What amp 4 me?


Aug 12, 2016
Fort Worth, Tx
I need guidance concerning what amps i will be running. I will be running 6 Soundqubed HDC3 15s (2 ohm dual voice coil.) I already have 2 of the subs so i cant turn back. I want to run these around 3k watts rms a piece. My budget is $2000 but if i need to maybe $3000 if I have to.

So what would you recommend?



Budget Builder
Apr 24, 2016
Peru Illinois
How would i wire that? Taramps can only do 1 ohm
If you go with the 10k then you can wire 3 to each amp. That will yeild a 1.33 final load. Search "sub wiring 12 volt" and it will show you how to wire them.



B2,singer,ampere rep
Sep 6, 2009
monterey , ca
You'll need 2 amps for each set of 3 subs anyway. Unless you do Brazilian amps you'll be looking at $3600+ easy new


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