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Hello, my name is Sean McGahee. I am a Disabled Army Veteran and i have currently purchased my first vehicle since recovering from my injuries that occurred while i was deployed in Afghanistan. I am currently having a new engine installed into the SUV i purchased and am in need of an Amplifier to finish off the system I've been collecting for the 2000 Rodeo LS, 3.2L, V6 i just purchased. I am in search of a DD audio M2C amp or similar mono amp for the DD redline 712 D2 subwoofer that i recently acquired for the SUV. I was thinking to put between 1500 and 2000 RMS and between 2500 and 3000 peak amps on this 12". I purchased it from a local audio shop owner who was running 4 of them out of his competition vehicle which was running on 8000rms total or 2000rms each. I dont mean to sound cheap, but i am on a fixed disability for income and the vehicle plus repairs and upgrades has already put me in a tight spot, so i am hoping to find a good deal on a quality amp that will last so that im not loosing on this investment. The amplifier and speaker box are all i have left to purchase and im all set. Anyone that has this Amplifier or one of similar quality/power could you please contact me with details? Anyone that could possibly point me towards someone who might be able to help square me away with a decent deal would also be greatly appreciated and you would become my personal hero lol! Thank you for your time in reading this and God Bless!

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