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  1. E

    NVX VCW152v3 15" Box Calculations

    Hey, im having a hard time finding the info I need to build a ported box for my NVX sub. I have a MacBook and it makes it tough not being able to use winisd. Would someone with Winisd please help me out and plug in the info for my sub and get me started down the right path? the max outside...
  2. ?

    Fs and you

  3. Koltrain129

    COMPLETED Atrend Sub Box for 2 12's

    The car this was in got totaled due to front end damage. There are 4 small screw holes on the back where I had a mounted amp board. It's just been sitting and I have no plans to hook up another system for the next year or so. It's still in great shape. Specs 12" Dual Pro Series SPL Vented...
  4. Zeltergiest

    Enclosure Suggestions for Two 18's.

    I have two Zv4 18's freshly reconed and now I'm trying to do some research for the best possible enclosure that will suit my goals. In case it matters, Sundown tooled basket, NSV2 coil, Zv6 Spider. My main goal is to be able to play lows with authority and move as much air as possible. I've...
  5. A

    I want to upgrade my bass trunk for Christmas!

    So here's the deal. I have a three year old Hifonics brx-2416-1d amp (roughly 1000w rms at 2ohm) and two six year old diamond d312d2.2's (400w rms) in a sealed box .75 cu ft each. they're starved for air so i added insulation years ago, it helped a bit. This year id like to finally upgrade the...
  6. T

    Ported box help for hdc3.15

    Need help with a ported box design for my single hdc3.15. Will be going in a 98 accord coupe. 
  7. fu 750 box

    fu 750 box

    fu 750 12 2.1cfad ported box tuned at 36hz
  8. D

    Design for 12” kicker cvx in 1.75 cubic ft. @34hz

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a ported box design. Vehicle : Mini Cooper Location in the vehicle: Sub facing up, port back. Space available: Length-21in, depth-16.5in, height-15in Subwoofer make and model: Kicker cvx Subwoofer Size: 12in Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port: Slotted...

    17.5 sq in port per cube to much? trying to get design to builder so he can do it.

    the box i designing for FU 750 or at least something at that level is 2.22-2.3 cf ad (after bracing and corner boards and all) 3x13" port @35hz which make port seem large.. i have others in the 2.35 with 2.5x13 port or 2.44cf 2.75x13" port which is 14.65 sq in per cube...
  10. A

    Should this box work well for dual Skar VVXv3 10s?

    First of all, I'm new to this site, new to box building, and practically new to forums lol. I've read thousands but never interacted on them. This week I ordered 2 Skar VVX 10s. The specs call for 1.25 ft^3 sealed and 1.75^3 ported. Ported tuned to 34hz. I'm going to order a 2.5 cube sealed box...
  11. elemental design 12's

    elemental design 12's

    12 subs custom ported ., 33 hz
  12. N

    2 12" Subs in trunk of 2011 Mustang? Ported Box?

    I posted this on the mustang forums, and all the guys directed me to this forum. I'm wanting to put 2 12"s in the back of my Mustang. I'm worried that a ported box won't fit, or 2 12"s might be too much. I listen to mostly rap music so I want something that will hit pretty hard. I have the...
  13. B

    Right box?

    I am running an American Bass XLF 1244 and have it in a 1.70 cubic ft. box ported and tuned to 33Hz. The dimensions are (W) 16.62" x (H) 14.00" x (D) 17.50". Is this a sufficient box for this sub? Will it cause any damage? Or will I be fine? I'm new to this above OEM replacement stuff.
  14. N

    Enclosure Design

    I suppose this is probably a noob question, but when finding the square footage for an enclosure does the port need to be added with displacement? for example. the DC level 4 12s need 1.5^3 ft for the sub, it has a displacement of .18^3 ft. do I need to find the cubic feet for the port then add...
  15. D

    Design Questions for 2X 12" Pioneer TS-W3002D4 in 2.4 Cubic Ft @ 31 Hz Enclosure

    SO, I've done as much research as I possibly can but my brain is starting to get overwhelmed with all the info. Here is the spec list for these subs: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/Manuals/Pioneer%20TS-W3002%202502%20instruction%20manual.pdf Currently my subs are in this box...
  16. D

    2 SA 8's with a aero port box

    Hello, this will be my first box build. I designed a 1.33CU box last night. Once i calculated the port length for 1 6" aero port it said i needed a 41" port length! Now i am very confused and could not find anything useful online. Any help for a newbie? Thanks, Nolan
  17. H

    needed 15 custom made box between 32-36 hz used or new

    Its for dual 15s aq subs at least 4 cubic feet... let me know the price
  18. C

    Best way to install all of this?

    Okay for starters, I kind of know what I'm doing but I suppose that really doesn't explain a whole lot. I've installed a few systems in my days and I'm a do it yourselfer. So in my SUV I have (and don't laugh but I love it and it has great quality, features) a Dual stereo with Bluetooth that I...
  19. C

    Which box to go with?????

    Hello, I have designed two boxes and I was wondering which would perform better. The box is for 2 15" CVRs. I have pictures below. Both boxes face the back of my trunk and are tuned around 31-32 (hopefully )Hz Thanks for all your responses and please include why the box you picked is better...
  20. T

    Box Build?

    Can anybody help me build a ported box for TWO Fi BL 10's? It needs to go under the backseat of a 06 GMC extended cab. I can raise the backseat 2" if I need too. I'll pay! I just need somebody who's smarter than me to build it. or even design it!
  21. T

    NEED HELP! 2006 GMC sierra extended cab

    Hey guys I need some help. I'm fairly new to Car Audio but am already becoming a enthusiast. I want to run, preferably, a pair of Fi BL 10's ported somewhere in the range of 32-32 Hz. As you know there is not much room under the seat of a extended cab truck, but I have seen it done. This is all...
  22. H

    Need help on ported box build.

    I have 2 kenwood 3013 subs and right now i have them in a sound ordnance sealed box. i want to build a ported box for them but i need help designing one. What tuning frequency should i make it to? The suggested a ported box that has a box volume of 2 cubic feet. any one who can help?
  23. Kadori

    port placement?

    alright so im going to put 3 3" flared ports in to a a dual 15 box with 4.88 cubes, its for my polk audio mm1540s and i was wondering where i should put the ports or if it mattered. Flared Port Tube 3" ID x 11" L with 5" Flared Ends 269-165 these are the ports
  24. P

    Port Box confusion

    last time I was on I was told to turn my subs around and face then backwards, did this and they sound better now I'm looking at getting a vented box tuned to 40 hz. I have a 1000 watt R/T power amp but idk if it has a subsonic filter or even if I need one! someone please help.
  25. emilimo701

    4 cubic feet, tuned to 22 Hz, port area >= 64in^2

    The problem is that this calls for a really long port. I'm talking 80+ inches. I have a Legacy wagon, so I have a decent amount of space to work with, but I'd like to keep the box height low enough so that I can still use the retractable cargo cover for the purpose of preventing theft. The...
  26. B

    Need some design pics/ideas for a ported enclosure for a Fusion Powerplant 15...

    Okay so basically I'm about to try and build my first enclosure. I have a fusion powerplant 15 that needs a new box. Its been recommended to build something shallow-ish and ported on the top, and lay it down so the sub fires upwards and the ports face my back bumper. I'm new to designing and...
  27. Sketchup

    12" Fi SSD box

    I made this quick box in google sketchup, This is the general idea that I have. What else would I have to do or modify it to make it 33Hz or calculate the Hz. Also below are the specs for the sub. I would calculate the area of the box, but I have to go to bed soon. Even then I don't even now if...
  28. G

    ported box for tsw3002d4

    I have been wanting to build a ported box for my pioneers for some time now,I have been researching but am not finding the info I need, on size or port for the subs. I have a 95 mustang and am powering subs with a directed d2400 at the moment till I find someting a little stronger. Now I have...
  29. B

    New guy here looking for a custom box design.

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas you guys may have for me. I just recently purchased a new Kicker CVX 12 along with a superbass probox and am just not nearly as happy as I thought I'd be. (Never used a probox before and didn't know what to expect). Anyways, I listen to mostly rap and love...
  30. K

    Opinions on a box and set up?

    I have two 08 model 12" Kicker CVR's 4 ohm DVC wired down to one ohm with 8 gauge wire inside the box an to amp. Kenwood KAC 9104D Monoblock Class D Amplifier 1800 watts max, 900 watts rms at one ohm stable. I have a sony deck, 4 gauge power wire, 0 gauge ground. Also the big three upgrade. All...
  31. M

    SSA vs. AudioQue

    I'm planning on putting two 12's on my 2007 Ford Mustang Convertible. I've been looking into the 12" SSA DCON 12D4/S4 or if not, then the Street Duty SDC2.5-12-D4 Subwoofer. I don't know which one to go with or wether or not to seal the box or to port them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  32. S

    Lowering tuning of box

    Is there a way to lower the tuning of my sub box port without tearing the box apart. Here are the stats: 29W x 17.5H x 17.5D. It has a 4.5" slot vent thats tuned around 45ish. It has a bend but im not sure how long it is. The box is in my car with the sub still in it. But that doesnt matter...
  33. K

    L port design help

    So I want to make a custom box (for a jl 10w1v2-4) but I need to know if the square port length 2 if you are using reaudio's L ported speker box calculator of if "EL" if you're a jl fan can be to long. Basically can it be to long and if so how far away should it be from the box wall (so far...
  34. R

    Help tuning amp and fixing subs?

    I have one 10 inch pioneer championship series pro sub in a ported box and the bass is loud but it doesn't kick at all, i guess you call that distorted? My amp is a Pioneer mono 800 watt max, and im pretty sure it is set to 400w x 2 but i don't know how to find that out or if it is automatic...
  35. R

    I need help tuning my Pioneer audio system that sounds awful right now

    I have one 10 inch pioneer championship series pro sub in a ported box and the bass is loud but it doesn't kick at all, i guess you call that distorted? My amp is a Pioneer mono 800 watt max, and im pretty sure it is set to 400w x 2 but i don't know how to find that out or if it is automatic...
  36. My Built Ported Box

    My Built Ported Box

    This is a pic of my built ported box. How does it look?
  37. Bump in the trunk

    Bump in the trunk

  38. Ported Box

    Ported Box