1. Chi townhero

    Need help with full setup

    Looking for a really good spl set up. I want to shake your inside but not break the bank. Was thinking a hdc3 soundqubed Or American bass. Will I be happy with this? Need new amp and a ho alternator. Just did big 3. I had 2 l7 on a Rockford bd1000. Was not happy at all. All my buddies thought it...
  2. nyoc

    Trying to get an amp to see 2 ohms

    Taramps DS 250.2 with 2 DS18 crossovers 2 Soundqubed 8" midrange 2 Soundqubed super tweeters Trying to get the amp to see 2ohms, the speakers are single 4ohm What do I need to do?
  3. A

    4th order design for 4 hds3.115

    Does anyone have designs for a 4th, max dimensions are 48x36x48
  4. T

    FS - Soundqubed HDX3 12" D2

    View Listing FS - Soundqubed HDX3 12" D2 Heres the Soundqubed New line HDX3 Series. They are built for ground pounding and getting low and still loud. 1500rms but these things are underrated for sure. Only selling because i Need dual 4s now. 210 shipped! CONUS I have...
  5. C

    Amp power and electrical

    I have a 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo, it has a stock 136 or 150, conflicting information I have found there. Big Three is getting done tomorrow and I have a new stock battery. I am looking to get the Soundqubed Sa-2250, I am reading and getting conflicting information on whether my car can handle...
  6. blazian87

    Soundqubed Q4-120 4 Channel amp *MINT*

    Item(s) for Sale: Soundqubed Q4-120 Item(s) Description/Condition: MINT CONDITION practically flawless. No remote bass knob included. Don't get this confused with current version Soundqubed Q4-90, this amp does more power! High Power CLASS A/B Output 120w @ 4 ohms. They don't make it like...
  7. blazian87

    Soundqubed Q1-3500D.1

    Item(s) for Sale: SQ 3500.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Cosmetically 9/10 One small scratch on the corner, can hardly notice from far away. Fully functional. Comes with remote gain knob. 4300W@1ohm 14.4v 2600W@2ohm 14.4v Price: $550 shipped or local pickup PM me Shipping and...

    ISN'T THIS A GREAT DEAL FOR $208 SHIPPED soundqubed 12 custom birch box 1.25 front

    OH it's 1.5" front board.......... I know nothing about sq excepts it's 2.5" vc, 600rms, 13.25mm xmax, and has good reviews., idk recomended ported box size but man that looks like a nice box.. i know subs aren't expensive but if that sub works well in over 2cf box ad it's like paying $90...
  9. 1

    Need help designing box for 2 hdc3.1 18

    Hello, I need help on a box design for my 2 soundqubed hdc3.1 18s. Would like it to be tuned to 35 hz and they will be ran by 2 cab 1600.1 strapped. Any comment and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks you
  10. 1

    amp help

    Hi, I have a crecendo bc 2000 and it is hooked up to soundqubed hdc3.1 18 and was wondering what is the best way i could set it up. Like what i should put the lpf, subsonic, bass boost and gain to? I have it playing and running but i feel like i should be getting more out of it. But then again...
  11. 1

    need a box design for hdc3.1 18

    hello, i need a box design for my hdc3.1 18. The single hdc3.1 18 is powered by a crescendo bc 2000 and is in the back of a 97 mountaineer. i would like to tune it to 32 hz and any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  12. C

    Selling 2 HDC3.118s

    I am selling 2 HDC3.118s, they are in almost perfect condition, the only reason they aren't in perfect condition is because they are used, they have always been run on clean power by a soundqubed 4.5k, i am trying to get 300 for each, thank you! I am sorry, i'm a noob at this so i'm confused on...
  13. W

    What amp 4 me?

    I need guidance concerning what amps i will be running. I will be running 6 Soundqubed HDC3 15s (2 ohm dual voice coil.) I already have 2 of the subs so i cant turn back. I want to run these around 3k watts rms a piece. My budget is $2000 but if i need to maybe $3000 if I have to. So what would...
  14. S

    were should my sub sonic be at?

    I have a Soundqubed hds315, in a 4.25cu box with a tuning of 37hz on a hifonics brutus amp 2000.0, and i was wondering what my sub sonic should be set to?
  15. S

    amp has power but sub dont play?

    I was playing music not even loud then all of a sudden my bass cut off i checked my amp and it still had power and my fuses are not blown but if i play music you could feel the sub playing but doesnt play normal as it should u could just feel it playing even tho i put the gain up and i took my...
  16. C

    HDC3.1 vs Q18

    I was going to buy 2 18s but was wondering if it would be worth the 200 extra dollars to get the fi Q18s over the soundqubed HDC3.1 18s, I'll be running a soundqubed 4.k to them
  17. S

    What is the best position for my box in my trailblazer

    Im trying to figure out whats the best position for my box facing up sounds good but roof rattles too much im looking for the best position any suggestions?
  18. S

    why does mt amp turn on then off

    Right when i turn my stereo on my amp turns on but then dims off and all of a sudden no power to amp what can it be i changed my ground and checked my power wire what can it be ? And its a hifonics brutus 2000.1
  19. ekah

    which sub for the trick

    im waiting for the cab 1600.1 to be ready and shipped to me but i now need a new 12"sub to be pushed. its going in a mazda 6 2006 hatchback. i was thinking about either the soundqubed hds312 d2 or hdc3 12 d1. im running off stock electrical for now. so would i just go for the hds3 since ill...
  20. M

    Hdc3.1 motors

    Wtb soundqubed hdc3.1 motor or motors hit me up with price shipped to 37914
  21. M

    Mpedigo 98 c1500 extended cab build log

    This is the starting point of this build as of now I have two hdc315 d2, 2 cadence d2500m amps, 2 cadence d100.4 amps, 4 soundqubed 6.5 pro mids 4 8in generic sas replacement subs for mid bass. And two soundqubed pro tweets plus a holy crap ton of mechman 0awg cca, and xs power big three. Box...
  22. BSchrowang

    Which 15" sub will be the loudest?

    I am trying to choose between 2 different 15"s. The American Bass XFL 1544 1200rms Dual 4 ohm Or the Soundqubed HDS315-D4 1500rms Dual 4 ohm I would be running 2 of these in a trunk box ported around 32hz and about 6 or 7 cu ft. Will be running off a Planet Audio BB4000.1 at 1 ohm...
  23. A

    Soundqubed hds3 vs jl audio w7

    Who, would blow who, out of the water ? The two seem comparable.
  24. S

    sealed or ported for a hds3 15

    Just got a new hds3 15 but was wondering what would be better to be loud i have a ported box but dont know what its tuned to and a sealed box? Ported box is a little bigger .
  25. ekah

    Soundqubed or bandaaudiousa?

    I'm deciding which amp is more bang for my buck or what's better to use. Right now I have a mazda 6 06 hatchback and a power acoustik 124x mofo subwoofer and wanted to Power this with one of those amps in the future I wanna get the sq hdc 3 12" I wanna get the banda which looks cooler but this...
  26. S

    American Bass XFL15 VS Soundqubed HDC3 15

    American Bass XFL15 VS Soundqubed HDC3 15? Which do you guys prefer and why?
  27. J

    Selling a SoundQubed HDS208

    Just recently bought a HDS208 D4 600W but don't need it anymore. Never been used. Everything is still in its original package. Contact me at [email protected] for more information
  28. ekah

    crecendoaudio or sq amp?

    HDC3.112 Copper Coil Subwoofer or BC2000D - Crescendo Audio Factory Direct Online Store for HDC3.112 Copper Coil Subwoofer id think the soundqubed just because its the same brand, but someone told me crecendo was better bang for my buck.
  29. B

    Did I Fry It?

    Well I have a Soundqubed HDS312 and a Hifonics 1200W 1 Ohm, and I was bumping hard when I started to smell this weird smell. So I go to the trunk, and it's coming from the port of the box I built ... or at least I think so ... the whole trunk smelled like it, like a industrial sort of smell...
  30. XORstatus

    Is the American Bass HD sufficiently similar to the SoundQubed HDC3 - Box Design?

    I have an American Bass HD 15 dual 1 arriving shortly. Finding information about them is difficult to say the least. I have read, however, that the SoundQubed HDC3 is very similar. I have also found many forum posts stating that SQ HDC3s like a lot of port area. I was wondering if the same...
  31. T

    Soundqubed HDS208D4

    Review of Soundqubed HDS208 Dual 4 *FIRST 8" subwoofer* (2) HDS208D4 Cscstang ported box tuned to 35-36hz subs forward ports firing to the side 2003 silverado ext cab under the back seat sound deadened (doors, floors, and back wall) I've been beating on these for roughly a week. They sound...
  32. Jkidd288

    2 SoundQubed Q1-2200Ds

    Items for Sale: 2 SoundQubed Q1-2200D's Item Description/Condition: Minor cosmetic issues on the amplifiers. They still perform flawlessly. Price: I am asking for $324.99 each but I can work with anybody on the price. Just ask. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: You can...
  33. denim

    SoundQubed HDC3 sale!

    We are having a sale on the SoundQubed HDC3 12"/15"/18". The sale runs until August 15th.   Check out the sale here: Sub Woofers - SoundQubed - HDC 3.0 - SSA STORE
  34. C

    Building my first box for 2 HDC3 12's

    Hi, new to the forum but I've been browsing it for a while now. Currently building a system on a budget. I'm getting the 2 SQ HDC3 12's, either 2 SQ 2200's or 2 Hifonics brutus 2400's. Also throwing an XS battery in there (not sure which one yet) and a HO Alternator. Starting off with a...
  35. D

    hdc315 or hds315

    A friend of mine just bought a MB Quart RA 2000 watt amp and he will be getting a 15 inch sub. I told him soundqubed so which line would be better for this amp, the 1500 rms hdc or the 1200 rms hds. I'm certain that amp won't pull a full 2000 watts plus the hds is cheaper. But if it is close to...
  36. B

    2 Soundqubed HDC3.0,15's box build ideas and opinions

    Hey guys a few days ago I decided to throw out my sub's, amp, and box time for some good stuff. The build is going in a 1994 Mercury Cougar. The sub's and port will be firing towards my back seat, and the baffle will be sealed off from the trunk. I got a very noticeable sound increase doing it...
  37. RChillin

    Soundqubed HDC315 (x2) Box Help

    Hey everyone. I'm running 2 HDC315s and am looking to build a new box. The one I have now Is just complete trash, I didn't put much thought into it and just slapped it together to hear them. My plans are as follows- LOWS, with a little loudness. I want to tune to 32 hz. My size to work with is...
  38. turtlestrap

    Soundqubed HDS208 T-Line Box Design

    Would it be possible for you guys to review my subwoofer box design for the HDS208? I am designing a T-Line box for it. It is my first every box design and I have been doing a ton of research, so any input is highly appreciated. So, based off the Fs of the sub, 44.41Hz, a quarter of the...
  39. lextuninghn

    a kicker zx1000.1 old school or soundqubed q1-1200d

    Paypal readdy to send mayment only send me coute if your price are arround 100-160$ shipped to 33130
  40. O

    Will This Work For My 8" Sub?

    Hey Guys, So I'm looking to finally put in a sub that I've had sitting around for a couple of months now. It's a SoundQubed HDS208 D2. It will be getting roughly 500 watts rms, which is a bit under what SoundQubed recommends, but it's what I got right now. I'm very limited on space, so my...