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I have a Memphis Audio PRX1000.1 powering two Sundown EV3 10'S. Subs are wired to a 1 ohm load. So the issue I keep have reaccuring is the amp will suddenly quit providing output to the subs, when this happens I can reach back and literally just touch the amp with my hand or even just a finger tip and output comes back and subs start playing.  The blue status light never changes to red or cuts off or anything just stays blue as if everything is fine. Amp isn't hot to the touch, no popping or chirping or anything issues with the sound when it is playing.  There is no pattern as to when the issue occurs. I could be sitting still in my drive way this it just cuts off, driving down the road, music up loud, or music playing on low. Then just reach back and touch it and they kick back on. I've also noticed this issue while adjusting knobs on the amp, like I'll tweek the LPF and it'll stop, touch the knob again with the tip of the screwdriver or something and it'll kick back on. It's extremely annoying and this is my second amp being that I exchanged the one right before it (same make and model amp) because it had issues. I know it's got good ground I recently just added a new dedicated grounding post just for it. 

So my question is, has anyone had similar issues I'm having before with this or any other type of amp?  If so did they ever figure out and/or solve the issue? 



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Sounds like something could be loose inside of the amp. Check all of your wiring connections and make sure they are tight. Where is the amp grounded to?



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Is your amp mounted on your sub box? I've read that vibrations can rattle components loose in your amp, though have not had it happen personally. I'm having a similar issue with my MTX 6500D, only mine comes on and off on its own, regardless of how hard I hit it. I would try (am trying) to figure out exactly what is going on when it quits. Check all your connections; make sure all connections are metal-to-metal. Check voltage on your RCA's and remote wire when you lose audio to rule out your deck, and make sure your RCA's fit tightly on both the deck terminals and amp terminals. Check for voltage on your amp's output terminals when you lose audio.

As ThatPurpleKush suggested: check your ground. Do you get shocked when you reach back and touch it?

Hope this helps.

- Joe


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i place my flag in the "check your ground" camp. On both ends too. How did you connect your ground to the chassis? If its a self tapping sheetmetal screw, youre gonna wanna redo that shit
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