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May 8, 2018
hagerstown, md
I have a 2003 PT Cruiser Turbo, it has a stock 136 or 150, conflicting information I have found there. Big Three is getting done tomorrow and I have a new stock battery. I am looking to get the Soundqubed Sa-2250, I am reading and getting conflicting information on whether my car can handle that, I don't drive a lot and don't listen super loud all the time just occasionally, What are your thoughts on how my car would do with this setup? The amp will be driving two Sundown SA-12's 2 OHM DVC subs running at 2 ohms, unless you think I can run at 1 ohm and be safe.


shredder2 Elite
Nov 19, 2017
Get the dual 4's and go to 1 ohm... probably get by with big 3, Lg gauge power wire (look for at least 0ga and OFC is best) and a secondary AGM in back (a good sized one)

For a daily it'll do pretty well, you might even get so addicted an alternator (Real fix) could be added in the future. But unless I'm totally off, that SQ amp should be right at the limit of a 135-150A alt with a decent AGM in back, unless you demo the thing or really get stoopid all the time (like me) I'd try and see. Goin' to one ohm is a no-brainer with those subs and amp, it's a great match.


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