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    American Bass Elite E1244 review

    Got this sub less than 2 months ago at an awsome price. Had been wanting to try American Bass subs and this was it. Looking through the specs sheet I found AB did not include box suggestions, but they did include Thiele Small Parameters. Punched in numbers on this application...
  2. nyoc

    COMPLETED 4 American Bass Godfather T20 Tweeters

    Wanting to buy 4 American Bass Godfather T20 tweeters. Shipping would be to 43460
  3. T

    10 inch Xfl1022 not loud??

    I just bought a xfl1022 in a custom 32hz box. I then purchased a skar audio rp 2000.1d amp to pair with it. It's Lacking to say the least. What am I missing here? I switched to 1/0 gauge recoil wire. It's just not loud, the only way to make it loud is changing the settings to distortion levels...
  4. S

    Need help building box for 2 American bass xfl1244

    I have 2 American bass xfl1244 on a audio pipe 30001d. I don’t have max dimensions for box right now but will update soon. I’m mainly confused on port dimensions than anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. V

    Help finding good sub for sq around 800 watts

    Ok I sold my old sub (skar sdr) to a guy I know, and now I have an empty 12 inch 2.00 cubic foot box and a 800 watt skar amp. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good sub for sq? I listen to hip hop, but also a lot of rock and instrumental. Money isnt really a problem as long as its under...
  6. BassJunkie96

    Which American Bass XFL's to get ?

    I'm looking to upgrade the subs i have now (hds2.1 12''s) and I have been eyeing the XFL's for a while now now the dilemma is I cant decide whether to get a pair of the dual 4 ohms and wire them to 1 ohm final or get the dual 2's and try for .5 ohms. I know the BC3500 is .5 stable but is it...
  7. F

    American Bass XFL 15 vs Deaf Bonce DB-SA2615D1

    I'm looking to buy 2 15" subs. Trying to stay in the under $200/each range. I'm leaning towards the AB XFLs because I'm familiar with them and like them. I've heard good things about Deaf Bonce but never heard them in person. I'll be putting them in a 3.6 cu. ft. per cube box. Tuned to about 32...
  8. C

    Apples to oranges with subs

    I've been running a pair of (400w rms) kicker comp vr 12's on my rp2k. I have been looking to upgrade subs ever since, in order to use its available power. I'm about to order a pair of American bass xr 12d4's that are rated around 1000rms. Are the upgraded subs really gonna boost my spl...
  9. B

    Out of the loop... Amp help

    Hey guys, I know posts like this are redundant 😫. I was into the audio scene back in the 2000s but not so much in the past 5 years. Here is what I need some assistance with: 2018 Ford F150 10" SSA GON - Sealed box 1.3cf (rear center console enclosure) Looking for a "budget" amp to run this...
  10. D

    Memphis Mojo 15 vs American Bass Hd 15

    I’m curious to know what sub you guys think is better?
  11. S

    Sundown E-15 or American Bass TNT1544

    I'm looking to put two (somewhat cheap) 15's in my Taurus. I mostly have experience with Rockford Fosgate, Cerwin Vega, CT Sounds, and Skar. I've never had any experience with Sundown or American Bass, but I know they are good quality. Nothing is set in stone, so if the American Bass is a better...
  12. nyoc

    New build, big for me, have some questions

    I am working on a new build. It's my biggest yet, 5-8k. I'm going to be running 2 American Bass 15" HDs powered by either a Taramps 5k, 8k or Soundigital 8k. I have 3 Duracell DURDC12-100P and I'm getting a CES 300 amp HO alternator. I plan on 1 run of SHCA 1/0 gauge OFC from the front battery...
  13. Zackster

    This amp good enough?

    I'm getting an American Bass TNT1544. It has an rms rating of 800 watts Is this amp good enough to make this sub flex? AudioPipe APCL15001D
  14. AtillaTheHung

    American bass XR vs XFL

    Just out of curiosity, what's the main difference between these bad boys? I bought the XR the other day, should be in the mail shortly. My friend has the XFL 12s (two of them) My SA-10 was louder in my T-line with some decent sound quality. (I believe I was pushing around 400-500 to the SA-10)...
  15. cooper1123

    American Bass VFL400.1

    Item(s) for Sale: American Bass VFL400.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: MINTY Nearly brand new Comes with original packaging and bass knob Wasn't used for very long and always on good electrical American Bass states that these do 4,600 watts I'm assuming that is at 14.4v and at 1 ohm...
  16. BSchrowang

    Which 15" sub will be the loudest?

    I am trying to choose between 2 different 15"s. The American Bass XFL 1544 1200rms Dual 4 ohm Or the Soundqubed HDS315-D4 1500rms Dual 4 ohm I would be running 2 of these in a trunk box ported around 32hz and about 6 or 7 cu ft. Will be running off a Planet Audio BB4000.1 at 1 ohm...
  17. celeronpm

    JL 12w7's + American Bass Amp

    Hi Guys, I've got two JL Audio 12w7's. They are 3ohm subs rated at 500-1000 watts RMS. I have them hooked up to two Jl Audio 500/1's but want to upgrade. I am looking at the American Bass VFL 150.1 Which outputs about 1,833 RMS at 1.5ohms (when I bridge my subs, that's the impedence I'll be...
  18. S

    American Bass XFL15 VS Soundqubed HDC3 15

    American Bass XFL15 VS Soundqubed HDC3 15? Which do you guys prefer and why?
  19. B

    Right box?

    I am running an American Bass XLF 1244 and have it in a 1.70 cubic ft. box ported and tuned to 33Hz. The dimensions are (W) 16.62" x (H) 14.00" x (D) 17.50". Is this a sufficient box for this sub? Will it cause any damage? Or will I be fine? I'm new to this above OEM replacement stuff.
  20. B

    Sundown vs American bass

    So I've narrowed my selection of what i want down to a sundown sa-12, sundown x series 12, or an american bass XFL1244, or an american bass 12 D1. I will be running which ever one i get off an Alpine MRX-M110 at 2 ohms. Does any one have some experience with these or just an opinion that might...
  21. XORstatus

    American Bass HD 15 Build - Ford Fiesta Trunk Box

    Design: The box is tuned to 33 hz, the port is 29.5 inches long and has 67.7 Ft2 of port area (14.25 x 4.75). The box is ~ 7.7 cubes overall, ~ 6.3 cubes internal, 4.5 cubes allocated to the sub and the remainder allocated to the port, the port material, and bracing. I used this excel "program"...
  22. SilverSquared

    American Bass XD 6.5"

    I am looking for a pair of XD 6.5" subs. I have a pair of the older basket ones, and would like to find a pair of the same. If not I'd have to sell the 2 I have and buy 4 new.
  23. Jkidd288

    Please help me fix my enclosure

    So i built a 6.25 cu ft box tuned to high 20's and the port resonates on the inside of the box. This caint be heard from in the car but outside it can be. How can i strengthen the port and box to eliminate this without adding more screws? Would fiberglassing the inside not including the port...
  24. Jkidd288

    2 American Bass XFL 12's on SQ Q1-2200.1

    Ok first off i want to list my system in full detail: Honda Civic 2006 DC Power 270XP alternator Optima Yellow Top under the hood Energie PB600 supercap in the rear Dynomat in the trunk up to the ceiling. But ceiling is not covered completely. Dynomat around the door holes. Alpine...
  25. L

    Hifonics Brutus Elite BE2500.1 vs American Bass VFL44801D

    I have been looking for a decent 2000+ watt amp, and I keep coming back to these two. The price seems to be right, and I haven't read any terrible reviews of either. I am looking for any input/opinions on these amps. I have experience with both brands, but it has been years (I have been out of...
  26. 350zkid

    (2) BNIB American Bass XFL 1022's

    1. Product: (2) Brand New American Bass XFL 1022's 2. Specs: Impedence (Ohm) 2x2 Rdc (Ohm) 0.8 Levc mH 1.311 Fo Hz 31.6 Sd msqM 33.01 BL TM 9.938 Qms 3.601 Qes 0.487 Qts 0.429 n% 0.258 SPL dB 85.6 Vas L 14.6 Cms uM/N 94 Mms g 269.4 VC Inch 3 Mgnt oz 220 Xmax±MM 19 RMS 1000W...
  27. cooper1123

    WTB American bass HD motor

    I'm in the market for a American bass hd motor and a 18" basket 6 spoke basket. I can always find a basket but I really need the motor.... Must look like the ones in the pics.
  28. my_stealth21

    American Bass VFL 4480.1

    Item(s) for Sale: American Bass VFL 4480.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Amp is in great shape comes with everything like new. Price: 285 Shipped. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Whatever you prefer. Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be...
  29. bluemarvin3030

    HELP!!! American Bass TNT 1244, need help with box building/design

    Hey fellow enthusiasts, been lurking for weeks. Finally joined. Anywh*re, I have an American Bass TNT1244, and alpine mrv-m500 amp (561 rms @ 2ohms per birthsheet.) My question is what would be a good recommendation for box size, sealed? The guy I bought it from, a dealer, suggested 1.5-2...
  30. cooper1123

    Custom Painted American Bass HD 15 motor and basket

    Item(s) for Sale: AB HD 15 motor and basket Item(s) Description/Condition: Motor SOLD!!! Basket has been painted gloss red spider and surround landing have been ground down It is all ready for a motor and recone If you don't like red Send me $30 + ship and I will repaint it anycolor you...
  31. cooper1123

    Custom painted American Bass HD 15 motor and basket

    American bass hd motor and 15" basket Motor has been repainted gloss black and basket gloss red Basket does not come with terminals, I was going to do direct leads I have cleaned the gap as good as I possibly can, but I would go over it again before I recone it. It is a 3" coil motor and...
  32. bassattack95

    american bass TNT

    Anybody had experience with the american bass TNT sub's? Do they get low? And is it a great buy
  33. Team TH (Donny)

    FS: American Bass XFL 15"

    Item(s) for Sale: American Bass XFL 15" Item(s) Description/Condition: This is the dual 2 ohm. 1000 Wrms. Cosmetically 9.5/10 (Only because it has been mounted and slightly used.) Mechanically 10/10 Price: $170 Shipped! (Including Insurance) NO TRADES! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  34. basswiigee

    Fs/ A.B. VFL 120.1

    Item(s) for Sale: vfl 120.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: it has a plexi bottom... good see pics... Price: 320 obo Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: on buyer Item Pictures: Ab Vfl 120 Photos by basswiigee74 | Photobucket (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should...
  35. K

    American Bass vfl 100.1 Questions

    I have been looking all over online and I can not find anything about how many watts this amp will push at 2 ohms. All I see is 1500w at one ohm. Can anybody help me out here? Thank you.
  36. S

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Crescendo BC2000D Selling Crescendo BC2000D: This amp is rated at 2250 rms @13.8V. It's in great condition and works like a charm! It is currently hooked up, but I honestly never play my system unless someone wants a demo. Only reason I am selling is because I want something a little bigger...
  37. Josef344

    WTB: Crescendo 5500BC or a 6k rms amp.

    Tell me what you have and price shipped to 32244. I need a solid 6k rms amp or as close to 6k..
  38. T

    American Bass

    Looking for opinions... Would you rather have two sundown nightshade 12's or two American bass HD 15's? Wondering what would be louder and hold up longer?

    Wtb box for 2 dd 3512.s

    I need a box for 2 dd 3512 need one soon preferably close to louisville kentucky

    Dd9515g 8 inch cf cap