1. T

    Hifonics Brutus elite 35th anniversary

    Im looking to build a setup with 2 sa12 750watt rms each and having a tough time deciding on a amp. A reputable car audio shop where i live suggest me using a hifonics brutus elite 35th edition (429.99 cad) 1700watt rms at 1ohm. I mentioned to them that hifonics has recently gone down in quality...
  2. B

    Can someone help me with settings?

    I am looking for some help with my settings. I am having trouble because I don't have any equipment to test the watts or amps. Currently, I have this settup: 2 - Audio Pipe TXX-BD2-15 15" subwoofers 1200RMS 1 - 32 hz ported enclosure 1 - Nemesis Audio Na-basspro Bass Processor 1 - Hifonics...

    Port Hole For Subwoofer Box

    Hello im planning on hooking a Skar DDX 10 inch with about 1.7 to 1.8 cubic subwoofer box. I plan on making a box underneath the rear seats on a f150 but im going to lift the seat a couple of inches. My question is ive never understanded how big or long port holes should be for a box. I've used...
  4. Louisiana_CRX

    Rare Hifonics ZED mini Collection

    Item(s) for Sale: Rare Hifonics micro amp set Hawk Falcon Eagle Item(s) Description/Condition: Nice high quality rarely seen all together especially in this condition . Three ZED Audio audiophile amplifiers these amps were 20 years ahead of their time and are loaded with high end features...
  5. A

    More Rattle Than Bass?

    I have a sundown sa-12 in a 2ft 35hz ported custom built box powered by a 1200w hifonics Zeus amp. Inside a 2000 Grand am. Lately I have been hearing the rear deck of the car, and platsics, Rattle more than I can hear the bass. The bass just doesn't fill the car like it used too. Usually it's...
  6. J

    do i need to upgrade my alterantor and/or battery

    I have decided to go with a hifonics brx2400.1 Brutus and series parallel my 2 alpine swr12d2's. That will put out 1400 watts or 700 watts per sub.... will my current electrical system be ok with these numbers? I drive a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta se.
  7. cooper1123

    Hifonics Goliath XXV 5k

    Item(s) for Sale: Hifonics Goliath XXV Item(s) Description/Condition: 5000 Watts rms @ 14.4 7600 Watts rms @ 18 Was always ran on good electrical at 14.4 at 1 ohm Same board as American Bass 500.1 In great shape for its age Only 2 really noticeable scratches Mounting feet are bent a...
  8. AtillaTheHung

    Is this amp to much?

    I just have to say thanks for helping a noob out on this forum. You guys are awesome and I come here for all my needs and searches. I finally bought a new amp for my subwoofer. I currently have a Cerwin-Vega V122D which is 450rms and the peak is 900. I recently purchased a Hifonics ZRX 1000.1d...
  9. dubstepper1000

    Hifonics Amp not supllying power to the speakers.

    I have a 1000W RMS Hifonics amp (HFI1000.1D) wired to 2 Rockford Fosgate P2's and recently, my amp stopped supplying power to the speaker terminals so i figured it was the amp, called for a replacement from Sonic Electronix and got the new one today, hooked everything up and still the EXACT...
  10. R

    Sub won't hit higher notes

    I have 1 Nvxvcw122 dual 2 ohm hooked up to a hifonics brx1200.1D at 1ohm. The system hits lower notes pretty well:veryhapp: but when it comes to higher notes it doesn't even play or barley at all. any help?
  11. M

    2007 Pontiac G6 Memphis 15" Subs hitting backwards (******* in)

    I have an 07 Pontiac G6 GT. It has the factory monsoon amp still running all the door speakers and the 6x9s. I have 2 Memphis C3 15's hooked to a Hifonics Zeus 1800 amp hooked to the factory head unit. I am tapped off the factory sub wire and it pulls the speakers in instead of blowing them...
  12. Brian21699

    Hifonics HFI 1000

    Has anyone had any luck with this amp? Does it do rated? It over powered my sub to the point of blowing the surround off the cone on music, so I'm sure it'll do at least 800 watts.
  13. L

    Hifonics Brutus Elite BE2500.1 vs American Bass VFL44801D

    I have been looking for a decent 2000+ watt amp, and I keep coming back to these two. The price seems to be right, and I haven't read any terrible reviews of either. I am looking for any input/opinions on these amps. I have experience with both brands, but it has been years (I have been out of...
  14. H

    Which hifonics to chose?

    Well I'm new to the forum so hey guys ! First off lemme say I've been reading this sight since I got into car audio back in May. I started out with using a sony amp and big floor speakers from my room lol. Now I have all these amps and decent speakers an crappy subs. What I have is decent but...
  15. sharkman

    new hifonics brutus x14 worth it?

    Ok so im still looking for an amp to power my re sx 18 d2. I keep putting it off due to life. So i was going to get the mb quart onxy 1600 but after i placed my order i got an email saying it was out of stock. Anyways i changed my mind about putting a 400 dollar amp in my truck staying in...
  16. sharkman

    did i pay too much

    So i just left the audio shop which i normally dont go to. I picked up a hifonics brutus elite 1700 and some alot of 8 gauge wire. I think about 30 feet. Dont ask me why but wasnt thinking. So it all came out too $375 out the door. I know the amp is priced around $300 but is it worth it. I can...
  17. M

    Wanted : Hifonics Brutus Bass Control Knob HFR-3 Cable or Cable + Knob

    I killed my cable for my HFR-3 Bass Control Knob for my Hifonics BRX2000.1D Brutus Amp (moved the seat just a little too far back). Anybody have a cable that works? Hifonics wants me to shell out 20 dollars plus 12 dollar shipping to buy a whole new Knob/Cable set.
  18. cooper1123

    BEEFY 5.25 Mids

    Item(s) for Sale: Old School Hifonics Zues 5.25 mids Item(s) Description/Condition: Got them brand new like 4 months ago Used them for like 2 months Drill slipped when I was putting one screw in.... went through surround (WORST FEELING EVER) Other than the tiny hole these are MINTY I love...
  19. A

    WTB -- Hifonics Bxi-2610 amp

    Already have one, looking to add another and strap them together.
  20. B

    The truth about Hifonics Brutus BRZ15D4

    I'm finally getting back into car audio. I'm starting out on about a $1200 system. Entry Level Head Unit: Alpine 147B Cross Over: Kicker Front Row Sub Amp: Brutus BRX1100.1Mono Block Mid Amp: Brutus BRX320.4 4 channel Highs Amp: Brutus BRX160.2 2 channel Sub Woofers: 2 Brutus BRZ15D4...
  21. basswiigee

    F.S.>zrx2000d mono like new

    Item(s) for Sale: HIFONICS ZRX2000.1d Item(s) Description/Condition: fully functional, look at pics about 21/2 months old Price: 160 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: on me if you pay my asking price! Item Pictures: Hifonics ZRX2000 1D Car Amplifier | eBay I will go...
  22. R

    Which Subwoofer?

    So I currently have 2 12" kicker comps. Now my question is should i switch one of these subs for a Hifonics HFi12D4. I have an 800 Watt amp. Not brand name and is a peice of ____. Will soon be powered by a kenwood 640 Watt amp.
  23. B

    Help!!! Hifonics xx-zuez

    Hi guys i need help i'm in the process of fixing my blown amp i already replaced all the mosfets but i also found another chip that i'm not really to sure what it is when i opened up my amp this chip was completely disintegrated i couldn't see the shape of it let alone the part number this is...
  24. B

    Hifonics Amps

    I'm thinking about getting a Hifonics amp, does anyone know if the ratings on their amps are the RMS rating or the peak?
  25. E

    Hifonics BRZ 1700.1d at less than 1 ohm?

    So i have an Fi Bl 18 and a Hifonics BRZ 1700.1d. i bought them from a friend and he told me he had it wired to one ohm but when i asked him what he did to wire it down, he could not remember, which made me skeptical. I have read that of the dual 2 ohm Fi Bl, the coils read an actual 1.7-1.8...
  26. E

    Should i buy this amp.

    its a Hifonics ZRX2000.4 2000W RMS 4-Channel Class A/B Zeus Series Amplifier for $225. i havent found many reviews or anything similar to it. would like to know if its a good amp for the money or if theirs something better out there around the same price. im not interested in anything class D...
  27. martiandancer31

    Hifonics XX Goliath - 5000 watts RMS, will run on 18V!! Great Shape!!

    Item(s) for Sale: Hifonics XX Goliath - probably the best series of huge Class D amps that hifonics ever made. Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, but in good condition. Cosmetically it's not perfect but it's definitely nice enough to turn some heads, and the blue lights look smexy...
  28. F

    Time for a new sound system!

    Ok, you probably get hundreds of posts like mine daily, but I searched and couldnt find anyone with my questions and my car. I have a 1994 mustang gt, and in the back I have a 1200w Sony Xplod amp: and 2 recently blown hifonics hfx12d4: inside a sealed box. I have no clue what the tuning is...
  29. _dontaskwhy

    brz1200 or apsm1500

    which amp would be better for my alpine SWR12D2? i have a yellow cap duralast, the in-line fuse is 100A and im using a stock alternator. opinions? suggestions?
  30. B

    99 Tacoma Rockford Fosgate

    Okay so this my second system really. My first system consisted of 1 Rockford Fosgate P1 12 in a sealed box on a 350watt amplifier. Wimpy yess I know. But I was 15 (almost 16) so I figured I had to start somewhere. However I have since upgraded and will continue to upgrade until I can't anymore...
  31. T

    WTB: Hifonics Amp (maybe subs)

    Looking for a 3000+ watt Hifonics amp. Need to upgrade my truck system. Been using a low-end 1000 amp i got from a buddy. If anyone has something getting rid of, or needs quick paypal cash lol, let me know, Thanks I've bought a few things over the years on here, I am instant with my payment...
  32. LuckyatVMI

    HOT Rockford Fosgate, Hifonics & Boss Deals from VMInnovations.

    Hope you all are having a great week so far! Just wanted to let you know about our car audio deals for this week listed in this page. I believe there is something for everyone. Also, be sure to use the promo code 4AUDIOFANS to show the listed prices: Rockford Fosgate P2D2-12 for 79.99 (or...
  33. M

    Hifonics or alpine

    Im split right now I'm powering two type xs in a ford explorer all power is taken care of its a ported box I was curious of your thoughts of should I go with a Hifonics 2500 Brutus elite or 2 alpine 1000 watt which one will give more power
  34. Joseph7195

    Hifonics 2610D Mono Subwoofer Amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Hifonics 2610D Mono Subwoofer Amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Amp is in complete working order with minor scrapes and scratches. 8.5/10 aesthetically, 10/10 functionality. It was used to power a couple RF T1 15's for a little while, but for the past year it's been used...
  35. M

    Hifonics Brutus BRZ12 -- Is it any good?

    Hello everyone, I'm getting ready to do a cut-through(or blow-through) box in my 04' Silverado, and I'm looking into subs for it. I'll be putting 4 12" subs in my box, and I'm really having a hard time. I am on a budget, and I've heard that Hifonics make pretty good stuff, for not so much...
  36. S

    Mb Quart Q4.150 or Discus 4125 Hifonics ZXI 150.4

    Looking for an amp that will do 200+ at 2 ohms. I don't go by what the website/manual saws I use x(Amps fusing)*13.8Volts*0.70(Class AB efficiency)= ONLY interested in FULLY/FLAWLESSY working equipment. Not so hooked on looks. Budget: REVISED Right at $140 shipped but I might be a bit...
  37. R

    blown hifonics amps for sale

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 brutus bxi606 2 brutus bxi1606d Item(s) Description/Condition: used need repair Price: 250 shipped obo for all 3 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less...
  38. S

    ZXI80.4 at a good price!!

    I'm looking for a hifonics zxi80.4 to match my zxi150.4. If the price is right i might consider a zxi40.4 as well. NOT LOOKING FOR ANY OTHER NON ZXI SERIES AMPS....right now. CONDITION: Good to New PRICE: Less than I can get a brand new one online shipped.
  39. C

    FS Hifonics 2000rms watt amp

    Item(s) for Sale: 25th anniversary Hifonics Brutus BXI2008D 2000rms watt mono amp Item(s) Description/Condition: condition 8/10 Functional 10/10 Price: $200 (free shipping today only!) Item Pictures:
  40. M

    hifonics hfi2000d no sound

    I have two kicker cvrs 12", both are 2 ohm speakers, i have them wired in series so they have a 2 ohm load I was using one of my old pioneer amps till I got my new hifonics hfi2000d in the mail the other day. I went to hook it up and the power light comes on but there is no sound. I am using an...