RCA from headunit to amp?


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Apr 23, 2019
Hey guys, I need some help regarding to the RCA outputs for my headunit, it’s a Sony WX-GT90B. It’s got an inbuilt amp but I’m using a 2 channel pioneer amp for my sub. However, my headunit is confusing me quite a bit, it’s got 6 RCA Outputs, the one I’m looking at plugging into is labeled “Sub”, but the RCA Colours are the same (see picture). What does that mean?, does it correlate with the red/white ones next to it?, I’m unsure what it means so any help would be greatly appreciated.






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Jul 24, 2005
The red/white are just a reference for left/right. You'll see L and R on there to.

Sub= to RCA sub output

Front= front RCA output

Rear is for rear speakers RCA  output

Sub ch doesn't matter if it's same color or like the rest. As long as you plug in the right RCA's to matching pre outs, your good.


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