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Audio System Setup

Found 16 results

  1. View Listing 4 10 inch subs sundown planet audio I have 4 tens im trying to trade 2 sundown sd3 10 they are both blown and need a drop in recone kit the baskets magnets and termebals are fine Also have 2 planet audio acd10s they work fine and are 3 weekss old and are invertes in the picture Im looking to trade all thiis for another subwoofer looking for a 12 or 15 just one but shoot me any offers Advertiser Crazzydan89 Date 03/14/2019 Price $120.00 Category Wanting to Buy/Wanting to Trade  
  2. Time Left: 24 days and 8 hours

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    I have 4 tens im trying to trade 2 sundown sd3 10 they are both blown and need a drop in recone kit the baskets magnets and termebals are fine Also have 2 planet audio acd10s they work fine and are 3 weekss old and are invertes in the picture Im looking to trade all thiis for another subwoofer looking for a 12 or 15 just one but shoot me any offers


    Greenville, North Carolina - US

  3. What's good? New here, but I'm no rookie to the Bass scene. I've been a Bass-Head since the days of Pyle and EV. I fell out of the game for a few years, but I have always spectated on Youtube to see other builds and try to take note of new designs and products. I'm am more than ready to get back into the game, it's been calling me. I see these brutal, hair-trick, spl vehicles on the Tube and I just feel like I'm missing out. I will be purchasing a Sundown X-15 V.2 D2 in two days and I have run into so many promising amplifier choices, I have seen dozens of Dyno tests on almost every amplifier on the market, and I'm just stuck lol. Never had a problem deciding on an amp before, but I want to do it right this time and I need opinions. Now, before I touch anything in my 2008 G5, I'm going to attack my electrical system from front to back, the biggest, purest, OFC wire I can run, will be running throughout. I even got my eye on some welding cable ( I'm serious) I don't want even a grain of voltage drop. I just found an installer that owns a shop blocks away from me and he knows his stuff I mean he breathes the stuff and does pro work. I've seen his box builds and he gets down. That's going to be a big help to get me back started. He'll be building my enclosure for my Sundown when I get it. I've looked at a lot of amps, everything from, Orion, Skar, DC Audio, Soundstream, Crescendo, Sundown, Deaf Bonce, and many others. My thing is, I haven't heard any of these products in person. I've seen reviews, I've seen the video, but I haven't heard any of these in person sadly, but I know a lot of you guys have. Taramps are even getting my attention, but it's something weird about an amp so small that puts out so much power, how they store big enough components inside those Taramps to support the current and heat is beyond me, but I see them in a lot of competition builds. I'm looking for something in the 3k - 5k RMS range. I know the Sundown X-15 is rated 1500 watts RMS, but I like to leave headroom for box rise and other adjustments, plus, we all know Sundown subs can handle almost three times it's rated RMS. I'm very mindful of my gains and levels also and I will have all levels professionally tuned and adjusted before any serious demos take place. I'm going to get a few secondary XS Power batteries to run whatever amp I get, just to see what it does and if I get even a whisper of voltage drop I'm going to slap a Mechman on it. I'm going to get one in the long run anyway so. Any experienced suggestions on a nice professional amp will be highly appreciated. Going to pick up a Pioneer DEH-80PRS this week also that way I can start off with a clean 5 volt signal to the amp. This is just my back in the game set-up. I'm looking for a used Tahoe or similar that I can build a wall in but one thing at a time. I'm going to do it right this time, pics, videos and updates coming soon.
  4. Sullivan546

    Sundown E-15 or American Bass TNT1544

    I'm looking to put two (somewhat cheap) 15's in my Taurus. I mostly have experience with Rockford Fosgate, Cerwin Vega, CT Sounds, and Skar. I've never had any experience with Sundown or American Bass, but I know they are good quality. Nothing is set in stone, so if the American Bass is a better option, I'm happy to buy a bigger amp. The only issue I have is that I cannot seem to find any information on what size of enclosure the American Bass subs need. Any response is helpful, just trying to make a decision I won't regret. I want the loudest and bassiest I can get without spending upwards of a thousand dollars.
  5. Sundownaudio01

    Help! Sub not acting right. Is it blown?

    Okay so I’ve had this Sundown Audio SA-10 v2 in my car for about 1-2 years. It’s been running at 1000 watts rms which is 250 over spec however everything I read up on said these subs could take way more than that. Anyways here in the past few days the sub had been cutting out making very little autible noise in the cab of my car. However it’s still moving and I’ve attached a video of what sound it makes. Thought Maybe tinsel slap or something of the sort? Don’t think it’s overpower and topping out because I’ve ran it exactly like this since I’ve had it. Could it be blown? I’m going to test impedance tomorrow and will update just looking for a quick response If anyone knows what this is. 4D4E29B8-1524-44E0-A390-13CCCD33BA21.MOV
  6. when u get your sound system all hooked up what is the first to last step on tuning your system? i found some people tune the amp then the cd player is that right?
  7. Looking to bang but have limited space. 2015 Dodge Ram Crew Cab. Wanting to run 2 12’s off a Rockford T1500-1. Ready, go.
  8. Hi, this is my first post on this forum and was hoping to get some help in designing my first ported sub enclosure. I have built boxes for subs before but I usually just followed the manufacturers suggested design, this time around I am in a tighter space so I have been stuck with the task of designing my own. The sub is going to go in the trunk of my 2013 WRX which has an unusual 2 level trunk(pictured below) that I am trying to save as much room as possible in. Sub will need to go on the upper level to the left of that little white box you can just barely see. I plan to make a false bottom that follows the angle down so that I can make the enclosure deeper. Dimensions available are about 24 inches wide 12.5 inches tall and 14 inches deep. I was hoping to be able to fit a sundown sa 12 but from what I read it would probably be better to go with 10" at this size of box if I want to stay ported(I do). I plan to power the sub initially with a polk d1000.1, because I have one laying around and should power the D2 version well at 1 ohm. I have been playing around with RE's box calculator and wanted to know what you guys thought of the design I have so far. I think I have the math right to where after displacements should net me about 1.25 cu ft @ ~33 hz. My real confusion lies with the more technical stuff like port length and size. I mostly listen to rap/hip-hop with some rock and folk mixed in. I hope I have given enough information so that you guys can help me out :) Thanks ahead of time!
  9. I wanna know how to calculate this volume effecitently and accurately. Everything you see I’ve done myself! Everything is 2 layered 3/4 mdf so far. Back wall is also thinker than the 1 1/2. Because of 2x4 bracing. This car has every bit of 200$ in foam. Just to keep from splitting body panels. Thanks for all your help guys any advice info would be awesome I definitely should have been on here sooner but I can update photos and share progress through out the whole build. Plan is 2 zv5 18s on 1 Subdown 7500 or 2 saz 3,500 lmk what u think appreciate it! Also looking for another saz 3500 if anyone knows where I can get one! I have one already. Stay bassin ☝?
  10. I have a 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo, it has a stock 136 or 150, conflicting information I have found there. Big Three is getting done tomorrow and I have a new stock battery. I am looking to get the Soundqubed Sa-2250, I am reading and getting conflicting information on whether my car can handle that, I don't drive a lot and don't listen super loud all the time just occasionally, What are your thoughts on how my car would do with this setup? The amp will be driving two Sundown SA-12's 2 OHM DVC subs running at 2 ohms, unless you think I can run at 1 ohm and be safe.
  11. Hello everyone, brand new to the site and excited to start learning. Anyways... I just bought a 2018 Camry XSE with the crappy base sound system. I want to put a sub or 2 in the trunk corners ( preferably just 1 but I'm open to 2) in fiberglass box. I've seen these sealed and ported. My question is what size sub to put in, I prefer sundown but don't know if the small fiberglass custom box is made for this type of sub. Would 1 x8 sound good with that little of space or do I need a sd10 or 12? Anyways I don't know much about fiberglass boxes but I want as much bass as possible while still sounding good. Can someone please recommend what size/type that would work best for this. I am open to the fiberglass box being larger than the normal flushmounted kinds. A big bulky bubble tucked in the side is fine. I'm open to all suggestions that don't take up my whole trunk. Thanks, G
  12. Tony187soundpro

    Foose f150 project

    Roush supercharger 22'' foose chrome rims Carriage Works brushed billet grill Elite tonneau cover ZeeZ underbody led multi color glow kit Black horse racing electric exhaust cutout Crown suspension rear lowering shackles Eibach coil springs and leaf springs AVS blackout taillight covers Pioneer DEH-x3800s cd player audiopipe 200 watt crossovers 4 mclaren 5x7 250 watts speakers 4 soundstream 150 watt dome tweeters Audiopipe Apcl-1000 mono amp 1-Sundown audio 15"sa Box built by concept enclosures tuned to 35 hz with spare 32hz aero ports 1-xs power 950 battery All skyhigh audio,power,ground,RCA,speaker, remote turn on I've done all this in under 6 months, I still have lots to do. I have a belltech 5.5 drop that I need to put in and a JL audio 360 amp for the door speakers. Thanks for looking at my hoopty
  13. guapman

    Sundown sa12 d2 vs d4??

    Ok I need some advice. I plan on getting a pair of sundown sa12 but don’t know if to choose the d2 or d4 I also plan on getting the sundown sae 1500d Can some help me and tell if this is a good setup! Thanks .
  14. Hi, new to this forum, so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Anyways, i recently bought a 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500HD and since i've had subs in every vehicle i've owned, i can't stand not having them now haha. So i am looking at putting 4 8" subs under the back seat in a ported box. Looking at 3 different set ups, 1) Rockford Fosgate P2D2 or D4 8s along with a P1000x1 or P1000x2 amp from RF as well. 2) Sundown Audio E8 V.5, but i'm not sure which amp, i've been told i could run the E8 D2s on a SAE-1500D @ 1 ohm and that would be my best option with those subs. 3) Sundown Audio SA 8s, but again, i don't know what ohm subs i should buy, D2 or D4, or what amp i should run with those. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. Item(s) for Sale: Used Sundown SAX 100.2 Two Channel Amplifier - 100w Per Channel Used Audioque (Now SoundQubed) AQ2200D Mono 2200 Watts Item(s) Description/Condition: Purchased in 2008, used sparingly on the last four years. The Audioque amplifier powered two 12" Fi Qs. The Sundown amplifier powered a set of Rainbow SLC 6.5 comps. Price: 250.00 for the Audioque 150.00 for the Sundown Shipping not included. Prices negotiable. Item Pictures:
  16. Hello all, I was looking for a amp for my Sundown Sa10 D4 Rev 2 sub. I was running it with a kicker zx750.1 amp but that amp finally quit on me( turns on but doesn't send signal to my sub.) . Someone recommended the Hifonics Brutus amps, so I was looking at the BRX1516.1D and the BRX1100.1D. As of this time I have a small budget due to jeep upgrades that need to be done. I have my sundown sa10 wired to 2ohms in a 1.1 cf box tuned to 32hz.