PLZ HELP!!! my amp is overheating, cuts out, and low voltage even on a rf 2500bd!


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For a little while then overheating very quickly and I just got two new subs audioque 12s 3000 rms total and on an rf 2500bd had originally thought it was my voltage regulator but I got that fixed as well as a beefier alternator and I still seem to have low voltage even though I also have hey big deep cycle battery as well. I cannot figure out why and I'm losing especially when the upgraded alternator because sometimes when its running **** only shows 12.9 volts I have all your old age where and did the big 3 with your updates as well but none of that seems to help . I also start off with 13.9 v and then it slowly losing boltage overtime. My last sub I had actually started smoking and birth the coil when I wasn't even playing it loud the point where you couldn't even feel it yet it still burns up i I really need help with this because it has been killing me not having subs I think you guys all know how that feels lol but if you have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment I would appreciate it so much thank you ~ Tom



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see if your alternator belt is the proper size, new alts sometimes needs a snug tight belt along with it. Go to autozone, advanced auto, oriellys and get your alternator/battery run through a load test.

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