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Hi, I recently purchased my first mono car amp (Raveland XMA 650) that doesn't work with an goal to fix it. When I first tried to power it it would draw a lot of current and do nothing but light up it's power led... when I opened it I found a small cap that got blown up so I replaced it, after that it stopped drawing a lot of current and the protect light came on... so I kept inspecting the board to find one of mosfet labeled TIP36C has all three pins shorted and so I replaced it and the mosfet next to it labeled TIP35C with BD249C and BD250C (I should mention that on the other side of the board there is another pair of TIP36C and TIP35C that I didn't replace because they test fine). After this the protect led stopped glowing but all I can get from the amp when I power it is that the speaker goes all the way up and stays like that... no sound or anything else. I have been looking online for some help but can't seem to find anyone with the same problem and I don't have an oscilloscope like every youtube video uses. So I was wondering if there was someone who could at least point me into the right direction or that maybe already knows what could cause this type of an issue , anyways any help is appreciated :3

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