About to make a thread about box design? READ THIS FIRST! :)


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Hello there! If you clicked this thread it is because you are considering making a thread asking about a box design! (Or you are wondering, what's this thread about?)

Well I am here today to help you and make your box designing dreams become a reality! Follow these 4 easy steps to correctly pose the question "Is this a good design for a box?" By following these steps other members will be able to better assist you in your goals!

STEP 1 (Research):

Research! Hop on Google and find your manufactures recommendations for the enclosure. Go up in the search bar of this fine forum and search! You will be surprised to find that someone has probably already asked "How good is sub xxx tuned to 34 hz?" And whats awesome is if you do some snooping you can see if they made a build thread, and then find out how well their plan turned out! You can even PM the person and get their opinions on how it turned out! that's the best part of an online community.

STEP 2 (Answer "The List"):

Check out this cool list below! These are the type of questions that people are going to ask about your box design goals when you make a thread! So have them ready up front! Copy and paste this list to your new thread and fill in the blanks! If you are not sure on an answer simply put a question mark (" ? ") in that space! That way members will be able to provide the best answers for your questions! (See something I should add? PM Me please!)

The list:

Vehicle :

Location in the vehicle:

Space available (Length x Width x Height):

Subwoofer make and model:

Subwoofer Size:

Number of Subwoofers:

Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.):

What type of music do you like?:

Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?:

Tuning Freq (Hz):

Volume :


STEP 3 (Make a good thread title):

Now that you have your list filled out go ahead and make a thread, but I strongly encourage you to put as much info about your design in the thread title. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step! By putting information about the thread you are making in the thread title someone will be able to much more easily search for your thread! And not only that more people are likely to respond to your thread as they will be like: "Oh an Fi BTL, I had one of those, I''m gonna help this dude out!" Here is my recommendation for a format of your thread title:

Recommended Thread Title: Design Questions for : (Subwoofer Size) (Subwoofer Manufacturer) (Subwoofer Series) in (Cubic Volume) (@Tuning Freq) Enclosure

Here is a sample using the above format: "Design Questions for 12" Fi BTL in 2.5 Cubic Ft @ 34 Hz Enclosure"

Trust me, if you take the time to have a good thread title, it will attract much more interest and help! Again, if you don't know the freq you want to use or any other part of the tile just leave it out! For love of all that is holy DO NOT make a thread title "Box help" Thread titles like that are the devil!

STEP 4 (Do more research!):

As the answers start rolling in keep researching! There are plenty of useful tools out their for designing! Part of the fun of this whole hobby is learning how to do things! Then you can impress your friends and make boxes for others! LEARN LEARN LEARN!

These videos are just a sample of what you can find on youtube that may help!

I hope you enjoyed this thread! With these steps you are on your way to getting accurate answers to your questions from the members of this forum! And not only that you are bettering the forum by allowing information to be more easily found! Take care and stay loud!

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Thats the plan! Nothing negative I just don't think a lot of people know the important specs to give when requesting assistance! I don't mind if someone asks for help but when they don't even put what size subwoofer and the thread title is "Box design" they are not going to get the help they desire. Not only that, like I metioned above, the more that people apply good titles to threads the more that this forum becomes a valuable asset!



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I did stick this. Lets try and keep the amount of posting in here to a minimum if we can though, I would rather not lock it so alterations or updates can be made if required.



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Here is an example of what a member on here did, all from reviewing this thread.

He went from this (prefab box //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/thumbsdown.gif.d22f25895e9b40f2300c953691dacfa2.gif)


To this! //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/cool.gif.3bcaf8f141236c00f8044d07150e34f7.gif




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Thx for helping a noob! [emoji1360][emoji1365]

Still searching for "Best overall everything to put in a 2005 CC Nissan Titan for an audiophile" [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

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