1. L

    Faulty amp

    Hi, I recently purchased my first mono car amp (Raveland XMA 650) that doesn't work with an goal to fix it. When I first tried to power it it would draw a lot of current and do nothing but light up it's power led... when I opened it I found a small cap that got blown up so I replaced it, after...
  2. W

    Can you damage a subwoofer by Putting your hand up against it while it’s playing ?

    Hey just installed a brand new audio system in my car which included a Clarion 12” dual 4ohm coils sub at 500Rms. Had my amp tuned by a professional shop yesterday to finish the install. Sub worked perfectly and today I showed a friend, popped the trunk and he put his hand up against the sub...
  3. AJStaples

    Destroyed sub in 3 minutes why??

    Like 10 years ago I bought 2 Polk DB1040DVC subs. They are 50-270w rms. They've been sitting new in box since I never got around to buying an amp or whatever. I ponied up a couple dollars and at crutchfields recommendation, grabbed a pioneer GM-DX874 4/3/2 ch amp. I connected front door...
  4. A

    Subs/Amp blowing fuse

    So I've had this problem for a couple months now, I've got 2x12 inch MTX Terminator subs (I know they're not the greatest) and every few weeks, usually when a song has some hard low frequency bass, the fuse that is connected to the power wire under my hood will blow, causing the subs to stop...
  5. S

    Help! Sub not acting right. Is it blown?

    Okay so I’ve had this Sundown Audio SA-10 v2 in my car for about 1-2 years. It’s been running at 1000 watts rms which is 250 over spec however everything I read up on said these subs could take way more than that. Anyways here in the past few days the sub had been cutting out making very little...
  6. D

    Blown subwoofer

    I have Crunch GPV 2100.1 amp Polk Audio db1222 woofers. I think I have blown woofer because both woofers stop randomly and one of them has a rattle at certain frequencies, and when they stop working i gently move the rattly one up/down or in/out and they start working again. I assume they were...
  7. motochrome

    I just blew my brand new head unit (Blaupunkt Toronto 420BT)!

    I haven't had a "system" in over twenty years, and was REALLY enjoying finally having this for the three days it lasted. I'm bummed. I pulled up to a stop-light and it just quit. I didn't smell anything that resembles "electrical smoke", but the display went dark and it wouldn't turn on...
  8. B

    Why won't my radio make sound?

    I have an aftermarket radio and amp in my truck. Everything was working fine but I had to move my power cord that went to my amp. When I did it touched my truck. It sparked. It blew the fuse in the cord and I replaced it. Bit now my radio won't work. It come on and lights up but no sound comes...
  9. S

    amp repair

    I have a blown mtx 500 watt d class amp, and my friend has an expensive rockford 500 watt 2 channel amp. I tried repairing both of these amps, replacing all 8 transistors in my d class, 7 of which were blown, and replacing 4 transistors in the rockford amp, all 4 of those being melted and...
  10. T

    Do it yourself wire checking

    One of the speakers in my 2011 Volkswagen Jetta will sometimes sound like it's blown. It also cuts out completely at times and another speak did the same but only once. At first I thought the speaker was blown, but 50% of the time it sounds perfectly normal and very clear. I'm guessing a wire...
  11. P

    Blown Subwoofer

    I just picked up a pair of MTX Thunder 8000's wired them up, and listened to them. They appeared to not be getting enough power from my ATX 1600.2 amp. So i though i would bridge one. Me being new to car audio did not know how to bridge an amp. i have since then learned my mistake. when i wired...
  12. R

    blown hifonics amps for sale

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 brutus bxi606 2 brutus bxi1606d Item(s) Description/Condition: used need repair Price: 250 shipped obo for all 3 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less...
  13. P

    Speakers to replace the C2s

    Hey guys, I have a Clarion touchscreen headunit, and a 90W RMS X4 amp powering my JL C2 speakers. I have found that the speakers are starting to get a bit scratchy in the higher frequencies. I am guessing that I am overpowering them a bit too much and maybe have cooked them. Anyway, I was...
  14. M

    What's wrOng with my radio/speakers?

    Are my speakers blown in my maxima? I've got it on max volume (31) and it sounds like it's on 5 or so, and it's crackling and the back ones don't work at all. I've had it for about a month now and just haven't had time to fool with it or take it anywhere but I hate not having a radio. Please help.
  15. M

    Two subs different rms

    I know this might have been asked before but I had two 4 ohm Rockford fosgate p1s and my amp blew takin one sub with it, idk how, but I bought a new amp a jl audio j2 500 and my friend gave me a Alpine Type E. Both speakers are 4 ohms but the rockford has a rms or 150 and the alpine is 250...
  16. M

    WTB: Blown Memphis/Crossfire Amplifiers

    I am looking to purchase a blown 2 channel M class memphis amplifier and a Crossfire Mono Block amplifier. If you have one available, please specify the problem with the amp and a price shipped to 53143. Thank you.
  17. B

    Brand New Alpine S-Series Component speaker makes popping noise when being used

    My front right channel speaker is an Alpine S-Series 6.5" Component speaker which is connected to the JVC KD-R900 Head unit no amps. When ever i try to play any music slightly loud or with any bass in it the speaker begins to crackle or pop. It isn't soo loud that you can't hear the music but it...
  18. T

    Second JL 12w7 broken?

    I bought a second 12w7 on ebay and after pulling out my first I noticed that the my second 12w7 (which I bought used for $230 shipped) seems to be sunken in or more relaxed compared to my first 12w7. Does that mean that its just well broken in or does it mean its on its way out? here are some...
  19. R

    Pioneer Amp, blowing multiple subwoofers..

    Ok so I'm kind of pissed first of all that I spent a lot of time typing this out already like 4 days ago and it never even posted on the site.. so I'll try again but a quick explanation. My Pioneer amp keeps blowing subwoofers, gone through three, below is the power ratings and what I'm using...
  20. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD broken kicker zx 400.1

    I have a kicker zx400.1 for sale rated at 200rms at 4ohms and 400rms at 2ohms but the catch is that its broken. Hooked it up once to test bought it went to hook it up 3 hours later and nothing. Dont know what the problem is, could just be a fuse I really have no idea and there is nothing...
  21. T

    2 ts-w3002d2 subs no idea for a good box

    i have no clue what to u se for a box its recomended box size dosent seem to let the sub play out all the freq. of a full bass line what should i use? also i am useing a bamf5500 amp i am running it at 2ohms and the subs are getting really hot and giveing em a nasty smell at high volume it...
  22. T

    2 ts-w3002d2 subs lost for a box

    i have a dual poerted box with 1.6 cubic feet on each chamber (combined chambers no devider in the port) it hits great at higher bass but when it goes to low bass lines the sound almost goes out but the subs are really pushing a large excursion they get extreamly hot to after loud and long runs...
  23. M

    Amp trouble!!!!!

    About 2 weeks ago while driving my subs would on then you couldnt hear any bass then it would come back on. It kept doing on off thing. I would turn the music up and nothing. turned it down and nothing. Then all of a sudden you hear bass then it goes away. I thought it was my amp going into...
  24. J

    SOLD Rockford Fosgate T30001BD HUGE!REPAIR!

    I am selling my Rockford Fosgate T30001BD mono amplifier that is a MONSTER!This amp is rated at 3000 watts RMS @ 1 ohm and will push any sub out there.Its overall in good condition but someone has painted the top black but still looks pretty nice.It has some marks here and there.This amp powers...
  25. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD 2 12" eclipse motor/baskets

    selling 2 motors and baskets both from the same eclipse subs. not really sure on the model or anything but if anyones interested throw me an offer. also open to trades.
  26. domllama

    SOLD Blown Atomic 3000.1 - outputs not working? Taking best offer...

    $200 shipped with no warranty implied AS-IS. Amp goes into protect mode, still gets power...have no time or will to get it repaired- I will take best offer. this was bought from ampjunkielikeme in 10/2009 email me at for quick reply Looking to get sold this weekend so throw...
  27. tprice07

    WTB" JL 12W7 clamp ring or blown 12w7 with clamp ring

    I bought a JL 12w7 a few months ago but it didnt come with the aluminum clamp ring i would like to purchase a blown 12w7 or cheap one or just the clamp ring if anyone has any of these please post here or pm me. thanks!
  28. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD 3 Amps for parts/repair

    I have three amps and im not really sure whats wrong with any of them but they are just sitting around collecting dust so im trying to make some money back on them. The first one is a kenwood kac-9102D and im not even sure if its broken or not but the power light doesnt turn on. Second amp is...