top post battery terminals

    Need a post clamp style with 4 1/0 and 2 4ga...toolmaker is on backorder..let me kno what you have
  2. n8skow

    SA-10 d2

    Needing a single SA-10 with d2 coils. Needs to be in good cosmetic and mechanical shape.
  3. L

    SA-12 d4 T/S parameters.. Broken-in?

    I'm in the process of designing a box for 2 SA 12's, 4ohm. i was wondering if anyone had the specs for them, after they were broken in? i couldnt find them anywhere. Thanks for any help!
  4. Proto amp pair - Sundown

    Proto amp pair - Sundown

  5. Proto amp pair - Sundown

    Proto amp pair - Sundown

  6. Proto amp pair - Sundown

    Proto amp pair - Sundown

  7. AcuraTL03

    2 12" Sundown Zv3 D2 w/ Nightshade Cones & HX2 DustCaps

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: Replaced the nightshade dust caps myself using Amazing Goop. 10/10 performance 8.5/10 cosmetics excess glue around dust caps. not bad though. A some scratches on the bottom of the motors from setting them down. No holes, tears, rips, anything...
  8. denim

    Sundown February Sale : "E" and "NeoPro" Series

    MODEL // REGULAR MAP // SALE PRICE   E-8 v.3 -- $95 -- $80 E-10 -- $105 -- $85 E-12 -- $110 -- $90 E-15 -- $130 -- $105 Sub Woofers - Sundown Audio - E Series - SSA STORE   NeoPro-6.5 -- $99 -- $69.99 NeoPro-8 -- $105 -- $74.99 NeoPro-10 -- $129 -- $89.99 Speakers - Sundown Audio -...
  9. snax

    Digital Designs 515b vs Sundown E15... having trouble making a decision

    Are these 2 subs comparable? I have heard a Sundown E12 that was under powered and i was impressed but i have never heard DD's entry level line of subs. Anyone hear both? The Sundown is like $125 shipped, I don't know yet on the DD, I emailed them about selling directly because my nearest...
  10. Chevy Blazin'

    Sundown SA 8" v2 (3 mths old but only used for about a mth)

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown SA 8" v2 Item(s) Description/Condition: D4 ohm, 500 rms watts, In excellent Condition 10/10 Cosmetically 10/10 Mechanically Price: $160 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be...
  11. SubieSPL_Maniac

    BEST 2 12'S FOR MONEY - FI vs, Sundown...

    Hey whats up everybody, I'm new here and i signed up because i have a lot of question and i thought there is no better place to get car audio questions answered than in a forum. so here it goes. probably the most asked question im gonna guess, but I am gonna be starting a build and im looking...
  12. C

    Help wiring new Sundowns and AQ1200.1

    i just got 2 sundown SA-10 D4's and an AQ1200.1 that im running of an old jvc hd radio head unit, and right now they arent impressing me at all. i had just some jl w1's and a 500 slash v2 before and they hit way harder so i know something is wrong. i thought to get to 1ohm it was all positives...
  13. _dontaskwhy

    saz 1500 for the low

    walked in the local money man pawn shop an they had it for $140. all i could do was :veryhapp: had to put it on layaway til i get paid thursday though :/
  14. n8skow

    Sundown SAX-100.4

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown SAX-100.4D Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, a few nicks and scratches, but not beat up. 4/3/2 Channel Bridgeable Class-AB Amplifier MOSFET PWM Power Supply Stable Into 4 Ohms Bridged or 2 Ohms Stereo Load Variable Subsonic Filter Independent 1/2 and 3/4...
  15. willfordbrimlee

    WTB SAZ-1500D or similar

    Looking to get a SAZ-1500D or something that is efficient and puts out a similar amount of power. Wanting to spend around $300 but up for any offers.
  16. denim

    Sundown Audio E-series sub woofer sale

    There is a sale on Sundown E-series sub woofers (10"/12"/15") for the month of October. Check them out here: Sub Woofers - Sundown Audio - E Series - SSA STORE  
  17. P

    Need help!! 2 Sa8 box designs!

    Okay I have 2 sa8 d4v2 subs being pushed by a saz3500. I'm wanting to tune them as low as possible. I have a 2 door ext cab ranger max deminsions(l.w.h) 28x17.5x18 Would prefer a ported over aero port. Any ideas, designs, suggestions??? Thanks
  18. neo_styles

    ANOTHER Sub Shootout/Design Question Regarding Sundown/Dayton/SSA (SQ Build)

    Yes, I know it's been discussed before and I have used the search function on here and DIYMA, but I'm looking for questions more directly related to my circumstances. Over the next year or two, I will be slowly adding onto my system in a 2006 B6 VW Passat (without Dynaudio) which is currently...
  19. P

    FS/FT sundown z15 v.3

    Item(s) for Sale: z15 v.3 sundown sub Item(s) Description/Condition: 1500 watts rms only a month old super loud and get soooo low. Price: 350$ o 3 8" perferably sa8 v2s Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: well work something out!! Item Pictures: (List pictures in this...
  20. P

    FS 3500 saz sundown lightly used with warranty

    Item(s) for Sale: 3500saz 1 month old lightly used Item(s) Description/Condition: this item is minty fresh never been pushed over 3/8 on gain still have box it came in Price: 850 it comes with the warranty and is only a few weeks old Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: shipping...
  21. cdc351jeferson

    2 sundown z 12's on crossfire cd1700

    will this amp be enough subs are 1500rms each
  22. G

    opinions on sundown SA-12 D4 and what kind of amp

    i am interested in buying a SA-12 D4 - Sundown Audio 12" 600W Dual 4-Ohm i was wondering if anyone know if just ONE has alot of bass or if i should get two? i have a 2012 honda civic coupe would one be enough or should i get two? and also would i have to change factory head unit and speakers? if...
  23. S

    WTT Custom gaming computer for amp

    I have a Custom built Intel i5 750 @ 2.67 GHZ. Running 4 GB of DDR3 ram, 250 GB 7200 RPM Barracuda Hard Drive, a Blue Ray player and a 1 GB Evga Geforce GTX 550 ti. The video card is MINI HDMI and DVI Capable(MINI HDMI INCLUDED). The PC is powered by a true 550w power supply. Surrounding the...
  24. S

    WTF Aq2200d or SAZ-2500

    Like the title said looking for AQ2200d or 3500d. Also looking for sundown SAX-2500 or higher.
  25. K

    2 SA 10s or 1 SA 12? New Here, Thanks!

    Hey guys kinda new to the forum and I was wondering what setup I should do. I was thinking of running maybe 2 SA 10s in a ported box or 1 SA - 12 in a ported box. I currently have 2 Diamond D3 10's in a ported box running off of a planet audio 1250D. Any Suggestions? Box Builds? Etc? The room...
  26. T

    Need help deciding on single 12 inch ported or single 15 inch sealed in existing box.

    Hello, brand new to this forum. Hope to get some opinions. I already have a custom build box for my Subaru Hatch that is a 2.5 cubic foot Wedge (before Sub or port displacement). I am interested in putting in either a single 12 inch DCON or Sundown ported to specs, or just going with a...
  27. willfordbrimlee

    Sundown sax 100.4D

    Looking to get this to amp up my speakers or something similar.
  28. audio141

    DD 9515 for obsidian 12s

    Item(s) for Sale: i have a dd 9515 that i would like to trade for 2 obsidian 12s blown or not it doesnt matter, also can some one give me more info on this sub like year, wattage ect email [email protected] or text 17405370904 for a quick response Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: 250...
  29. audio141

    Re xxx 15

    Item(s) for Sale: RE XXX 15 Item(s) Description/Condition: i have an RE XXX 15, its the 2004 model one lead wire has been diconnected but the other still works, its a dual 2 ohm sub but recones are only 90 bucks from FI audio Price: 300$ or ill trade for a pair of obsidian 12s or sundown...
  30. Drummer65

    FS: Sundown Audio SAZ-3500

    Item(s) for Sale: Sundown Audio SAZ-3500 Item(s) Description/Condition: 3500 Watts 1 ohm 9/10 Physical 10/10 Mechanically Amp works great. I had two of these on my 9515's but im going to downsize to 2 12's off of one 3500, so I need to sell one. Price: $650 Shipped Trades looking for a...
  31. AwesomeStranger

    Sundown Audio SA-8 v2 KILLING IT!

    LOVE this little guy, had it for about two months now. Moved it to the back seat for fun and d*** it's a little louder than in the trunk. I wont be leaving it this way for long for obvious reasons such as theft lol. If you don't like the song, get over it. Watch in 1080p
  32. Joe562MMA

    Soundstream XXX-6500D VS Sundown Audio 2500d

    ok i know the sound stream is rated more power but i just want some input from all u guys about rated power about quality of the amp an everything took-en in to consideration.. i am gonna be running 235 amp h/o alt one yellow top optima in front 2 ups 12-370fr batteries in the back 2 runs of...
  33. Joe562MMA

    Audioque hdc3 VS custom built Evo motor Dc level 5 softparts subwoofer

    i have both of these subs and the evo motor sub already has a custom built box but i plan on getting a custom box for the audioque aswell but im not sure which i should sell or bump anyone have some insight! i have an astro van so space isnt an issue also to power the sub i will be using my...
  34. Sneakysh13

    wtb 2 working or blown sundown zv2/3

    ]Product I'm looking for: looking for two used sundown z v2 or v3 dual 2 ohm configuration. Working condition. ALSO if it is blown an still has a good motor and decent basket ill also accept 2 in any configuration blown torn etc I would be willing to recone them. Also if you have blown ten...
  35. D

    WTB Sundown Audio Sa-12 Ported Box

    Need a ported box for an Sa-12.
  36. D

    Sundown Audio Sa-12 Ported Box

    Hi, i'm looking to buy a ported enclosure for my sa-12. Any sellers?
  37. D

    Pioneer Pro Champion Series vs. Sundown Audio?

    Please help me, I need to choose between these two subs and i don't know which is better. I heard they are both pretty good. If anyone ever owned these or knows about them, please help me out. Pioneer TS-W3002d2 or Sundown Audio SA-12 (D4 or D2?) What would be a good enclosure for either sub...
  38. M

    Sealed Setup - JL 12w3v3 or Sundown SA12 or ?

    I'm finally putting a system into my Bimmer and wanted some logical sound advice on some of my assumptions/decisions. One of the main goals for this build is an almost stealth system, hiding away any components with the only thing in clear site being the subwoofers. I also need to make use of...
  39. KPs02FX4

    WTB: 2 8" Sub box design.

    As the above mentioned, I'm looking for an enclosure design for 2 8" subs. Sundown SA-8s to be more specific. Its going on the top of my seat so dimensions arent an issue for room. 1cuft and under though tuned around 36 hz or whaterver is best for a musical SQ enclosure as I listen to...
  40. T

    Single ported Sundown E-12 tuning

    Hey, I am looking to build an enclosure for one Sundown E-12 in the near future. I plan on putting it into a 2.5 cubic foot enclosure. (PWK recommends an enclosure for the E-12 of at least 60L (~2.1 cu ft) for a more linear response) I also want to use a 4" aeroport (precision port) 10.25 inches...