Soundqubed HDS208D4


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Jul 15, 2015
Baytown, Texas
Review of Soundqubed HDS208 Dual 4

*FIRST 8" subwoofer*

(2) HDS208D4

Cscstang ported box tuned to 35-36hz subs forward ports firing to the side

2003 silverado ext cab under the back seat sound deadened (doors, floors, and back wall)

I've been beating on these for roughly a week. They sound amazing. I thought it was cool that you get a sticker with every sub.

These things are massive for such a little speaker. Cone is very stiff. I am only running these on 250rms as of right now. They play very low and clear. I will say that my truck doesn't vibrate near as much as it did with my 12 in a sealed box but those were down firing so I assume that had a lot to do with it. I haven't found a lot of information on these so I felt I needed to put it out there these are very very good. The new version comes with direct leads. I thought that was pretty cool. I did find it odd that the top magnet is slightly smaller than the bottom magnet. Not sure why. Overall very pleased soundqubed has won me over.

The box cscstang did is killer. Couldn't be happier. Paint is awesome, construction is awesome, shipping with speaker wire inside the box ready for subs just shows that he is thinking about his customers. Will do business again. He also has a ridiculous amount of knowledge. Thanks for all your recommendations.

Memphis PR12 vs HDS208


• 2.5" Coil

• Double Stack Magnet

• Cast Basket

• Push Connectors

• Vented Back Plate and Pole Piece

Mounting Specs:

• Cutout - 7.375"**

• Mounting Depth - 5.5"

• Outer Diameter - 8.53"

**May need to notch for the terminals

T/S Parameters:

* Piston Diameter = 161.9 mm

* f(s)= 44.41 Hz

* R(e)= 1.15 Ohms

* Z(max)= 11.28 Ohms

* Q(ms)= 5.785

* Q(es)= 0.660

* Q(ts)= 0.592

* V(as)= 4.393 liters (0.155 cubic feet)

* L(e)= 1.12 mH

* n(0)= 0.06 %

* SPL= 79.55 1W/1m

* M(ms)= 174.10 grams

* C(ms)= 0.07 mm/N

* BL= 9.22


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