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  • It never told me I had a new post here... the TC 5200's are extremely low qts subs so expect to rely on box gain for low frequency reproduction. More musical than an MT for sure but they are not designed for music. Personally id not run either and would prob do a RD HW 18 GP lol.

    hey dude just the man i need to talk too. I have a few questions. Im very interested in the sub. i have a PSI re mt 18 with 2 jl audio 1000/1 and a big batt to start off with. i used to have a eclispe *** pro 18 before it got stolen. the eclispe and the tc are pretty much the same sub right? and honestly if i sell my mt and spend 500 to get the tc do you think i will get louder and deeper, i like street bass. oh and i have a yukon. reason im asking because i have a dude that really wants my mt and i really want the tc. just dont wanna spend 500 for no reason and not be satisfied. thanks for your help chris

    Thats a TC Sounds 10" LMS 4000. I wish I had never sold it
    quad stack 3/4 motor, insane SQ, 16Hz F3 in 3 cubes sealed.

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