1. Deon1818

    How loud is your system?

    I want to know if anyone has spl numbers for lower built/musical systems. I can find people's competion numbers but I want to know what people are hitting at 25 - 35 hz, not 50 hz I guess I want to know if my system is in the right place for the equipment I have or if i need to build a new box...
  2. A

    COMPLETED 15" MTX Thunder 9500 in ported box

    Have a mint condition 15" MTX Thunder 9500. This sub is a beast..sub itself weighs a ton..it's bulletproof that's for sure. Sounds good, beats very hard, and is all around my personal favorite of all the subs I've owned. 1000 watts rms rated. Is set in a ported box. Box not perfect but sub is...
  3. OptimaMURPH

    SPL upgrade time

    So I drive a small Saturn 3 door coupe. Looking to step into the spl world out of SQ. I am currently running two 12 inch LXR subs from the 80s on a precision power Sedona APA200 and Rockford punch door speakers. It just isn’t loud enough for me anymore. I’m looking to do a not crazy 10,000...
  4. W

    Will I still get a sundown x 12 to flex with a JL 600.1v3?

    I know the sundown x12 is 1500rms. I been using a jl12w7 which is 750Rms with a jL600.1v3. i totally understand I'm under powering but eventually I want to upgrade the amp to jl hd1200.1 and alternator but not anytime soon. I'm just tired off my w7 and want spl. I was wondering is there going...
  5. trainey3009

    Looking to upgrade subwoofers

    I currently have 4 12" MTX Terminators powered by a Hifonics BE35 1200.1D at 1ohm@34V. I know the MTX Terminators are budget entry subwoofers and I bought them before I knew any better. I'd like to upgrade my subwoofers to either 2 better quality 12" or a single 15" hopefully using the same...
  6. T

    Best Shallow Mount speakers for SPL?

    I'm looking to put a system in a 1989 GMC k1500 short box regular cab, but of course being a single cab it makes it much harder to find decent subs due to the limited space. I was thinking 4 12' shallow mounts behind the seat as there should be enough room along with some skar audio super...
  7. B

    New version Sa’s coming soon... nice

    Completely new version not a revision Interesting 
  8. Ricky Garcia

    Extreme No Limit build

    Going to begin an Extreme NL build. The build will be in a 1985 Plymouth Voyager. looking for some advice on anything I should know what to do and what not to do. any questions or advice will be greatly appreciated. will be probably going with 2 15’s ,not exactly what amp we’re going to use...
  9. T

    Termpro SPL Meter in Tallahassee, FL

    Just wanted to let everyone know if you live in Tallahassee area and want to see what your car meters at I have Termpro SPL meter. I don't get a chance to use the meter that much anymore so drop me a line if you want to get metered. Tate
  10. W

    Cheapest way to reach 160db?

    Hi guys, this my first post. Just like the title says, what's the cheapest way to reach 160db? I've got a toyota tundra crew cab and am taking out the back seat. I realize that doing a cheap setup like this will lose next to all sound quality, but I mostly care about spl. Thanks for your help!
  11. Eggroll

    Budget SPL Meter!

    Thoughts on this? Made by SPL Lab. Mini Bass Meter Any reviews or experiences?
  12. Jakerrr

    Objective calculations for increasing sub stage output (not a question)

    for my personal use (weighing options and considering a loud future system with the limited space I have) but I figured I might as well share it doubt anyone will get any use out of this but a few may find it interesting SA 6 8's fed >4800w : ~2.45 X SPL of 1 SA-15 on 1200w 3 10's...
  13. adulbrich

    Duct tape ans SPL

    So why does duct taping around subs increase SPL? Is it stopping air-leaks around the gasket? Just seems weird to me that people get gains from this: Read this thread that HiSPL's linked and my interest was sparked: SPL Gains!! Updates @page 30 (routing the port) - SPL - SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL...
  14. Mile-hi-audio

    question for sub builders out there.....

    How does a basket design affect a subwoofers response? For example is a 6 spoke basket louder then a 12 spoke? What about design baskets such as the Memphis mojos. Basically what I want to know is why people go with different baskets. Not really interested in hearing about ti/tc baskets, I'm...
  15. adulbrich

    Parallel wiring for higher SPL

    If you have any corrections, please let me know. I just thought I'd share this with other people. I never knew it made a difference. Also, bump if you found it helpful! Apparently, wiring in parallel instead of series is better (even to get same impedance). Cliff notes for people who are...
  16. jasonbillnelson

    Northeast Region Anyone in Southern MD with Termlab/SPL Meter?

    I recently moved to southern Maryland and am searching for a place to meter my setup. Haven't been able to make it to any shows this year.
  17. M

    SPL with Type Rs

    I was wondering what i could do to increase my db? I have a hifonics 2400.1D BRX amp w/ 2 type r 12s in a ported box facing the trunk of a Mazda 3 sedan. Right now im hitting 140.6 and its tuned at 50 hz. Trunk lid is matted now I'm working on the base of the trunk and the sides.
  18. O

    Best Box for SPL Integra

    Alright, there has been a lot of discussion and I want your opinion! For an Integra, which is the best box for an all out SPL build? (and gets low) Wall behind the driver/passenger seats Sub up, port back Sub up, port front Sub back, port back Sub front, port front
  19. B

    Need help with single cab SPL setup!!

    Hey guys, I finally made up my mind to keep my truck that's paid off and put some bang in it! I have a 2004 single cab silverado that I currently have 2 12 shallow 12s behind the seats. Honestly they just aren't cutting it anymore so I need your help designing a full out spl system. I am on a...
  20. T

    KMS event

    This is an event that is located in South Carolina Lancaster if anyone is interested. All your Car Stereo & Automotive Needs! KMS AUTO REPAIR CENTER 376 LANCASTER BY-PASS EAST LANCASTER SC 29720 Steve 803-320-3193 Call or Text Email is smkoss@comporium.net Koss MotorSports Join us...
  21. Under Pressure

    Under Pressure Audio 12.2 subwoofer torture testing.

    Was working on my truck (4th order for 18 12's built by Bassheadsent) and decided to take the good break in the weather to throw some tones on the final proto. And stretch her out a bit on video. Mind you i had been playing the sub for about 2 hours while outside. Iam in the process of having...
  22. Freeman

    obsidian 12" spl cone

    ^^^^^^^^^ anybody got one. yea yea ik they sell them just seeing if any of you guys have one sitting around. my sub decided that 1300W daily is not guna happen.
  23. Under Pressure

    Under Pressure Audio

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone while introducing myself. My name is Evan i am Owner of Under Pressure Audio located in Tampa, Florida. I am a husband of 12 years and father of 7. Lets not forget a life long basshead enthusiast. In the near future i will be releasing information...
  24. Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Yes it has begun!!
  25. Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Yes it has begun!!
  26. Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Yes it has begun!!
  27. Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Build log for Nissan Rogue

    Yes it has begun!!
  28. T

    SUB and BOX help needed

    hey guys i need some help please...! looking for a single or double sub setup that could reach over 140db please help me choose what speaker and the correct size box its going to be placed in a trunk. (nissan b12) looking at either a single 12" or double 10" or 8" woofers also recommend me...
  29. T

    "SQL" door speakers help

    I need some help choosing some door speakers for a SQL setup. I'm not entering any SQ comps. and love my music LOUD. I just want clean enjoyable sound & cant stand harsh, shrill, bright tweeters. So the more laid back the better! Just bought a IDMax v.4 15 (So stoked!!!) so they need to keep...
  30. L

    Help me pick a subwoofer! (Fi)

    My last subwoofer blew a while back and finally have the money for a new one. I have many friends with Fi sub's and i think they are amazing! I have a kenwood monoblock 9105d and a old pioneer headunit. I was looking for thoughts/opinons on a Fi subwoofer for best spl sound! I will be using a...
  31. Josef344

    Amplifers, amplifiers, amplifiers..

    Recommendations for a really good 6k rms mono amp, or anything close to it? The closer, the better.
  32. T

    What subwoofers should i get need an exper!!!?

    Hey guys i wanna get 2 15" subwoofers and was wondering out of the brands i will present which will hit the hardest as in SPL and shake my windows... my budget is $300 for 2 subwoofers and i wanna wire them to either 2 ohm or 1 ohm... once a gain looking for about 75% SPL and %25 SQ. And then...
  33. davidtemple


    . trying to find a new subwoofer line to bring into the shop... If you think something else , by all means POST in the thread what your think... thanks in advance for your time and votes...
  34. akadj

    Other Locations List Of Canadian 2013 Car Events

    lets try and get this list up and going so hopefully we can get some new/more competitors out this season!!!! you can post what ever organization you know of or show and shines.. (Iasca,Db Drag, ECT.) here's some Db Drag Racing Shows in Alberta that i know of, when i find more in any...

    T3 Audio TS 10 or 12 sub!

    Looking for one T3 Audio TS 10 or 12. (SVC or DVC) Must be 100% functional!

    quick hdc4 shirt trick

    quick video of some air movin
  37. M

    What defines a subwoofer's SQ and SPL?

    I've read that the DD 3500 poops on the JL W7 in SPL but gets pooped on in sound quality. I just don't understand how a sub can have poopy SQ but amazing SPL. Isn't the point of a subwoofer to move as much air as possible. (More air moved=louder) i thought like doir speakers are the only thing...
  38. SubieSPL_Maniac

    BEST 2 12'S FOR MONEY - FI vs, Sundown...

    Hey whats up everybody, I'm new here and i signed up because i have a lot of question and i thought there is no better place to get car audio questions answered than in a forum. so here it goes. probably the most asked question im gonna guess, but I am gonna be starting a build and im looking...
  39. B

    [system overlook] [feedback welcome]

    2000 CHEVY LUMINA STOCK HEAD UNIT STARTING POINT: 12.19.12 - (x2) SPL SP315 15" 2 OHM 5600W - (x1) SPL GLA1-3400D 3400W Max - (x1) STINGER SGN11 20W HIGH PERFORMANCE FIXED LINE OUT -(x1) 4 GAUGE PREMIUM POWER WIRE WIRING KIT 3000W -(x1) SHEET 3/4 MDF ____________________________ AFTER...
  40. davidtemple


    INCRIMINATOR or DC AUDIO ? If you would please let me know which is a better brand. Pro's and Con's Please...