tweeter woes with component speaker kit

ttubrag Newbie
I recently bought a 2018 Mazda 6. It has a 6 speaker stock audio system: a speaker in each door and a tweeter on each A-pillar. The stock system is not great, so I ordered a component kit to replace the left and right speakers in the front doors, and maybe the tweeters if I can figure it out. The kit is FOCAL ISS 165 that I got from Crutchfield. I swapped the woofers with the door speakers and everything seemed to be alright, they perform well and the soundstage is definitely improved. I left the tweeters and crossovers and other stuff in the box for another time.

However, in the week or so since I've had them in the car, I've had a spike in tinnitus (the high-frequency buzz in my ears). I've been using the speakers very lightly, even restricting myself to classical music and talk radio at low volumes since the tinnitus became noticeable. 

For some reason, maybe superstition (I don't know much about how car audio works), I have this weird idea that something about the wiring of the car and replacement of the speakers has caused the factory tweeters to bombard me with high-frequencies and causing the discomfort. Today, I took a day trip with my family (1 1/2 hours each way) and my ears feel really fatigued and very buzzy, which has led me to decide that I'm going to put the factory woofers back in and see if it helps. 

Am I being foolish, or is there a possibility that this tinkering I did is causing some weird sonic blast to my brain?


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