1. B

    I need some help

    So I don’t know why or how but when I plug both rcas into the amp they distort the sub and when I have only one it will play one sub crystal clear and I don’t know what to do from here any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. S

    Link Factory Display with new Head Display

    I just installed a new head unit JVC KD-S29 in my 08 Ford Focus which has an existing display separate from the factory radio unit I was wondering if there is any way to link my new head unit display to the factory display. Also I used a single din head with no harness adapter instead of the...
  3. eric_marciniak

    Why is my car still dropping RPM's when the bass hits?

    So to start things off I have a 2008 Infiniti G35X with the stock head unit with an Alpine MRX-M100 mono amp hooked up using pre-amp the signal going to stock Bose amp, a Singer 200 amp alternator, AGM battery, DC Audio Level 2 wired at 2 ohms and 0 gauge Knukoncepts OFC power and ground. I...
  4. B

    Head unit keeps blowing fuses

    Hi everyone, I installed a cheap head unit ( unsure of the brand at the moment ) both in my wife’s car and mine. Everything worked fine for a little while in my 98 4runner and then one day all of a sudden there was just no power to the radio. I pulled the unit out and checked the 15 amp fuse...
  5. I

    OK to add two devices to existing fuse tap?

    First, Ford F-150 Fuse #23 (10A) Details: Power driven rear glass switch. [Not Implemented] Inverter. Driver side window. Moonroof. [Not Implemented] Vista roof. [Not Implemented] I currently have a Dashcam wired into a fuse tap to fuse #23 10A in my interior truck fuse box. Can devices...
  6. Z

    Rolled down my window in the drive thru and my front left speaker stopped working.

    Yesterday night I finished up putting my new sound system in my car. I was playing with it to find my sweet spot this morning and I went to get some food and as I rolled my window down to order, my speakers just suddenly stopped. I was wondering if I just nicked the wires or should I be more...
  7. T

    PLEASE HELP!Head unit requires ACC switch on ignition?!

    So basically I have a pioneer 5100nex model head unit in my 2001 Audi A6 and I’m trying to figure out if the head unit is messed up or if it’s something else. The instructions for installing the head unit say that it can NOT be installed in a vehicle without an ACC switch on the ignition and my...
  8. S

    Wiring subwoofers with different ohm voice coils together

    I have a kenwood 9104d amp. I did some research on it and it says it does 900 rms at 2 ohms and is regulated down to a lil over 900 at 1 ohm .I had dual 12 punch p3s (2ohm) and wound up blowing 1 of them. my friend gave me a power acoustic gothic. It's a 4ohm dvc. I know it's not good to have...
  9. J

    Need opinions and info on sail panel tweeters and speaker amp

    I currently have a 2005 Mazda 3 sp23 and I currently have a kicker compr 12" sub with an Alpine amp, pioneer A-series 6x8 in front and rear, a Kenwood dpx303mbt head unit, and factory sail panel tweeters. I wanted to put a kicker keysmart amp to the speakers but do I need anything for the...
  10. K

    Amp turns on when head unit is off

    Okay so Im new to this and I bought an suv with a system in it and it was all professionally installed but sold the existing system for something smaller, anyways so I installed these ds18 12’s with a ds18 amp and and hooked up everything and when I turned on my suv i noticed the amp never...
  11. B

    Help Please! Signal being sent to sub when volume at 0

    Hey guys, I'm running a Skar RP1200, MTX 7512-22 @ 1 Ohm and an Audio Control LC2i. I just did the install while keeping the factory head unit in my 2016 Ford Focus ST. I spliced into the factory wire harness coming from the factory Sony amp to grab signal from the front speakers (using solder...
  12. Blake Vandercar

    How to wire 2 2-ohm dual-coil subwoofers to create a 2-ohm load?

    So I can either wire each sub’s coils in parallel to create 1 ohm each, then wire the subs in series to create a total of 2 ohm load. OR I can wire each sub’s coils in series to create 4 ohms each, then wire the subs in parallel to create a total of 2 ohm load. Does it matter which way I go with?
  13. G

    Poor Wiring is now my problem HELP!!

    I bought a 2007 scion Tc that has an aftermarket Pioneer HU installed and I wanted to replace it with a newer Kenwood HU. The previous owner had payed for an install of an amp and 2 subs which sound great. When I swapped the 2 radios I am unable to get the amp and sub to power on. I am assuming...
  14. Tom Keyte

    Help wiring amp & head unit to leisure battery

    Hi, thanks in advance for any help. I've added a leisure battery to my van, using the wiring in this video: https://youtu.be/oOQHe_cZtI4?t=1044 I have this amp: https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-pioneer-gm-d8704_p-41014.htm and this head...
  15. P

    Capacitor Question (amp, inverter, dist. block)

    Okay here is the scenario. I am starting a build next month. I’m doing this one for a family member and they have a conversion van because my family member recently became handicapped.  They love a decent sound system seems to be a genetic thing haha, anyway all this started with a need for 120...
  16. J

    No negative wiring from original Head Unit...

    I am in the process of replace the factory head unit (sony no nav) with another head unit (power acoustik with nav) and when I went to create a wiring harness, I noticed there were no negative speaker connections coming from original head unit.. So my question is, should I ground the ones coming...
  17. B

    Subwoofer randomly fluctuates up in volume.

    Hey, all I recently just installed an Alpine type S 12" sub in my 2013 Ford Police Interceptor. While I'm driving, the sub randomly spikes up in volume, and then does back down again. There's no coherent pattern that would link it to acceleration or braking. Some context: Ive got a Clarion...
  18. H

    Im doing everything wrong plz halp

    So I bought the cheapest car around and of course, it has a crap sound system. fortunately, I had 2 pair of speakers laying around: - PIONEER TS-R6951S 400W 3-Way (this one I want to put in the back) - Boston exl-60c 25w RMS 220w (and these ones in rear passenger seats) and I plan to buy...
  19. C

    Rear door speakers in 93 Accord EX?

    Hi! So my current setup are Dual 6x9 200w rear deck and Dual 5.25 in the front doors. I’m wanting to know if it would be possible to mount 6x9 speakers in the rear doors and splice them to existing wires. Would this cause any issues with power to my speakers?   Would doing this result in...
  20. varano_ohms

    Crossover -- Wiring -- Amplifier

    Hello, I would like to know how to connect a crossover to the amplifier. there are 2 crossovers that have 2 way and 3 way they have in+ and in- and for tweeters, sub and medium. thanks regards
  21. O

    I Know Nothing and need help

    Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like...
  22. J

    2007 Highlander / Sony XAV - AX100 install - steering wheel control help

    I ordered the head unit, wiring harness from crutchfield as well as a little controller module thing and another harness so the steering wheel controls will work. However, looking at the instructions provided by crutchfield, it says that both of the wiring harnesses need to connect to the...
  23. L

    Need Help with wiring questions Thanks

    If anyone can lend some knowledge please help out . i have an aftermarket stereo with recently upgraded door speakers , now I am trying to install a 5 channel amp and subwoofer so I could boost all the door speakers and also power my subwoofer.  I’m pretty confused on which wires have to run...
  24. Christina Tipton

    New Car & Stereo - Unsure Which Adapter Is Needed

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me find the right adaptor for my car stereo. It’s my first car, a Volkswagen Beetle 2001, and the stereo is a Sony one (see photos). The previous stereo was taken out of the car so I’m not sure if I have all the right wires to get this one set up. I’ve attached...
  25. S

    Two Separate Sub Boxes - Wiring Help

    I have two separate Kicker compR loaded enclosures, both 2 ohms 500 rms. I currently have one set up and am looking for a new amp to wire up the other, looking around i can't find anyone talking about how to wire this considering its an enclosure, i was wondering how they would be set up using a...
  26. U

    Subwoofers producing no bass..?

    Okay so basically right now my setup consists of a sundown u12 and it's wired to 1ohm I've even checked this with a multimeter the amp is a hiphonics Zeus zxx-1800.1d mono amp. My voltages stay around 14-11 when playing music (I know I know) and im getting nothing out of this speaker. It's rated...
  27. Michael Poole

    Wiring 2 alternators to completely separate batteries

    Hey guys I'm brand new to this forum and need a little help. I apologize up front if this question has already been answered. If so please shoot me a link. I've scoped the internet far and wide and can't find a good answer. Anyway, let's get to the point. I'm in the works of new audio build and...
  28. N

    4-Channel Amp Wired to 1 Sub Continually Overheats

    Hello friends. My amp and sub setup in my trunk works well except that the amp overheats regularly. It's a 4-channel amp, so I have two options for wiring the sub: bridged and unbridged. When it's unbridged, it's weak but it doesn't overheat as much. When it's bridged it sounds awesome but...
  29. B

    Power Wire Expansion

    Background: About four or five years ago I installed a pair of American Bass XD-10s wired to two ohms, powered by a Precision Power BK 1300.1D wired up with 4G Knu Koncepts. Relatively soon after installing, my enclosure slid across my trunk and the amp was ripped off of its mounts (two broke...
  30. C

    please help with wiring

    I have the nvx jad 800 4 channel amp: 4 ohms: 125 watts x 4 chan 2 ohms: 200 watts x 4 chan Bridged, 4 ohms: 400 x 2 chan I have a pair of Alpine components: Peak Power: 330W RMS Power: 110W 4 Ohms Impedance I have a Pioneer DEH-x6900BT head unit: front, rear and sub preouts Questions...
  31. B

    Connecting speaker wires from amp to factory wires?

    Hey guys, I’m new to the car audio scene so bare with me, I recently got a kicker 4 channel amp that I want to use to give my kicker 6x9 lower door subs some more kick. My questions is do I have to run the speaker wire from the amp to the speakers or can I get away with connecting the speaker...
  32. L

    Please help me understand crossover wiring (giving up on searching)

    Hi everyone - I am a new member on the forum and need a little help understanding something (and believe me I've searched and searched on this issue using google, forums, vendor sites, car sites, Youtube, images, amplifier and component speakers manuials, etc. and have found nothing to help...
  33. C

    04 Silverado Not the Right Harness???

    I can’t figure out if I have the right wiring harness or not. My harness doesn’t have the 2 orange wires and most of the wires don’t even connect to anything on other side. Like the wires are not even connected. I can’t not find any other harness that has orange wires Item(s)...
  34. C

    Wire me stupid

    I just picked up a sundown audio sae 1500 to run my sundown audio sa12 rev 3 d2 and right now have them wired bridged ran in series parellel. I feel like i have them wired all wrong and am not getting the full power of what this amp can do. Am i right or am i wrong...that im wrong?
  35. K

    Everything powered up.. subs dead?

    Hi guys, just joined today ! Sorry if this thread has been posted before. I’ve read over a dozen posts about my situation and can’t find a solution, or the their problem was slightly different than mine. What I have : Rockford F. P3001 , And two 10” dtx subs. And a kenwood deck (They came with...
  36. Packers27

    Need help with amp and subs

    . .Ok. I've made alot of progress in messing with this truck. What I really need to know is, how to specifically wire my subs up to Amp to get a safe and full potential performance. I have a a 400 watt peak power 8" Boss 4 ohm Dual voice coil sub and a 12" Pioneer 4 ohm 800 watt peak power sub...
  37. C

    Help Wiring Amp With Aux

    Just bought new subs and an amp for my car, I use the stock cd player(head unit) and I also want to add an aux cord while ive got my cd player out. I created a picture of my plan. I circled the part im iffy about, wouldnt I need a diode or would this work? (Ignore the colors connecting the line...
  38. B

    8gauge to 0gauge

    Iʻm running an 8 ga power wire from my battery but need 0gauge wire for the second amp i bought. If i ise a power dist block will it over heat and cause damage or should i just run 0 from my battery and figure out a new way to run the 2 amps. Thanks
  39. J

    Noob wiring question (pics)

    I have done electrical wiring before... but never a car stereo. I bought an old junker 2001 cherokee with a sh*tty pioneer CD player in it, which I removed to replace with a boss audio bv9982i single din - i scored it new for 50 bucks, so even if it is junk its still a step up because the USB...
  40. B

    1600 watt amp

    I have a 1600 wat amp from audio solutions. I have it wired to my two 12"s and the guy never told me how much it can handle or the ohm load or anything. And i canʻt find specs anywhere. My amp is running hot off the two subs so i unhooked one and now itʻs running at 5ohms. But still hot. I have...