box design

  1. L

    box advice

    made up a 1:6 scale mock up of my box that I'm planning on making the red is the cuts and the rulers are showing the scale length Class A/B 4-Channel Full-Range Car Amplifier 60 x 4 RMS @4 OHM 1200 Watts GEN-X Full-Range Class D 4-Channel Amplifier 4 x 300 Watts Rms @ 4-ohm 10FR300 x4 D230Ti-S...
  2. B

    Box design for dual xfl 12-44

    i want to buy a design for my 2 American Bass xfl 12-44 I saw a similar post with a design thats 17"H but i need a 14"H box so i'm looking for a Front slot ported box 33 hz and about 2700watts 1ohm 38"W 14"H 24"D going to be facing rear in trunk of my sedan if that helps Any help would be...
  3. L

    6 12 box measurements

    I’m wanting to put 6 12s in a 9 cu ft ported box. How would I got about finding the dimensions of it
  4. mrpep

    Please help with w7 10” box design

    I just bought a used w7 in a ported box that actually sounds pretty good. Thing is it’s a bit punchy for my taste. The box is 14x15x17 and the port is maybe 2”. I usually like 2 c/ft for a 12 at about 32 to 34 hz so I’m thinking that either a longer box like 28” with a larger port maybe 3” might...
  5. badboy1898

    Box Design

    I'm getting a pair of Pioneer TS-W304R 12" and I need help designing a box for them. It’s going to be placed in a 2000 Suzuki XL7.
  6. T

    Design question for Alpine Type R 12" in 2 cubic feet @29 Hz Enclosure

    Vehicle : Astra G Location in the vehicle: In the Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): ? Subwoofer make and model: Alpine type r Subwoofer Size: 12 " Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot What type of music do you like?: hip hop , rap , rock Is...
  7. mike12

    2 Sundown sa 12s Ported enclosure design help!

    So i recently got a bc2000d amp to power two sundown sa12s and my current box isnt cutting it. I have a 2011 ford focus ses. I wold like to stick with a sealed off trunk design with subs and ports facing into the car. Types of music i like is pretty wide i listen to rock, metal, new pop and...
  8. nyoc

    Design Needed for American Bass XFL 1522 in 3.5 Cubic Ft @ 30 Hz Enclosure Slot Port

    Vehicle : 2006 Dodge Stratus Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 22" x 36" x 22" Subwoofer make and model: American Bass XFL 1522 Subwoofer Size: 15" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot What type of music do you...
  9. C

    NEED HELP 2 12" kicker L5 solobaric box

    Vehicle : 99 civic si coupe Location in the vehicle: trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height):30in x 40in x 17in Subwoofer make and model: kicker solobaric L5 Subwoofer Size: 12in Number of Subwoofers:2 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.):slot What type of music do you...
  10. I

    Box Design 1 Dc XL m2 15 4.5 Cubes? 4th order? Aero port?

    Any input is appreciated, thanks Vehicle : 2000 Eclipse Space available : ( Depth 22 x Width 32 x Height 16.5) Subwoofer make and model: 1 Dc XL m2 15 on 3k Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Need help! Everyday Music Tuning Freq : 31-32 Hz ? Volume : 4 cubes? Dc says Atleast 3...
  11. G

    Dual 12" subwoofer ported box design.

    I whipped this up in SolidWorks. Its going to hold two Alpine SWA-12S4 BassLine subs and it will be in the trunk of my 1998 Cadillac Deville. Will this design work? I believe the dimensions are correct for 33 Hz tuning. Any advice would be great. Dual 12" ported Subwoofer box - Album on Imgur
  12. okurk5

    HELP on box build! 2 12s

    Help on build please!.. okay I have a 4 door chevy 2000 blazer, I have 2 db drive okur k5 12s dual 2 ohm 1500 peak 750 rms, I would like to make these things hit really low? I was going to build them in a really big band pass type with a 6" aero port? but people are telling me that they...
  13. D

    Design Questions for 2X 12" Pioneer TS-W3002D4 in 2.4 Cubic Ft @ 31 Hz Enclosure

    SO, I've done as much research as I possibly can but my brain is starting to get overwhelmed with all the info. Here is the spec list for these subs: Currently my subs are in this box...
  14. O

    db Graph Explanation

    Could somebody please explain the following graph to me? What type of curve (color of line) should I try to achieve with box designs?
  15. B

    Help designing a box for a soundqubed 15"

    I am pretty new to the whole box designing but im going to give it a shot. My max trunk space in my hatchback ford freestyle is H:20-24 W:40 D:16 Soundqubed recommends a 40 hz tuning, but what iv heard I want a lower tuning, maybe 32 to 35 ( I listen to rap and metal) This is what I have...
  16. SirPudge

    Fi BL18 Ported Box Design Help

    Vehicle : 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LT Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 30 x 36.5 x 16(Might have to be lower to fit) Subwoofer make and model: Fi BL18 Subwoofer Size: 18" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Slot, on...
  17. H

    Box designer website/ port

    Anyone know of a good box designer site and where should I have my box tuned to for good spl or where should it be tuned to for lots of movement
  18. Boboblittz

    RE *** 15 inch box design

    Hey guys, I've got an RE se X 15 inch sub and I was wondering if you had any general ideas for a box, i was thinking around 4 cubic foot ported tuned to 27hz but any ideas at all are appreciated. Size doesn't necessarily matter but it will eventually be in the trunk or back seat of a 97 buick...
  19. L

    I need a box designed and built

    Hello everybody, I'm going to buy either the FI SSD 15 or 18. Can somebody point me in the direction to where I can get a custom ported box desighned and built for the sub. Thank you
  20. C

    need help for enclosure design for a 15" kicker comp vr for best spl

    Vehicle :97 honda accord sedan Location in the vehicle:trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height):current box dimensions are 36"x18"x17" Subwoofer make and model:kicker comp vr Subwoofer Size:15" Number of Subwoofers:1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.):slot What type of music...
  21. B

    Design Help Please: 15" TC 5200 in 4 Cubic Ft @ 28-32Hz

    Vehicle : 2001 Volvo s80 Location in the vehicle: Trunk (Possibly forward facing?) Space available (Depth x Width x Height): 14.5"D x 39"W x 16"H (All measurements are MAX) Subwoofer make and model: TC Sounds (TC-5200) Subwoofer Size: 15" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot...
  22. N

    American Bass HD12 box help

    I am buying an AB HD12 and i am trying to figure out a box design to build my own. My trunk has a max width of 35 inches and max height of 15 inches. From what I've seen (correct me if I'm wrong I am new to this) I want it to be around 3 c.f and tuned to 32hz, as I like the low's haha. Any help...
  23. Tshaffe

    Box design for 1 Re audio sxx 10" help

    I'm trying to build a box for my RE audio sxx 10. I just want to make a simple L port enclosure. It needs to be around 1.25 cu ft and tuned to about 34 hz. I designed one on re box calculator than read this calculator is not accurate. I need help designing this! I tried some other design things...
  24. S

    Building 1st box.. 2 12" XFL's on a Phantom 4000md

    I want to go with something that will have the least amount of rattle in my trunk.. I've already put a layer of sound deadener in my trunk and trunk lid.. Now all that rattles is my bumper and roof.. Anyway.. I wanted to go with subs face up and ported into trunk.. or even ported into the cabin...
  25. B

    Sealed box design?

    How thick should a sealed box be for 3 Zv3's 12's and should the box be a common chamber??
  26. S

    box design help please

    I recently bought two p3 12's 600 rms. I think I want them in a box tuned to 35 Hz. I can't go any wider than 36" and no taller than 18". I don't understand anything on the calculators. Please help. Picture or something.
  27. J


    I'm attempting to design and build my own box to fit the specific needs of my truck. My question is does anyone know the effect having to speakers back to back (causing them to push each other away) would have on sub themselves, and the sound quality it would produce? The box that i intend to...
  28. palolomike26

    Box design help!!

    box for a soundstream xxx 18 off 3000 watts and trying something new dont know how it will end up.. goals is to play lows with decent highs sub will be facing upward and port shooting foward... lookn for anyones imput on how they think it will perform
  29. M

    About to make a thread about box design? READ THIS FIRST! :)

    Hello there! If you clicked this thread it is because you are considering making a thread asking about a box design! (Or you are wondering, what's this thread about?) Well I am here today to help you and make your box designing dreams become a reality! Follow these 4 easy steps to correctly...
  30. G

    Box Design/Blueprints- Single 12 vvx

    Just looking for a simple ported box design for a single 12 vvx. This is gonna be my first attempt at building a box, so the simpler you make it for me, the more its worth to me. Vehicle-2004 Honda Civic Coupe Ported- Unsure of slot or aero...whichever is simplest I guess. Max Dimensions-...
  31. P

    Need help!! 2 Sa8 box designs!

    Okay I have 2 sa8 d4v2 subs being pushed by a saz3500. I'm wanting to tune them as low as possible. I have a 2 door ext cab ranger max deminsions(l.w.h) 28x17.5x18 Would prefer a ported over aero port. Any ideas, designs, suggestions??? Thanks
  32. M

    Box Design

    I am thinking of building this box for my Alpine type R 12s they are dual 4 ohm VCs wired @ 1 Ohm to a RF 1000.1BD amp. can anyone tell me the cubes and let me know what the approx tuning would be? I **** at WinISD and bassbox pro was no help either. thanx
  33. tundra1221

    check my design?

    just need some opinions on my box....want it tuned to 35 hz 3.5 cubic feet each for dc 15" level 4's gonna fiberglass resin whole inside of box and fiberglass mat the corners so they are a lil rounded any feed back helps thanks
  34. M

    need help with box design

    i need a box design that will fit in the back of a 09 g5 the max hight i can go is 16 inches and about 40 wide. it needs to fit 3 10" subs and be ported thanks to any helpers
  35. Moble Enclosurs

    New store items available!!!!!!!!!!

    I am working diligently to create over 250 NEW DESIGNS in the MOBILE STORE ranging from many different types of subwoofers for all sizes currently available on the market. If you want to check out what there is to offer, please visit STORE - Mobile Enclosures - Custom subwoofer boxes for the...
  36. kickersubs4life

    HELP! box design for 2 15 in L5s......

    I just bought 2 dual 2 ohm 15 in kicker L5s and I want to build a vented box for them. I don't know if I can fit it in my trunk though. I have 37.5 in-width 17 in-height 26 in-depth. Could someone help me figure out a box design for my trunk! I would like to tune the port to 30 htz. Any help...
  37. puppet_1211

    Buck knows his stuff

    buck knows his stuff if u need a box designed to fit ur ride contact him he knows what hes doing just got my designs frum him a few minutes ago and i kant wait to start the build this weekend
  38. puppet_1211

    need to buy a box

    i need a box built for 2 12'' kicker cvr (07' cvr124) i have a dodge ram 1500 single cab so im kinda limited on room and i would like to know how much this would cost and the shipping to north carolina? and i want MORE than 1 ft of air space mabie ported
  39. M

    Help me design my box :)

    I tried to design a box on this program but... im not sure if these dimensions will work very well at all. it should be about 3.5ft^3 total minus the ports and 5/8 wall divideing the subs. I was planning on putting to cvr 12's in it. i've built a couple boxes before, but this is my box so i...
  40. V

    mx18 box for Titan cab.

    I finally get my license back in febuary, which means I will start driving around again. I currently have 2 sx10s in but I am no where close to being satisfied. Im really looking for the good low bass, like found in Late Night Tip or Right Above It, thats my favorite kind. If you think this is...