Xtant amps, Never used, 2200i, 4180C, 2140C


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Item(s) for Sale:

Xtant 2200I 2x100 @ 4 Ohms

Xtant 4180C 4x45 @ 4 Ohms

Xtant 2140C 2x70 @ 4 Ohms

Item(s) Description/Condition:

I bought these from a dealer in I believe 1998 and then between school and medical issues the install was never finished and these have been living in closets since then. Time for them to go to someone who will use them. They have never been mounted and I have never hooked them up. They are still in the boxes as you will see in the picture.

The only cosmetic issues are with the 2140C and 4180C in that the badges are missing.

The 2200i and 4180C still have the protective coating on the top cover.


2200i 200.00

4180c 225.00

2140c 175.00

Due to being unable to find comps for these amps in this condition I am somewhat guessing on a value. I will consider reasonable offers and obviously a package deal is possible.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Shipping is no problem, I will charge only exact shipping cost of whatever type the buyer chooses.

Money order and paypal accepted. If a local deal (located in orlando Fl) then obviously cash works as well.

While I am very new here and have not had any transactions, I do have a large number on another site that I will gladly provide upon request to potential buyers.

Item Pictures:

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