New speakers for my e46

Manu Newbie
Apr 18, 2021
Hello, i want to buy some new speakers for my sedan e46 2000. I'm looking for some budget speakers, i just need volume in mid-high range to sounds better with my subwoofer. Do you know something about the stock size of the e46 speakers ? I want to put 6.5" speakers. Can you recommend me some speakers? What do you think about Hertz UNO X165 ?
The speakers will be amplified by a Sony Dsx 200ui.

Kickstand Well Known
Jan 1, 2021
Maple Ridge
I had an 2010 135i and all the stock speakers were 4" I think or was it 4" and 3"
Also had a hell of a time with depth in the front doors, had to do some cutting to fit in my CDT's
I'm almost positive the E46's have the same depth problem
I think they make an adapter to be able to fit a 5.25 but you have to find ones that are shallow or they block the window from coming down.

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