1. S

    Sundown sax 50.4

    Looking for sundown sax 50.4 for its active capabilities
  2. jiggernaut

    67' Camaro resto-mod stereo build

    I've finally gotten to the point in my Camaro restoration to begin the sound system install. The goals I'm shooting for are: keeping a period correct look, adding modern features (USB & aux inputs, Bluetooth,), adding plenty of power, sound quality and trying to stay south of 1500$. Head...
  3. slomaro

    looking for a new sub. need suggestions

    So I bought a new(er) car and want to get a new audio set up. I want a single 12" in a sealed box that hits some nice low notes. I'm trying to spend around $150 or less (Less preferably lol) but want it to hit nice and hard. I've been researching forever trying to find the best sub for that...
  4. n3w_3ra

    Sundown Sax-1200d

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown Sax-1200d Item(s) Description/Condition: 8.5/10 Cosmetic 9.5/10 mechanical (used) Rated power output ----RMS power, 2 ohm linkable/dual mono 2160W x 1CH ----RMS power, 1 ohm mono 1200W x 1CH ----RMS power, 2 ohm mono 720W x 1CH ----RMS power, 4 ohm mono 360W...
  5. SPL.Pantie.Soak

    Quick question, good setup? X 18 on 2k

    Hey guys, I recently got rid of my kicker crap (yes even as a newbie I know they're not the best) I'm looking to get a sundown X-18 sub and put it on a hifonics Brutus 2000.1D. I will put the X-18 in a 7.1 CU FT Ported enclosure. Is this a good setup for a hatchback? Setup: X-18 Hifonics...
  6. B

    Sundown Audio SAX-100.4

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown Audio SAX-100.4 Item(s) Description/Condition: Rated power output ----RMS power, 4 ohm stereo 100W x 4CH ----RMS power, 2 ohm stereo 160W x 4CH ----RMS power, 4 ohm bridged 320W x 2CH Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB Low pass frequency crossover...
  7. Phish

    Sundown Sa-12

    Item(s) for Sale: Mint Sundown SA-12 D2 Item(s) Description/Condition: Great Condition, No major scratches or blemishes Price: 150 + Shipping. Im located in the middle of the country so no matter where you are shipping shouldn't be too high. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
  8. S

    Saz 2000d

    Item(s) for Sale: Saz 2000d Item(s) Description/Condition: Cosmetic 8/10 minor scratches Functionality 10/10 Price: 360 plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less...
  9. Q

    sundown box design for under truck seat?

    hey guys so i have a sundown sa12-d2 but it does not fit in my current box. so i plan on building my own i have before so i know i can again. i just need help on dimensions and recommended air space and things like that. i want it to be able to hit the lows very well not really concerned about...
  10. Magnum099

    Sundown SA-12

    I am looking to get a new subwoofer for my daily driver, and I am leaning towards getting one SA-12. I have a couple of questions though, mainly for people who have experience with the Sundowns. 1) Ported or Sealed? I know ported is generally the choice for the Sundowns, but I was just curious...

    Wtt: Dd 9512 **d4** for dd 9512 **d2**

    In need of DUAL 2OHM dd 9512. I got a good deal on a perfectly working just broken in dual 4. Hard for me to get enough power out of 2 ohms for this sub. i don't feel like strapping two amps to it. I rather have a dual 2. I will re post pictures with in a few hours with my forum name. Its...
  12. M

    sq 18 sub

    i going to do 1 18 and i need a sub that sound good and get very low these are my choices fi ssd , fi q, ssa xcon, or sundown x i have had the rest of the brands these are the only 4 i haven't had yet which 1 will get the lowest and sound the best in a 8 cubic ported enclosure any info please...
  13. Sundown!


    2 18"s sitting in my Tahoe
  14. M

    sq sub that get low

    hello im looking at 1 18 sub to get low and sound great my 2 choices are the fi audio q or the sundown x18
  15. TheJesus

    FS: 6x Sundown SA-10 D2

    1. Product: 6x Sundown SA-10 D2 2. Specs: RE (ohms): 4.29 FS (Hz): 35.4 Vas (L): 10.13 Qes: 0.52 Qms: 5.41 Qts: 0.48 Le (mH): 3.41 BL (NA): 20.40 Mms (Grams): 230 Cms (uM/N): 87.8 Sens (1w/1m): 81.0 RMS Power handling: 600 Watts 3. Description/Condition: Like new, normal wear...
  16. P

    Will I need a new battery/alternator??

    Hey guys, So I will be installing my two Sundown SA-12's running off a Sundown SAZ-2000d into my Jeep Cherokee soon. This is my first build so I am quite the novice, but I was wondering if I will need to upgrade my battery or alternator from stock in order for the system to perform correctly...
  17. P

    Will I need a new battery/alternator??

    Hey guys, So I will be installing two Sundown SA-12's running of a Sundown SAZ-2000d into my Jeep Cherokee soon. All stock electrical. Other than the big three upgrade, will I need to upgrade my battery or alternator? I'm new to this so help me out please! Thanks, Phillip
  18. cooper1123

    2 Sundown SA 12s D4s

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Sundown sa 12s Item(s) Description/Condition: d4s v2s 600 watts rms LOL!!! Were purchased new from Sundown in July Had these and 2 more in a Silverado on 2 apsm-1500s Did a few demos for a few months and now getting into the SQ game 8/10 on condition due to the paint...
  19. C

    Sundown X vs ZV4 series Sealed?

    As the title says, which of these would perform better in a sealed enclosure? I am still a newb with modeling programs and installs. I am currently running a sa8v2 on 500watts in a 33hz ported box due to space limitations. Planning to upgrade my electric to run a saz2000 or saz2500. I'd like to...
  20. N

    Good Box??

    Hey guys I'm new to car audio and was wondering if this is a good box I will be putting 2 Sundown sa 8 v2's in it. I was just wondering if this is a good box?
  21. N

    Which Amp?

    I am trying to pick between a rockford fosgate t100bdcp or t1500bdcp. The amp will power two sundown sa-8 v2's 4DVC, now should I get the t1000 and wire it down to 2ohms or get the t1500 and have it wired to 4ohms. Or is the t1500 amp to powerful for 2 sa-8's?
  22. S

    BNIB Sundown E8 V3 D2

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown E8V3 D2 Item(s) Description/Condition: 8" woofer Brand new never installed Price: 85.00 bucks Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: free in lower 48. no Canada or overseas Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your...
  23. E

    Sundown E-12 box help

    I got a sundown e-12 and i need help on what box to buy. I'm going to give it around 500 rms and i have a Altima. I wanted to go sealed because i want to keep it small, but i know ported will sound better/louder. How small could a ported box be, with the sub still sounding good. Or would it be...
  24. C

    sundown audio or PSi?

    I have had subs before but never spent decent money on them really just bought cheap stuff but now im wanting to upgrade with a new system. I am thinking of getting either one 10 inch or one 12 inch sundown audio SA or one 10 or one 12 PSi platform 1......which do you think is the better sub and...
  25. E

    Need an amp for a SA E12 D2 (2 ohms)

    Title says it all. Trying to keep this a budget build so what would a good amp be for the sub (only 1). This is my daily driver so i'm trying to keep it close to the 400 rms rating of the sub. thanks in advance
  26. Kerfed Enclosure

    Kerfed Enclosure

    Single 15" kerfed enclosure
  27. Kerfed Enclosure

    Kerfed Enclosure

    Single 15" kerfed enclosure
  28. Kerfed Enclosure

    Kerfed Enclosure

    Single 15" kerfed enclosure
  29. Kerfed Enclosure

    Kerfed Enclosure

    Single 15" kerfed enclosure
  30. Kerfed Enclosure

    Kerfed Enclosure

    Single 15" kerfed enclosure
  31. P

    Two Sundown SA-12's

    What's good, Looking to buy two Sundown SA-12's. Shoot me an offer! Thanks, Phillip
  32. S

    Looking for new Sub!

    Looking for a new 12in sub something powerful around 2000-2500 RMS, Been looking at the Sundown Zv4 but i would like some more brands to look into, thanks for any ideas!
  33. D

    WTB Sundown Audio Nightshade V2 Motors

    I already have x2 12" Nightshade V2s & I am in desperate need of two more motors to be able to run a total of 4 nightshade v2s in my hummer build. Please, someone hit me up with info on where to find these bad boys!
  34. A9Y

    Can't decide between the two?!

    Im about to do a full system in my car and the only part I can't decide on is whether to go for the new Sundown Audio Z v.4 15" or the Sound Solutions Audio Evil 15".. Whats peoples thoughts on the two in comparison?
  35. S

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Selling Crescendo BC2000D: This amp is rated at 2250 rms @13.8V. It's in great condition and works like a charm! It is currently hooked up, but I honestly never play my system unless someone wants a demo. Only reason I am selling is because I want something a little bigger. 10/10...
  36. S

    SubWoofer suggestions needed!

    Hi, currently in the market for a new subwoofer since my last one was stolen... dam people... anyway im not the richest person around but i do have a little dough, I first was thinking of getting a Sundown 2500.1 amp and am in need of one sub to go along with that. Looking for any suggestions of...
  37. Light-Foot

    Sundown bandpass blowthrough QUESTIONS?

    -2006 chevy Silverado single cab -(2) sundown z v.3 12"s -juss listen to everyday music, mostly decaf -desired tuning is always around 33hz for me Okay I have no clue what kind of room this would leave to play with, but the first thing to start off with is the port whole itself that ill cut...
  38. 2

    Wiring Subs in Box

    What's up everyone. I have 2 Sundown SA12's and I bought a temporary pre-fab box. It's only for a month or two so it's not that big of a deal lol. Anyway, the box came with 2 terminal cups with some really thin speaker wire attached to them. My question being that I fished 12 gauge...
  39. O

    Power question

    Right now im running 600 watts to my sundown sa-15 in a 3.9 cub box, if get a new amp and give it a 1000 watts how much of a difference will I see? so basically is 600 watts to 1000 watts even worth getting a new amp?
  40. jasonbillnelson

    SA-10 D4 in box FS

    Item(s) for Sale: SA-10 D4 in a pre-fab box, built with 1" MDF front and 3/4" MDF around the rest. 12 ga wire inside and its wired to 2 ohms. Sale is for sub and box. Gets low and loud. In Maryland if you are local. 10 min from DC. Item(s) Description/Condition: Bought new August 2012...