...
  29. I

    FS: Ill Customz Buss Bars. Dirt cheap

    Item(s) for Sale: I am selling 40 sets of buss bars that I am making. They will be finished in 2-4 weeks max. The ones in the pictures are older buss bars which I am not selling anymore. The new batch in production has some improvements and are also not blue but instead plain silver...
  30. S

    bass head problems...

    Aight well let's start with this. I have a 98 k1500 with a HCCA PSI 18. Its all of a platform 3 with a HCCA motor. Its in a 8.75 cu ft box tuned at 32Hz. I had stock alt and stock battery. I have Polk 6.5s in the doors. And 0 gauge to the amp and 0 gauge ground. Been having tons of problems with...
  31. L

    Pioneer avh-x3500bhs turns on and off randomly.

    I have an 06 Mustang V6. (About 150,000 miles) (Base model just a simple factory single cd was stock) My new head unit keeps turning off and on. It has never done this before it started last week and it happens randomly. I can go a day with one or two turn offs or it turns on and off many times...
  32. T

    PLZ HELP!!! my amp is overheating, cuts out, and low voltage even on a rf 2500bd!

    For a little while then overheating very quickly and I just got two new subs audioque 12s 3000 rms total and on an rf 2500bd had originally thought it was my voltage regulator but I got that fixed as well as a beefier alternator and I still seem to have low voltage even though I also have hey...
  33. C

    Do I need to upgrade my electrical system?

    I drive a 2001 jeep cherokee classic. I was wondering if I wanted to run 2 memphis m5 12s, would I need to have a high output alternator and/or a different battery? I currently am running an infinity kappa amp for my door speakers as well.
  34. S

    First post need help please. Electrical help

    Hey guys, First post on the forums and i need help lol. My current setup is 2 15" soundqubed hds300's wired to 1 ohm each on a hifonics brx2400.1d and the way i was planning on running it was i was going to use my xs power d3400 in the rear but i wasnt going to have a charge cable coming from...
  35. I


    just went to install a 1 Farad cap in my system and my remote wire melted! never had an issue with this before. I ran the remote wire from the red power wired and have not had an issue with this. could this be the problem?? If so i need to know the correct location for it, i have a 2002 jeep...
  36. P

    Will I need a new battery/alternator??

    Hey guys, So I will be installing my two Sundown SA-12's running off a Sundown SAZ-2000d into my Jeep Cherokee soon. This is my first build so I am quite the novice, but I was wondering if I will need to upgrade my battery or alternator from stock in order for the system to perform correctly...
  37. P

    Will I need a new battery/alternator??

    Hey guys, So I will be installing two Sundown SA-12's running of a Sundown SAZ-2000d into my Jeep Cherokee soon. All stock electrical. Other than the big three upgrade, will I need to upgrade my battery or alternator? I'm new to this so help me out please! Thanks, Phillip
  38. Q

    Low voltage help

    I have a 97 civic with a pioneer deh-p8300ub head unit rockford r-750 amp and mtx thunder 404 amp when I got it all hooked up and my volt meter in I'm only getting 12.6 volts even when reved up any ideas why the battery is only a couple months old and even has grounds up graded to 4 gauge don't...
  39. 93Exploder

    Do i need a new Alt or Seccond Battery?

    I have a 1993 Ford Explorer, v6, with a skar 1500.1 soon to be powering a PSI PF2 18. My factory Alt is only a 95 amp, so should I get a 250 amp alt or get a kinetic battery for the back?
  40. supereikenator

    Battery suggestions?

    Time for me to replace my cars original battery, instead of getting a normal one, I want to get one that will support my future amps, it won't be much, Soundqubed 1200 and a solid 300 watt four channel. The car is an '08 xB, any suggestions for solid batteries that will last long, not break the...