amp not sending power to front channels? help!

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Hi, so i recently bought a boss riot r1004 400w 4 channel amp. i also installed a new kenwood headunit, and 4 new kenwood road series 6.5" speakers. all of this was installed nearly from scratch in a van with a gutted interior. i used the factory radio wiring to connect the amp speaker outputs to the speakers in all 4 corners. the amp inputs are low level rca cables from the headunit.

my issue now, is that the front two speakers dont seem to be getting any power. the rear speakers both work perfectly. if i put my test light to the speaker outputs on the amp, channels 1&2 dont seem to have any power (light wont turn on) yet channels 3&4 make the test light come on on both the positive and negative terminals. why would this be? if i swap the rca cables around on the amp, same thing. if i unplug 2/4 rca cables... same thing.

i even thought it could have been an amp problem, so i had a new amp shipped out to me with the same exact problem. if i touch my grounded test light to the positive or negative terminal of channel 2, it actually produces a tiny bit of static from the front right door speaker.

im so confused, this is my first amp install, where could i have gone wrong? what should i check first? this doesnt seem to make any sense to me; any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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Welcome to Boss audio. Skar is the only brand worse... :sneaky:
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