I need to know if I need a high output alternator


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Hello car audiophiles, this is my first ever forum thread anywhere. I'm just wandering if I need to upgrade my alternator to a "high output", and if so, what amperage would I need. My setup currently is a 02 Buick LeSabre, with a 800cca battery from advance Auto, with a PSI platform 3 12 inch sub, dvc 2 ohm that pushes 3000w. The amp I'm trying to use is a soundstream 8000w.1d. the amp pushes 4000w rms at 1 ohm. I tried using my current wiring setup(4 guage and all stock electrical wiring) and when I did the amp kept blinking into protect mode and making a very loud distinct whine through the speakers. When I felt the amp, it was as hot as a firecracker, and so was the 4 guage power wire. Please help someone





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Hey mate.

Most car stock system will handle up to 1000rms and anything more than that, modifications / additions has to be done to accommodate the electrical demands from your big power amplifiers. 

In your scenario, you will need to;

  • upgrade your alternator;
  • do the big three;
  • upgrade to O gauge power/ground wires, ( which you may already have)
  • add secondary battery to meet your current amperage demands;( would have to be Optima or any high performance battery will high CCA) dry cell, marine) etc..
  • if you are unsure, visit a car audio shop and show them your current setup so, they may be able to steer you which additional gear you need/ and need to add on;
  • Avoid running your current system as it poses a risk to your cars electrical system and to you and your passengers. 
There is a reason why your amps turns into a barbecue hotplate, its because it lacks the reserve current it needs to run the amp efficiently.  Personally, I would not be using your sound system until you get this sorted out as continued usage could cost you more 'dosh' in the long run so do yourself a favour and either;

  • stop using your sound system;
  • take the big amp out and run a smaller one say, 1000 rms monoblock until you get the upgrades done;
Since you are using big power, then you have to supply the current demands to your system, and theres no short cut around it.  Not doing so will induce a risk factor to your rides electrical system not to mention in worst case scenario, your vehicle could catch fire :uhoh:

Better to be safe then sorry in this case! :graduate:

Let us know how you go mate!

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