1. nyoc

    WANTED 4 American Bass Godfather T20 Tweeters

    Wanting to buy 4 American Bass Godfather T20 tweeters. Shipping would be to 43460
  2. L.V

    Speakers buzzing help?

    Would it be my amp is dying? Ive had it for 4 years (machete 80.4) The speakers buzz at any volume, any mode (AM/FM bluetooth, USB) I have done the big 3 upgrade. All wires are OFC wire from amps to speakers. The sub is just fine but all channels off the 4channel amp buzz. Heres the kicker and...
  3. connerprince

    How many amps do I need?

    I just bought a brand new Toyota Corolla Cross but wanted to upgrade the cars audio system. I would max out the volume knob almost everyday leading to distorted music at high volume. I met with one car audio shop that says they're fine they just need an amp and a Hi low converter, and I want to...
  4. connerprince

    Toyota Corolla Cross Good Amps?

    I just bought a brand new Toyota Corolla Cross but wanted to upgrade the cars audio system. I would max out the volume knob almost everyday leading to distorted music at high volume. I met with one car audio shop that says they're fine they just need an amp and a Hi low converter, and I want to...
  5. F

    WANTED 2000 Buick Regal LS

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my factory sound system to get the highest clarity and most efficient sound replication. Here was my idea: (All are component style parts) JBL Step-Up MultiElement 5 1/4" (Two-Way) In the OEM front door space JBL Step-Up MultiElement 6x9" (Three-Way) In the OEM rear...
  6. D

    45 RMS speakers to 80 RMS amp per channel

    Hello, I have a TRF M600.4AB amplifier which power is 80 watt RMS per channel (at 4 ohms) and i want to connect to it my front speakers (JBL Stage 2 604C) which are 45 watt RMS and 4 ohms. Is this possible or the speakers will be blown up? Do i necessarily have to buy new speakers above 80 watt RMS?
  7. nathanp203

    need help on wiring new system

    hi all, im very new to this yet i have a decent exposure to audio outside of cars just bought this equipment and obtained an old amp: 1 pair pioneer TS-G1020F speakers in front dashboard (4 Ω max pwr 210w nominal input 30w) 1 pair pioneer TS-G1730F speakers in rear (4 Ω max pwr 300w nominal...
  8. P

    Best 6.5 comps for $115

    New to the forum! Looking for 6.5" comps. I'm helping a friend pick out and install speakers but I don't exactly keep up with all the newest brands and hottest "sales of the moment" in the car audio world. I tried to search but didn't find much recent info. Budget is $100, maybe up to $130 or...
  9. MilitiaRobbo

    Diodes on Head Unit’s Negative?

    Hey Everyone, Robbo here, from Australia. I have been facing a hiss sound with my Nissan Patrol for months. I have taken it to multiple car audio installers and their complete failures owe me nearly $1,500AUD in labour fee’s. To test the theory of it being a faulty head-unit, I took it out of...
  10. S

    Help testing speaker wire

    '04 Dodge Ram 1500 The speakers located on the back seat doors, have stopped working. I pulled them out to test if the speakers are blown. I tested them with a battery and I get ******* action. I assume that means they are not blown. Is there another way to test them? Can I connect them to...
  11. Manu

    New speakers for my e46

    Hello, i want to buy some new speakers for my sedan e46 2000. I'm looking for some budget speakers, i just need volume in mid-high range to sounds better with my subwoofer. Do you know something about the stock size of the e46 speakers ? I want to put 6.5" speakers. Can you recommend me some...
  12. ExotiK

    Need help with a head unit

    Hey everyone! I recently bought a '21 Forte EX and it comes with the premium Harmon Kardon system; 8 speakers, a 320 watt amp and a sub. I bought a head unit from ali express ( TEYES SPRO Plus For Kia Cerato 4 2018 2020 Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Navigation GPS Android 10 No 2din 2 din...
  13. C

    What brand speakers should I be looking for

    I’m just getting into upgrading my sound system and I’m a senior in high school. I have a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe with the monsoon system. I want to upgrade my door speakers to something louder than what came factory because I’m putting subs in soon and I wanna hear more than just bass. With my...
  14. BloodyGuts335i

    FOR SALE BNIB MB Quart BMW 3 way Speakers

    As title states. I have a BNIB set of MB Quart 3 way component set. Complete plug and play. Was bought for my 335i but may fit other models. Can be used to replace oem speakers and use without crossover. Or with aftermarket amp and use as passive components.
  15. L

    Looking for help

    I have a KICKER - CX 360W Class AB Bridgeable Multichannel Amplifier with Variable Crossovers KICKER - CS Series 6" x 9" 3-Way Car Speakers with Polypropylene Cones 4 Ohms in the rear Kenwood - 6-1/2" 2-Way Car Speakers with Polypropylene Cones 4 Ohm in the doors and it was wired by Best...
  16. BassHead42069

    Need advice for good setup

    Hi, I don't really have a lot of knowledge about car audio and I really want to make sure I get the proper equipment. So I'm looking for some help putting together really solid part list. I have a 2020 Hyundai Kona and my goal is to fit a custom, ported, dual 12" sub box in the back. I also want...
  17. M

    Factory JBL System VS System From Previous Car

    Just got a new (used) car after having my parked car get totaled by a drunk. It’s a 2011 Toyota Camry XLE V6. I’ve never had a factory amp and I’m surprised by how loud the jbl system gets even without a sub. I’m disappointed that the “8 speaker”system is actually only 6. In the coming days I...
  18. Diamond_X_Gaming

    Need Help picking speakers

    I just installed a BOSS Audio Systems BVB9364RC stereo in my 2007 Ford Edge SEL. Speakers are blown and I'm just lost on what speakers I should get. I want to place both front and back.
  19. P

    Help! Amplifier max output for Speakers!

    Greetings to everyone! Guys, just a simple question regarding amplifiers. I bought a 500w amp, 2-channel bridge. So, do I have 500w on each channel (for 2x 500w speakers) or I should consider the sum of both (for 250w speakers)? I bought 2x speakers, for rear only (Alpine SXE-6925S, 6 x 9...
  20. M

    First Car Audio Build... I need some speaker advice

    Hi, I have a 2010 Toyota Camry. I'm looking to replace the front and rear speakers. Up front is a factory componet set of 6x9s. The rear has coaxials. I have already decided to go with DD Audio speakers because it's a local brand that I support. I'm trying to figure out what the best option...
  21. S

    Focal speakers- swapping parts

    Hey guys, I currently have a set of focal iss 165 speakers in my truck. They sound nice but I'm looking to upgrade a bit. A friend offered to give me their focal p165 v15 woofers with crossover, he doesn't have the tweeters anymore. My question is, can i use the p165 v15 woofers and the...
  22. S

    2010 Toyota Prius Upgrade

    So I'm trying to upgrade the base speakers in my prius but I've heard that because of the hybrid system the electrical system is sensitive. For that reason I've been doing a lot of research into speakers that won't break the electrical system. So it really comes down to what are the best...
  23. Dominic Lam

    Recommendations for Double Din headunit and possibly a DSP

    Hey so I'm currently in the midst of saving up for a new car. And leaving behind the audio equipment in my old car for a new better system. My Old system I did a bit of sound deadnening in the doors but for the new car I'm going all out and ripping out everything to sound deaden everything...
  24. 8

    3.5" Speaker recommendations?

    I'm looking to replace the factory dash mounted 3.5" speakers in my dash and wanted some reccs on a good set for under $100 no I don't have an amp running my door/dash speakers just running off my Pioneer DEH-S6010BS headunit not trying to win competitions but also don't want garbage speakers
  25. ekah

    some speaker to amp questions

    i have the crescendo pwx 6.5 these are really good but i dont like that i limit them at 5600 hertz and want speakers more on the higher vocal area where theres  https://gpcaraudio.com/deaf-bonce-apocalypse-ap-m60a-v2/ im not sure if ill hear a big difference or not where the deaf-bounce goes...
  26. H

    Im doing everything wrong plz halp

    So I bought the cheapest car around and of course, it has a crap sound system. fortunately, I had 2 pair of speakers laying around: - PIONEER TS-R6951S 400W 3-Way (this one I want to put in the back) - Boston exl-60c 25w RMS 220w (and these ones in rear passenger seats) and I plan to buy...
  27. T

    AM radio appears to kill auto speakers

    The last 5 new cars (Acura, Mercedes, Lexus) have all had to have at least one speaker replaced because of cracking noises after about 2 years. I am not a music fan so I ONLY listen to AM talk radio.  Volume is very typical and not loud at all.  I have a theroy that the limited frequency range...
  28. qoqzgood

    Just 4 fun

    Assuming there is unlimited budget, what SQ setup that is the best of the best in 2019?
  29. varano_ohms

    Amplifier -- Sub -- PSU -- Speakers

    Hi, do you connect the amplifier to the 2 jacks (RED-WHITE) behind the radio and the sub do you connect it to the amplifier? having a 250w psu is enough for sub amplifier and a 2x 60w speakers? car radio aiwa 40Wx4 Thanks Regards
  30. A

    6x9’s not working

    I have a 2006 Ford Fusion and had a new stereo installed but now my 6x9 rear speakers aren’t working. They are getting power and I’ve replaced all the fuses for the amplifier. The speakers are in excellent condition
  31. KSB

    Upgraded speakers and subwoofer

    Hello, recently got a car (2000 Suzuki Wagon R+ 1.2) and not satisfied with the current audio setup. Bought an Alpine UTE-200BT head unit for Bluetooth connectivity and USB and fitted it, works a dream. However, I'm not satisfied with the current speakers in the car. From what I can find it only...
  32. A

    Focal or Morel or Alpine Components Speakers

    Hello I want to improve the audio quality in my car, diferent stores are offering to me different brand of components. I want the best audio quality, what model do you think is better? The option of speakers are: -Morel Tempo ultra 602 -Focal 165Kr -Alpine R-S65C My Car: Mercedes GL 450...
  33. S

    2018 Chrysler Pacifica Parts and Specs for Install

    Hi, I just bought a new 2018 Pacifica Touring Plus that I absolutely love. Hi, I just purchased a new 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring Plus. While the stock basic 6 speaker system actually sounds much better than I expected, I'd still like to improve on it a bit. I cannot find any information on...
  34. R

    First build research

    Whats up guys i already get it noob noob noob no worries it is what it is. Im doin my 93 gmc diesel ground up all out front yard build starting with the inside. Goal is 8 speakers 2 subs.. 4 (4x6) rear pilars and dash 4 (6 1/2) custom glass console and doors. 2 12s under back seat after i rais...
  35. C

    HELP! Speakers stopped working after steering column fix!

    I have a JVC KD-X330BTS after market stero. I drive a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. A while ago, I was able to turn over the ignition without any key and my battery would die every night. To fix this I brought it into a local shop to get it fixed. They fixed the steering column, AC/HEAT and gave...
  36. L

    Suggest me speakers for my car..

    Hello, I have a new radio in my car, it's not the best, but it's okay. It says it gives off 60W per channel and it has four channels. I connected speakers from a DVD into it's front channels, wired them parallel so they drop from 6 ohms to 3 ohms and they're okay, but problem is, my car...
  37. adulbrich

    68 Vette speaker help

    Well, my uncle wants a stereo in his 67 Corvette. I'm giving him two AGM's, my old Kenwood radio, a cheap crunch amp, and a pair of Massive sumo 6.5 subs. I'm looking to spend around $50 on speakers. What's tricky is the kicks can only fit 4x6 (or 4" round) speakers. Speakers will just be...
  38. S

    Help needed with adding 2 more speakers at the back

    I have a Toyota Vitz 2005 with the Toyota ND3T-W54 stock DVD / Nav. At the moment I have only 2 speakers on each doors but I want to add 2 more at the back. I think this model is surround so adding 2 speakers wouldn't require an amp. I am clueless when it comes to this so I don't know what I'm...
  39. HariboSingh

    Left side speakers weird sound issue. Might be a quick fix?

    So after I replaced my 2011 Mazda 3 (Non-Bose) door speakers with Pioneer TS-G6845Rs, the volume of the left side speakers have been reduced by about 80%. They give off a noise like coil rub, like a low "fuzzy" sound. This happened with the factory radio, and ensued after replacing it with a...
  40. HariboSingh

    Left speakers weird sound issue. Might be a quick fix?

    So I upgraded my 2011 Mazda 3 (Non-Bose) door speakers with Pioneer TSG6845Rs. The issue is that only the front right and rear right sound fine, but the 2 left speakers have faded and have lost about 80% of their volume. With the stock Mazda head unit, the issue started with the new speakers. I...