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I was wondering what i could do to increase my db? I have a hifonics 2400.1D BRX amp w/ 2 type r 12s in a ported box facing the trunk of a Mazda 3 sedan. Right now im hitting 140.6 and its tuned at 50 hz. Trunk lid is matted now I'm working on the base of the trunk and the sides.

Try a 1.5-2.0 Cubes each in a 30-37Hz Slot Vent, I don't know if you will gain much more dB but it will definitely sound like better and deeper bass.

i was going to get another amp like i have now so each sub would have their own amp but i think that would put me in a higher class as well right?

If they are indeed Dual 4's and you are running them at 1-Ohm on the Amp, you are fine in terms of power. Low 140's is already pretty **** good for only 2 12's. If they are Dual 2's and at 2-Ohm on the Amp, that is your power problem. They are being powered at about Spec, though if that is the case. Putting another Amp on there and running them at 1-Ohm each on the Amp will probably just cook your subs, if they are Dual 2's.

Surprised no one said but try flipping the box around....


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And sealing it off from the trunk

I have it in 1.36 cubes in a 36Hz slot vent so make my cube larger?
That guy is borderline retarded and a scammer. Do not take his advice!

You will indeed want bigger box to get loud, but also a very big port, preferably round with large flares and you will want to tune 42hz at the lowest if you're actually trying to make numbers.

There's a guy up here that hit over 150dB with a pair of type R 12's powered by RD D9. You can get them loud but you'll need to build a box that won't play music.

Yah, go a head and take this guys advice so that you don't even want to listen to your system anymore. A nice Musical based Cabinet designed for SQL is the way to go! 3 to 3.5 overall cubes tuned to 34.6Hz in a Flared Slot Vent will sound better.
OP said he wanted to increase his DB score and mentioned worrying about being in a higher competition class if he doubled power. Please go back to trolling the classifieds with your broken POS amp and don't pretend you know what you're talking about.

The sad thing is, I do know what I'm talking about. And on top of that, I am actually way more knowledgeable in all aspects of the Acoustical Science and Art than you ever will be. You probably have never even seen a higher score than a 145 on a meter yourself or even know what it sounds like.
Just stop. You and about 3 other people are making this sinking forum worse. You may know somethings but you have already showed how dumb you are.

He will gain output by increasing airspace, thats a given. If he wants to be a true competetor he will need to tune higher and lose some bandwidth. Its that simple, you can not have it all at one time. If he can run different ports he will be set

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