1. W

    1500-2000rms 12 inch sub recommendations

    I am looking for a good 12 inch sub 1500-2000 rms for my center console. I currently have a skar sdr 10 which isn't enough for me. Amp is a wolfram c.2400 on stock 160 alt which would be upgraded. Battery is and XS power S3400 with big 3 upgrade. I mainly listen to country, rebassed country, and...
  2. J

    Electrical Help

    Hello there, I am currently running a Skar ZVXv2 12 on an RP-2000 in my 2010 Honda Accord Coupe. This is not my first system I’ve run but I’ve been running into an electrical issue, primarily voltage drops. I’m currently running a stock alternator (which I believe is 135 a for my car), 1/0 gauge...
  3. T

    Fuse per alternator recomendation or amp recomendation?

    SO... I have a Mechman 370a alternator and they recommend I use a 400a fuses. However DC recommends using a 300a fuses for a 3.5k amp. My question is what size should I use? It seems to me a 400a but I am not sure on this. This is my first install so I appreciate any and all help from you...
  4. M

    Car Audio System Keeps Killing My Battery

    Hello I’ve had my audio setup for a while now with no issues until last week. Went to leave my house and car won’t start because the battery is dead. Figured I had a bad battery because it was pretty old so I got a new one. Next day battery was dead again. So I unhooked my 2 amps and jumped my...
  5. NateF

    Too much power draw?

    I've never had battery or alternator problems til I hooked up my system in a Honda. I never used a capacitor until I put my system in a Honda. My brother thinks I need to get a high output alternator because im trying to run too much power. I need some help/suggestions if I should try to find a...
  6. A

    2015 Fusion - 270 amp alternator - future build help!!!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this group and ran into an issue that i cant find many answers on. So I have a 2015 fusion that i already installed an upgraded 270A alternator on. I plan to install a crescendo 5500 with a 15" Fi BTL. Before starting obviously i wanted to do the big 3. This is where things...
  7. S

    Planning a new setup?

    Hey, there. So I'm planning to buy a new system. nothing too extreme. Planning to go with about 1000w RMS. So i found this Pioneer amp: Seems like a great deal. It rates 1200w RMS @ 1 ohm (not stated at this website, tho)...
  8. P

    Help with alternator/battery upgrade

    Hi people, first post here and I'm building my first system. I will be running an Orion XTR-2500.1Dz amp powering an HCCA 12" black coil sub. I've currently got a 150a alternator on the stock electrical in my Mk7 transit sport. My question is what alternator/battery combo will I need. The amp is...
  9. Deluxe_Fox

    Alternator whine

    I have tried so many things but none worked so far. I have a JVC KW-DB93BT and a McHammer Mystic 5.1 amp. When i connect 1 RCA cable to my amp from my head unit there is no whine, but as soon as i put in the other RCA cable into the head unit alternator noise starts coming from the speakers that...
  10. Michael Poole

    Wiring 2 alternators to completely separate batteries

    Hey guys I'm brand new to this forum and need a little help. I apologize up front if this question has already been answered. If so please shoot me a link. I've scoped the internet far and wide and can't find a good answer. Anyway, let's get to the point. I'm in the works of new audio build and...
  11. A


    So I'm intrested in two Soundstream T5.122 Tarantula T5 Series 2,000 Watt 12″ Subwoofers each is rated at 1,000 RMS. I used the amplifier slection tool on . I know I want a class D mono amplifier and I want...
  12. D

    Looking for a high output alternator for my 2018 Toyota Tacoma

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me. Im looking for a high output alternator for my truck. I have an Orion HCCA 5000.1 powering 4 Sundown Audio 12's and a HCCA 2000.4 for the doors.
  13. Jerkyson

    Voltage limiter for amps?

    So I got a question. Ever since I got a high output alternator there are certain songs that manage to throw my amps into protection. I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out what it is ever since I got it, checking connections and everything I could think of and I finally figured it...
  14. S

    Need help with available power??

    I have a 2000 dodge caravan that I've been slowly turning into a (nice) car. and I recently upgraded the alternator to a 130amp because the original was a 70amp piece of garbage. I want to wire up some interior lights and also some extra charging ports for the back seats. but i'm not sure how...
  15. C

    H/O alternator questions

    Not ready to pull the trigger yet but wanted to get some answers for future electrical upgrades. When I am looking for a h/o alternator for my car do I have to be looking for vehicle specific alternators or are they interchangeable among some vehicles? It sounds like a stupid question but I...
  16. B

    Voltage Drop Solvency

    Hi, I am having some pretty serious voltage drop in my system. I am dropping from around 14.6v to as low as 10v...the power to my bass is being cut out at these points when it tries to hit hard, or my lights dim. My last set of woofers(MTX roadthunder series) where able to run half the RMS my...
  17. B

    Voltage Drop Solvency

    Hi, I am having some pretty serious voltage drop in my system. I am dropping from around 14.6v to as low as 10v...the power to my bass is being cut out at these points when it tries to hit hard, or my lights dim. My last set of woofers(MTX roadthunder series) where able to run half the RMS my...
  18. M

    I need help

    So I've been looking everywhere for a high output alternator for my car and NO ONE makes them. I have a 2010 Ford Escape 3.0L
  19. Z

    Quality 2000W Amplifier

    I need to find a good ~2000W amp for my two alpine type R's. As far as electricity is concerned, I have a 145A alternator, should I consider a HO or should I be safe with 2000W as long as its clean electricity?
  20. R

    WIll Biig 3 help?

    I have a 2008 honda civic, with factory Alternator. when im listening to music too loud the amp sometimes cuts off and my subs stop for a few seconds then comes back on and repeats. i was wondering if the big 3 upgrade would actually help with the factory Alternator, or would i need to replace...
  21. O

    Alternator Clamp Test Issues

    I'm trying to get a solid clamp test on my alternator, however, I'm getting a very funny reading that isn't making any sense (to me at least). I have two 1/0 runs and a stock run going from alt to hood battery. I'm placing my Klein CL2000 around all three runs just before the hood battery. The...
  22. R

    Alternator Whine

    Alternator Whine Description I have very very slight whine when my front channel amp is connected. But when I add my tweets and rear channel amp into the mix the whine becomes outrageous. Equipment Headunit: Kenwood dpx500bt Equalizer: Clarion eqs746 RCA: KnuKonceptz Bassik 2 Channel 5...
  23. SkwurlyFab

    Major problems with Iraggi Alternator that was damaged during transit.

    Let me start off by saying that that I’ve been a customer of Iraggi Alternator for over 5 years now and have purchased two HO alts from him, both with lifetime warranties added. During that time I have had to send them in for repair on three separate occasions due to breakage. I have paid for...
  24. adulbrich

    GM HO alternators

    Hey, I'm looking to buy more high output alternators for my truck. I've got $430 cash right now. To trade, I have: Five group 49 Exide Edge batteries, each 80 ah. About 6 months old and well maintained 12v XS Power battery charger. Minty fresh Taramps 20k owned and signed by Taylor Fade. Got...
  25. adulbrich

    24v alternator

    Just found this by accident, and thought it was pretty cool: 24V 150 Amp Dual Spool GM High Output Alternator « DC Power Engineering Blog You could just run two 12v batteries in series. Are there any amps that are 24v stable? I know some Koreans are 18v stable and there are extremely high...
  26. W

    HO alternator vs Battery upgrade?

    I'm sure this question has been around alot but weirdly enough i feel like i have never gotten a super clear answer. Firstly, what powers my amps when the car is running and if it's the alternator then is it really ONLY the alt that runs the power? Second, i have been hearing a few times that...
  27. Eggroll

    Prob quitting car audio...

    Finally got my DC 320 alternator yesterday from DC power. Install went perfect, no skipping belt or nothing, car turned on perfect, everything worked fine. The only difference I found was now the "check battery" light was on, but everything seemed good. Today I wired down the bc2000d to .5 ohm...
  28. O

    USAlternators: what's the word?

    I've seen a lot of discussion recently around H/O alternators and specific brands. Some customer reveiws have been awseome, and some have been not so awesome (catching on fire). When I was in the process of building my first big build, I did countless hours of research on Mechman, Ohio Gen...
  29. Eggroll

    1/0 knu for 320 alt?

    If everything fits well and goes as planned, I should receive my dc power 320 alt on monday the 29th. If I already have 1/0 ofc knu fused going from + stock alt to + battery and same for - alt to - battery, and supposedly the average amps for 1/0 is 300, should I add a second run for + and - for...
  30. B

    FOR SALE DC POWER 270XP Alternator 420$

    I had originally bought and ran a dual alternator setup on my 04 cadillac escalade however the 2nd alternator robbed more HP than i preferred so i removed it, basically it was used for a grand total of around 5 hrs and then went back into the box these retail for 600$ w/o shipping and will fit...
  31. V

    Suggest me an AMP

    Im thinking about running 2 sundown sa-12s in a custom box with aeroport. ill most likely have to buy an after market battery and alternator if anyone is selling a 200+ amp alternator to fit a 2010 mazda 3 sport hatchback. However, im thinking about a number of possible amps. so far im leaning...
  32. checketts4344

    VW system help!

    I've got a 2005.5 VW JETTA 2.5 MKV fully loaded and a kenwood ddx419 double din. Cannot wait to hook up my system but I need some help so I don't cause problems. My amp is an Alpine mrp-m2000 very nice powerful efficient amp but my problem is my stock charging system. Looking for any help or...
  33. bluelake08

    looking to buy a mechman alternator for 1998 cherokee 4.0l 6 cyl. fuel inj.

    must be in 100% working condition and made to fit my jeep exactly.
  34. heimsothe

    Power solution? Upgrade battery or get HO alternator

    My car is an 06 Mazda 3, with the stock 90 amp alt. I am looking to upgrade my subs from two Type S 12's to two Type R 12's and and running 2000w rms @ 1 ohm with a soundqubed q1-2200d. The thing is I'm nervous that with how my car is currently setup it may not run that safely or properly, so my...
  35. f1mclarenagr

    DC Power Inc 270A Alternator 02 Accord/ Acura CL *Extras!

    Item(s) for Sale: 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator for: 1998 -2002 Honda Accord 2.3L I4 F23A 1998 -2002 Acura CL 2.3L I4 F23A Output Voltage 14.4 Idle Amperage 190 Hot Idle Amperage @ 200ºF 170 Max Amperage 270 Hot Max Amperage @ 200ºF 240 Full Specs ***Also including - 0 gauge Knu...
  36. sharkman

    need alt help for 1990 ford bronco

    Ok i know alot people say stay away from the ebay alternators which says they can put out 200+ for under $190. I hear they are junk and avoid. Then i see the reviews and dont know what to think. I know most people will buy these and never actually get them tested and say they work great. I...
  37. R

    What size alternator do I need?

    Kicker zx750.1 2 kicker cvr12 @ 2ohm (800rms 1600 peak) I have a 98 civic with the stock alternator. According to honda its 75A which just isn't cutting it. Headlights and all accessory light dim pretty badly and I had to unhook the woofers because I think it killed my battery over time...
  38. adulbrich

    Before I buy it tonight

    A few weeks ago I completely killed my stock battery. It won't hold a charge anymore. After I get a new battery, I'm starting on my next install. I'm running a visonik v4000xd that uses the same board as the MA audio HK4000d. Here are the rated figures, which I have read are accurate: Rms Power...
  39. L

    Please Help! Power Problems: Alternator/Batteries

    Hi there, i am in urgent need of an answer, i have been on the research for ages and cannot find a decent answer. I need to find a method to sufficiently power the system without necessarily replacing the alternator for a high output one. My situation is, i have a ford falcon 2005, it runs a...
  40. O

    Acura Integra Big 3 Upgrade & Alternator Swap

    Just finished putting in my new AlterStart 170 amp alternator and XS Power Big 3 upgrade. Check out the video to see it all powered up. I love this alternator and big 3!