1. M

    3 way components

    Hi all, I have installed a custom made 3 way components. Tweeter, mid range from Hertz nd subwoofer from focal. The crossover I bought it from Chinese website(AliExpress). So will it give the same output as 3 way or will there be any disturbance? Help me out with this.
  2. T

    FOR SALE Focal Separates for Sale- K2 Power ES165K

    Asking $350, will ship for free. $849.99 at Crutchfield, see link below. Brand new in box. Bought for vehicle and changed vehicles. I am having trouble uploading pictures but can text if interested...
  3. S

    Focal speakers- swapping parts

    Hey guys, I currently have a set of focal iss 165 speakers in my truck. They sound nice but I'm looking to upgrade a bit. A friend offered to give me their focal p165 v15 woofers with crossover, he doesn't have the tweeters anymore. My question is, can i use the p165 v15 woofers and the...
  4. H

    FOR SALE AD designs 6.5 components and 3 inch mids

    I've got 2 sets of ad designs components brand new in box. And 2 sets of 3 inch mids These were bought as a high end line my shop wanted to carry, but we went another direction. I have: 1 set adcs631 6.5 components. Brand New in box $350 shipped obo 1 set adcs641 6.5 components. Missing...
  5. T

    tweeter woes with component speaker kit

    I recently bought a 2018 Mazda 6. It has a 6 speaker stock audio system: a speaker in each door and a tweeter on each A-pillar. The stock system is not great, so I ordered a component kit to replace the left and right speakers in the front doors, and maybe the tweeters if I can figure it out...
  6. A

    Focal or Morel or Alpine Components Speakers

    Hello I want to improve the audio quality in my car, diferent stores are offering to me different brand of components. I want the best audio quality, what model do you think is better? The option of speakers are: -Morel Tempo ultra 602 -Focal 165Kr -Alpine R-S65C My Car: Mercedes GL 450...
  7. S

    Having a hard time choosing 6.5 components - Infinity Perfect/ Hertz Legend/ Hertz Hi Energy/ Focal K2P

    After going in circles over and over again, researching, reading expert reviews, watching Youtube videos (for what their worth), reading up on forums...on and on, I am still stumped. I am sure this happens to just about everyone that wants the best they can get for their money. So here I am, I...
  8. Louisiana_CRX

    Focal Access 165 CA1

    Item(s) for Sale: Pair of like new Focal 6.5s Item(s) Description/Condition: Very nice sounding speakers Price: $170 shipped CONUS Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Included US Item Pictures:
  9. O

    Help with new system!

    Ok so I have had bad luck with my normal shop I have since gone to Al&eds because my original shop kept messing up. the ble my rear kapas due to gains being to high. the blew my focal k2s. after they replaced them I went to al &eds. Al &eds said I have good speakers but they sold me...
  10. B

    Thoughts on the MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 Amp or Focal AP 4340 amp

    Hi - I'm new to all this and need a 4 channel Class AB amp priced under $200. I would appreciate any thoughts on these 2 amps. I am running the Polk DB6502 and Polk Audio DB651 speakers . TIA Bob
  11. skulliwulli

    ISO: Focal FPD long mounts

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that...
  12. rlmich

    WTB FOCAL 3KRX3 3" Mids or similar

    I need a set of 3" mids and would prefer some 3KRX3's. Let me know what you have and keep in mind I would be matching them up in the front stage with some k2 5-1/4 low mids, utopia 5ws mini subs, and tn52 tweets.
  13. rlmich

    set of Focal Utopia 5WS for 3" K2 mids

    Just like the title says, I would like to trade an extra set of 5-3/4" Focal Utopia 5WS Sub/mids for a set of Focal K2 3" mids. This would be a great trade all around. Here is what I am offering. I have a set of Focal Utopia 5WS in perfect condition. The suspension is stiff and they were...
  14. rlmich

    Bnib focal expert ps165 performance series 6.75" components

    Item(s) for Sale: FOCAL EXPERT PS165 PERFORMANCE SERIES 6.75" COMPONENTS I bought two sets of these within the last few weeks but have decided to go in another direction with my build so I am definitely selling one set and might consider selling the second set. They are brand new, under...
  15. B

    Focal or not Focal? Help with deciding on a setup

    How's it going everyone? For starters I would like to point out that I am a complete noob when it comes to car audio. I haven't gotten a real chance to hear many higher end speakers, let alone be able to hear all of the different brands that I've heard about researching online. As of right now...
  16. F

    Focal Performance Expert PS 165 FX

    Item(s) for Sale: Focal Performance Expert PS 165 FX Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new in box set of Focal Performance Expert PS 165 FX 6.5in rounds [email protected] / 303-552-8292 (text preferred) Price: 300$ Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Free shipping to USA...
  17. B

    Brand New w/Warranty Focal P165 V30 components

    Focal P165 V30 Polyglass Components Brand New 30th Anniversary collectors, Full warranty until 4/1/2015! $419 obo Buyer pickup or pays shipping Item Pictures: More info on Crutchfield's website.. New member so I apologize if I make a mistake in posting. I have a solid...
  18. My truck

    My truck

    Just what I had running around in high school time to up grade
  19. jiggernaut

    67' Camaro sound system. Help

    Hi, Noob here. I'm reaching the car audio point in my camaro build. My camaro's original head unit was a GM am radio it had one 5x7 speaker in the package tray and one speaker under the front dash. I would like to upgrade and I'm bewildered in the plathora of audio equipment available. Please...
  20. N

    New setup, one problem

    I recently installed Focal 165 a1 component speakers. The tweeters sound great but the woofers sound very thin and tinny with almost no low end almost like big tweeters. They are hooked up to a Sony DSX -s300BTX head unit and Pioneer MD6500f amp. I also use a JL audio 10w1v2 subwoofer connected...
  21. J

    focal ps 165 need help rockford fosgate t400-4

    hi i curently have a set of focal ps165 components and a RF t400-4 i have channels 1 and 2 to left and right on amp and im just borderline underpowering them.. it sounds well meh... first time getting technical into car audio and not just (hey lets see if its works) i want to learn and get the...
  22. T

    Looking for an opinion on speakers (and ultimately amp combo).

    So, to say the least, it's been about 7 years since I've touched or even thought about aftermarket car audio. It's time to install a nice system though, and I'm undecided on speakers. To start, I hope to use an old amp I have been keeping in storage (tested and still works). It's an Infinity...
  23. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  24. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  25. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  26. 2000 Expedition

    2000 Expedition

  27. audio_phill

    Possibly starting my own line of woofers...

    Pondering dropping my own line of subs instead of just having me some built for my personal system, Got proto tsp's pulled, fits in its own niche, will not be flashy but is fairly clean aesthetically, and except for cone and spiders from proven platforms we are all familiar with everything else...

    Focal Polyglass 33 V1 13" subs! New!

    Item(s) for Sale: Focal Polyglass 33 V1 Subwoofers. Item(s) Description/Condition: New and fully functional! Both Subs are 9.9/10 in condition. The -0.1 is for dust particles! lol The boxes were thrown away and paperwork misplaced. The original hex screws are included. Specs: Focal...
  29. R

    FS: Single Focal 25A1 10" subwoofer

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 Focal 25A1 10" Subwoofer, never used, brand new Item(s) Description/Condition: Nice little sub, Focal makes the best in clear, acoustic audio...will still rock your trunk too in a ported enclosure, 200w RMS, 500w max. Never installed, been indoors and kept in a safe place...
  30. S

    Brand New Focal Utopia 21 WX Be - NIB

    Item(s) for Sale: Focal Utopia 21 WX Be (Brand New in Box) Item(s) Description/Condition: 21cm (8") subwoofer, Multiferrite magnet. 21 WX combines smaller dimensions and limited inner volume for deep, high-impact bass reproduction. Technical specifications Nominal impedance 4 Ohms Product...
  31. murph

    WTB: focal 6.5 components

    I am looking for a set of focal 6.5 components no 3 ways. Let me know the price and model with condition/usage of them.
  32. F

    Focal polyglass tweeter impedance

    Hi all, new to this forum... I installed the Focal polyglass 165vb component set in my car. I'm very happy with the woofers, but the tweeters are often too bright (probably because of location, but I don't want to cut or glue anything). I'm going to replace them soon, but I can't find what the...
  33. icehellion

    Boston Acoustics SPZ60

    I want to buy a set of Boston Acoustics SPZ60. Used or New, 2 Sets if the price is good.
  34. Focal 165 KRX2's

    Focal 165 KRX2's

  35. B

    fs: Focal access 690 (6x9

    Item(s) for Sale: Focal Access 690 Item(s) Description/Condition: Used item havent been abused Price: 140 shiped! Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: shipping in u.s Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less...
  36. 2003 Honda Accord Arc Audio/Jl Audio

    2003 Honda Accord Arc Audio/Jl Audio

    Arc Audio Flatline 12" 2ohm | Arc Audio Foose 1200.1 Amp | Jl Audio 300/4 Amplifier to Focal K2
  37. Blazed SS

    New Guy From Oregon

    New guy to your forum and here is a little about me and my car and system Description:2001 Monte carlo SS/HS Got this car at the end of January 20th 2010 .. LOVE THIS CAR ALL SHE NEEDED WAS SOME TLC TO BRING HER BACK UP TO SPEED High sport edition includes: Ground efx ,Leather, Dual HEATED...
  38. beach22

    Alpine type R tweets and crossovers

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine type R tweets and crossovers Item(s) Description/Condition: 9 out of 10 missing a few screws in pics but i have them in my car. Price: $40+shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:     Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture...
  39. beach22

    Diamond Audio HEX 600s Components !!!!!!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: Diamond Hex 600s components Item(s) Description/Condition: 9.5 out of 10 cosmetic and 10 out 10 mechanical * 6-1/2" 2-Way Component System * Power Handling: o Peak: 340 watts o RMS: 170 watts * Hexacone technology: Kevlar/Nomex/Honeycomb sandwich * Butyl rubber...