Need help buying new batteries and some knowledge on my system


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Im in the need for new batteries and was looking for some recommendations. My system is 8-10 years old
Amps: I have 4 JBL GTO-1001EZ and 1 JBL GTO-804EZ.
The mono amps run 4 JBL W12GTi MkII subwoofers.
the 4 channel amp runs to four focal 6x9's, do not remember model.
The dash unit is the Clarion vz401.
Alternator is 1 DC 300 amp SPX.

I had two yellowtop batteries. Model number: Yel34/78
My question is first was my alternator and batteries sufficient enough and second what batteries should i get now? Are yellowtops still top tier or is another company or lithium batteries the way to go?

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Check the fuses on the amps and add them together to see if the alternator is ok. But 300 amps is most likely fine. The yellow top is still the best battery that Optima makes for Audio applications but it is still AGM. I don’t know if lithium batteries perform better but they can produce the same power in a much smaller package. You could save a lot of weight with them. 👍
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