1. SubieSPL_Maniac

    Wtt hdc3 18 for beefy 12

    Looking to Trade my HDC3 18 for a beefy 12 of 2 12's. Dont have a vehicle that has the space for it and plan on getting something smaller... The 18 is in great condition, had it for about a year now, but has never seen more than 1.5K or whatever an AUDIOPIPE APSM 2000d can actually put out...
  2. jordon

    hds200 12

    Okay so i got a 6.4 cubic ported box for 2 12's(not sure on port size or tune) with a hifonics ZRX 1800.1D amp with all stock electrical and i was thinking of two soundqubed hds200 12. Do yall think there is any better subs for $100 a piece?
  3. B

    Amp for a HDS215???

    I am looking to purchase a Soundqubed HDS215 rated at 600w Rms. Any one know of a cheap monoblock amp that would do good with this sub?? Any other box tips would also be appreciated. soundqubed recommends 3.50^ft (4) 8" or (2) 12" or (1) 15" 56.0 sq" vent x 20" long. Does this sound good?
  4. O

    Nuff Said, Alonzo

  5. adulbrich

    Since when has Soundqubed made an 8 inch sub???

    Maybe I miss it every time I visit their website (which is possible). If they always have, why does nobody mention it??? Here's a link: HDS208 Looks pretty bad a$$ to me. Typical of soundqubed, the price is great too. Does anyone have experience with these?
  6. S

    LNIB SQ HDC3 12" D1 x2 (copper coils)

    Item(s) for Sale: See title Item(s) Description/Condition: MINT - not one single blemish on them...mounted once for an efficiency test vs other woofers on a t1500 bdcp each at 2 ohms (burped at 118hz). Very pleased with the results, I got them BNIB as a trade for some tantric sounds woofers...
  7. adrc8r

    eclipse 55090 and soundqubed 3500.1 for dd m4

    I have a very good condition eclipse 55090 head unit with 8 volt pre outs this is a DVD tuner very high end copper chassis considered one of the best single din headunits made. And also have a soundqubed 3500. 1 that's in mint condition with box brand new bass control and cables and also have...
  8. bassattack95

    JL audio vs soundqubed

    I'm trying to tell my dad the truth but he don't listen. So I'm asking y'all as back up. What's louder 4 10in jl w0v2s in a 4th order at 36hz or 1 hdc4 15 at 35hz (box is 4.25 cubes)
  9. adrc8r

    soundqubed 3500. 1 for new model dd m4

    I have a practically brand new soundqubed 3500. 1 absolutely mint cond with the box and certification sheet and owners manual, bass knob and cable never used. I picked up a new model dd m4 and like the that it makes its power at 12 to 14 volts I have a really strong electrical system dual dc 270...
  10. adrc8r

    dd m4 and 2010 Chevrolet z71 extra cab

    Ive been involved in car audio since I was 15 I'm 43 now and its more a hobby. For me basic factory stereo just wont cut it. Ive been running a soundqubed 3500. 1 but got a good deal on the dd m4 and I like it. Not to say its really that much different than my soundqubed amp I just dont plan on...
  11. LuvnThatBass

    Looking at 2 new 12" woofers, got a few in mind - but I need some input

    Choice #1 : 2x SoundQubed HDS312's Choice #2 : 2x C2 Audio Team 1k 12's Both companies have told me same power specs: both would perform great on 750W RMS for daily. I know they are both pretty new speakers, but I was hoping to get any input from people that have experience with both or...
  12. lextuninghn

    AQ/SQ HDC4 15" 1ohm dual

    Hi, I want to buy a HDC4 15" dual 1 ohm to complete my proyect. if you have one used in good working condition let me know.
  13. denim

    SSA is the SoundQubed Authorized Internet Dealer

    The SoundQubed Authorized Dealer. Free shipping in the US48 on all their products.   SoundQubed Products - SSA STORE  
  14. BamaBoy334

    BNIB Soundqubed Q1-3500D.1

    NO LONGER ACCEPTING TRADES. SOMETHING CAME UP AND I NEED CASH THE PRICE NOW INCLUDES SHIPPING COST. NEED GONE ASAP 1. Product: Soundqubed Q1-3500D.1 2. Specs: [email protected] 14.4v [email protected] 14.4v [email protected] 14.4v [email protected] 12v 3. Description/Condition: Brand New Unused 4. Price: : $700...
  15. G

    Box question for 2 Soundqubed SDC2.5 15's

    I'm pretty new to this, but I'm pretty solid in wanting to learn how to build my own boxes, I want something for my budget and currently that is far less than the space I'm willing to use. I'm looking at running 2 Soundqubed SDC2.5 15's or 2 HDS215 subs in the back seat of my extended cab...
  16. L

    need help deciding on a amp.

    Im about to order 2 sq hds200 12's. 600 rms a piece, not sure if they can take more a piece, havent heard to much about them but they are a good *** price and im on a tight budget. What would be a good amp for these subs. All help is appreciated
  17. UGHH

    Anyone with Soundqubed Mids/highs experience?

    I'm buying some Soundqubed subs on Black Friday and I want to keep it all in the family so to say and get their component set too, or maybe get their pro audio mids and highs. I just can't find any reviews on them. Anybody have any experience with them at all?