Having a hard time choosing 6.5 components - Infinity Perfect/ Hertz Legend/ Hertz Hi Energy/ Focal K2P


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After going in circles over and over again, researching, reading expert reviews, watching Youtube videos (for what their worth), reading up on forums...on and on, I am still stumped. I am sure this happens to just about everyone that wants the best they can get for their money. So here I am, I believe I have it down to these four component sets and would like some outside input please.

I am looking for anyone that has experience with the four sets listed below (links included). My expectation/goal is to have clarity and precision at higher volumes while still providing a nice amount of midbass. 

More details:

car is a Honda S2000

amp is an Alpine PDX-V9 (100x4 & 500x1 RMS)

sub is a JL 10w3v3 

I realize there is a bit of a price disparity between the 4 of give or take $100 (the legends being on the higher end). The idea being that if the difference or performance warrants the price, I would be fine with spending the extra money. My end feeling was that their all within the ballpark of each other price wise.

http://a.co/9Q40NA2   Infinity Perfect 600 6-1/2" 2-Way

http://a.co/8g6ZUnf     Hertz Legend Mlk 165.3 2-Way

http://a.co/8j06rpH      Hertz Hi-Energy HSK 165 6.5" 2-way

http://a.co/0i5LowR     Focal K2P K2 POWER ES 165 K

And of course at the risk of further confusing myself, please feel free to throw another entry into the ring if you feel it is worth considering in the price range. 

Thanks in advance for anyone's time and input!

I think you need to hear them in vehicle to really decide. I almost went Focal based on online reputation and reviews but when I heard them, I didn't like them. I got a chance to hear my MB Quarts (10 years old now) and they had the SQ that I liked. I went to an annual car stereo event, The Texas Heatwave, and got to hear a lot of different systems all in one day. Any local shops in your town? 

I have done the same research when trying to decide the nxt component setup I  went with. I couldn't justify spending over $300 on a passive component set. I did a ton of research and was looking for some 2ohm component sets. If you have a stable 2ohm 4 channel amp I'd look into re audio xxx 6.5 component set. They were 229$ when I  bought them. Installed them and they sound great and have good midbass. The 6.5 is massive. Im sold on them check out the reviews ofcourse. I have my 1 pair at 175rms and it plays great. Umm....sonic electronix and just check out the reviews. 

Knowing what I  know now. I would have saved money and had better quality and gone active. It's  cheaper and better quality as long as you know what ur doing.

Ya No so .. All the above mentioned are quality and will be splitting hairs to decide between them .

I personally have the Focal es 165 kx2 and am happy with them , play loud, no distortion and very dynamic and high sensitivity.   

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