1. Brassmonkey

    Advice and help - could it be head unit?

    Looking for some help - recently got a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser - i think I’m 3rd or 4th owner. This is what I know Upon arrival I could see that there was an aftermarket Kenwood KDC-HD545U Head Unit installed - I believe it’s a 2010 model. 4 speakers two fronts two rears And abandoned wires...
  2. BrentJones

    21 Kia seltos wiring inquiry

    21 Kia Seltos Objective - Change the 4 stock speakers, add 2 amps, and sub. Would like to use the factory wiring harness’ in the doors to the speakers. Tap in to the main harness inside the cabin to run to the converter>amps>then back. Inquiry - The front door speakers are set up in a...
  3. C

    Sub wiring via rear speakers vs RCA

    Hi Everyone, I have an active JL Audio sub (ACS112LG-TW1) wired via rear speakers in my VW Tiguan. The original head unit did not have the RCA connectors, therefore, wiring via the rear speakers was the easiest option. This setup seems to have the drawback that it often requires adjusting the...
  4. R

    Wire door/deck speakers to amp?

    Running 4 pioneer 6x8" (75w rms ea) (2) in my front doors and (2) in the back deck powered by a pioneer sphBT10 50w. I also built a board and placed (3) 6.5" prv's (100w rms ea) in my back seat (seats lay down for trunk access). When I had my prv's connected to a taramps ts400x4 4 ch amp, it was...
  5. DonJohnson

    Car Stereo wiring help

    Hey guys, I am attempting to swap out old aftermarket stereo with new stereo. The existing wiring is a bit of a nightmare. I am not sure what the wires heading off to the right and left are for. Perhaps the wire to the right goes to battery for constant power but what are the wires going...
  6. S

    2010 Lincoln MKX Crossovers?

    Good Morning everyone, I have a 2010 Lincoln MKX with the factory THX audio and factory amplifier. My front doors are factory component speakers and I am replacing them with Morel Tempo Ultra 572 component speakers. In the door, there are no factory crossovers, but I do believe that the amp is...
  7. G

    Big 3 + to alt fuse?

    I know there are some threads on this already but I’m looking for a specific answer regarding my setup, I’m doing a big 3 upgrade with 4 awg wire, should I fuse the battery to alternator wire, and what size/type considering 4 awg, also I’m not replacing factory wiring just adding to it, any help...
  8. L

    Radio will not power

    Ok so I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty and I finally got the chance to get a new radio. I bought a boss audio system elite from auto zone and I got everything else I need. The wiring harness and such, did all the shit and connected the wires to the color it was supposed to go to and it will not power...
  9. E

    Mg marvel r bose amp wiring help

    Hi. I will be trying to hook up an amp and subwoofer in the Mg marvel r with the Bose sound system. Does anyone happen to know which color the +- on left and right rear speaker is?
  10. Jakezacb

    Need clarification with capacitor wiring

    Let me start with some back story. The photo attached is of my 2x 10" kicker subwoofers, 600 watt kicker amp, and a 2.5F capacitor. This went in my 2013 mini cooper and worked amazingly well for the year i had it in there. I have since sold the coop as multiple, EXPENSIVE, problems arose but i...
  11. M

    Should I use the double power input my amp brought?

    So first off I’m extremely new to anything in the electrical/sound world and all I’ve done is off intuition and very small amounts of verification from a friend who works with sound equipment occasionally. Now on to the main topic. I used to have a 1500W Machete amp powering a Machete M12v2D2...
  12. 8Wetsounds Rev 10”

    8Wetsounds Rev 10”

  13. 2

    Speakers not working - Help!

    Hello, I bought this truck and all 4 door speakers don't seem to work. My small speakers on top of the dash do work, but I noticed later on, that the door speakers weren't working. I know absolutely nothing about vehicle wiring so maybe one of you can help me out. Thank you in advance! I'm...
  14. C

    Wiring a DVC as one ohm.

    I have a mono amp, with two outputs (one channel), and a dual voice coil 2 ohm subwoofer. (Which I assume means each voice coil is 2 ohms.) I was looking at this wiring diagram to make it act as one ohm, and was wondering if this affected the power I can put to it? I want it to be one ohm so my...
  15. Tylerrr01

    Blown and Melted Fuse Block

    For starters here is my setup Subwoofers: 2 10” Kicker Comp R’s 800 watts (peak) per sub 400 watts (rms) per sub Amp: Lanzar Heritage Amp 2000 watt 2-channel bridgeable Ran with a 9.5mm power wire which I believe is 4 gauge. So my issue is whenever I listen to music with the subs if I play...
  16. J

    Hardwiring an inverter into an audio system circuit?

    Whenever I can get my hands on a 2022 Subaru BRZ, I plan on installing a custom audio system before I drive it from sea to shining sea next summer (moving from New Hampshire to Arizona). I would like to hardwire an inverter inside, to have that added security and convenience for the trip (and...
  17. H

    Should i use preamp Outputs??

    I'm currently in the process of installing an avh 2300nex into my car and just removed the factory stereo. but I'm confused to if I should use the pre amp out puts or no, because the speaker do work if I connect the power supple wires to the stereo and the seem fine.... I don't wanna go into too...
  18. J

    Help with simple 12V, Ground, & Remote Wire Connections

    I have no idea how I am supposed to put my wires in here (third pic) with that metal thing that seems to be in the way. Is there a certain connector or adapter I need? If so please help and tell me what I need to get? This is the only help I need. Thank you.
  19. R

    Kenwood excelsior KDC-X704 wiring issues

    I decided to wire my old kenwood into an older suburban, after having a few hiccups, I finally get the radio on, but the only thing it does is say “miswiring, check wiring, then power on” could it say that because I didn’t plug in the antenna cable? Or did I mess something up? Tomorrow I’m gonna...
  20. Jimbo1227

    High output alternator help

    What’s up all. I installed a mechman 370 on my f150. Now I’m getting a charging system light and my headlights are flickering even when radio and everything are off. My voltage also doesn’t stay steady even at idle it goes up and down from about 13.3 to 15.4. No idea what the hell it is. I’ve...
  21. D


    about 6 months ago I replaced the speakers in my 04 ram 3500. and now only one of them works i took the speakers out and there's still power too them and i tried putting it back in and rewiring it but still nothing so i am wondering what could be causing those 3 to have stopped working they have...
  22. A

    Alpine Single Din vs Double Din Connecter

    Hey there everyone, Have a dumb question and wanted to get some help before I purchased anything. I currently have a single din CDE-164BT (https://www.crutchfield.com/S-9KSVbGGeQ3l/p_500CDE164B/Alpine-CDE-164BT.html) installed in my 93 MR2 Turbo. Purchased the correct harness and everything is...
  23. Tim21Va

    1 Ohm or 2 Ohm load? Confused.

    I've been trying to help a friend hook up some DVC 2-Ohm CVX's to a mono amp for the past 2 weeks, but it seems that old amp isnt working(one pictured MTX 1500..old Jackhammer amp) so I am going to use my old amp, T-1500bdcp Rockford Power that used to be hooked up to the subs. Here is my...
  24. N

    installation help

    this is what i’m working with! i’m not sure how to wire it up to get the right ohms or anything along those lines can someone help me out by answering these questions? will this amp support the sub? is the capisitor going to effect my sub or be beneficial? can you draw a wiring diagram to send...
  25. B

    Help with dvc sub wiring

    I have a lanzar vibe 800 watt amp with four channels, the lowest impedance is 2 ohm, is bridgeable at 4 ohms. The subs are 2 4ohm dvc IX-12s. I am looking for the best sound quality and efficiency. Any help appreciated!
  26. pshutt

    2017 Ford Sony Rear Sub Upgrade

    Hi. I recently bought a Rockville USS10 to upgrade the bass in my 2017 Escape Titanium with the Sony Sound System and SYNC3. I got it connected to the battery and to the ground, but I do not know exactly what to do to get the sub connected to the stock media player. All I want is to get the new...
  27. David88

    Installing Component Speakers - Genesis Coupe

    Hey all. I'm not experienced with audio equipment and I've come across some issues with my installation process. Car : 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Rspec 3.8L (Without upgraded sound from factory) Head Unit: Sony XAV-AX1000 Mono Amp: Phoenix Gold d.1000 Subwoofers: Phoenix Gold 12in 500 watt RMS...
  28. E

    Radio goes off at high volume

    Hey guys, I just installed a new Kenwood Bt778Hd head unit in my 1993 Trans Am. When the car is in accessory mode and not running, I can turn the volume up as loud as I want with no issue. However, when the car is running, If i play it too loud , after a minute or 2, all audio will go off but...
  29. T

    HELP! 2010 Subaru legacy head unit wiring

    So I got an aftermarket stereo for my 2010 Subaru legacy, the harness adapter it came with is a 14 pin, and the one that's already on the car looks like a 16 pin. I'm trying to figure out what the best way to wire in the new head unit would be. Do I just cut the wires and try to connect them to...
  30. Venku

    Utterly new, help!

    I have a 340 Watt 2/1 channel amp hooked up to 2 12" subs. I am going from Stock radio with a LOC to the amp. I decided because power and ground were easily accessed in the dash to put the LOC there. Spliced into the harness for the speakers. Ran the AV cables back to the amp. Here's my issue...
  31. L

    Power Acoustik Razor RZR1-2500D at 1ohm..???

    I got this RZR1-2500D mono amp rated for a min. of 2ohm, but will it run at 1ohm (with no issues) if I were to wire up my 12” Kicker compr 2ohm dual voice coils for a 1ohm load? Not able to spend any money currently and not trying to blow up my amp or sub fr.. Any help or maybe someone who has...
  32. I

    Subwoofers get quite then loud again

    hey i have a simple question with Hopefully a simple answer now the setup I have going is not practical I know i know that I don't have them running in a efficient way but any how I have taramps hd3000 1 ohm to a power acoustic mofo 122x dvc 2ohm @ 4ohm and a rockville db15 running a power...
  33. Jgrif593

    Monoblock Amp with Two Sets of Terminals wired Parallel

    I have a Skar RP-800.1D, it is a monoblock with 2 sets of speaker terminals. I know that this is for easier wiring/ more space for wires. My question is when I wire this into my DVC sub, can I just run + to +, + to +, - to -, and - to -, and would this end up as parallel wiring? -For any...
  34. Walk1141

    Voltage loss

    Hello, I am currently working on my second audio install and my amp isn't wanting to turn on. I have checked with my multimeter the voltage coming from the power wire and the remote wire while the car is on and it shows 14+ volts. But as soon as I connect the blue remote turn on wire to the...
  35. Hags222

    Basic question about calculating RMS and total wattage of my set up

    This question may be quite straight forward, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. I am new to this forum but I found the formula to ballpark estimate my total amperage. I do not understand one part. When you calculate this, do you add up the total RMS of the amplifier AND the subwoofers it will...
  36. A

    Subs/Amp blowing fuse

    So I've had this problem for a couple months now, I've got 2x12 inch MTX Terminator subs (I know they're not the greatest) and every few weeks, usually when a song has some hard low frequency bass, the fuse that is connected to the power wire under my hood will blow, causing the subs to stop...
  37. B

    I need some help

    So I don’t know why or how but when I plug both rcas into the amp they distort the sub and when I have only one it will play one sub crystal clear and I don’t know what to do from here any help would be appreciated thanks
  38. S

    Link Factory Display with new Head Display

    I just installed a new head unit JVC KD-S29 in my 08 Ford Focus which has an existing display separate from the factory radio unit I was wondering if there is any way to link my new head unit display to the factory display. Also I used a single din head with no harness adapter instead of the...
  39. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  40. B

    Head unit keeps blowing fuses

    Hi everyone, I installed a cheap head unit ( unsure of the brand at the moment ) both in my wife’s car and mine. Everything worked fine for a little while in my 98 4runner and then one day all of a sudden there was just no power to the radio. I pulled the unit out and checked the 15 amp fuse...