skar audio

  1. L

    How accurate is the clipping light on the bass knob

    So I have a Skar audio 4500.1D amplifier And the bass knob came with a clip light, and doing some test with it, the light comes on way before the subs start audibly clipping, should I trust the light or audibly?
  2. KcContractor

    Anyone have experience with a Skar audio RP-1500.1DM 1500w Mono amp?

    Thinking of using it for a JL 10W7 Sub with a 750 RMS @ 3 OHM
  3. M

    How do I get full range signal from stock head unit to send to subwoofer amplifier.

    So I have a 2015 Honda Accord LX model with a stock stereo. I installed a 12 inch sub in a custom box with a 2000 watt mono block. I was setting my gains using a multimeter and when I played a 30 hz test tone I noticed a substantialy less value in voltage than with a 40 hz test tone. I've done...
  4. RotkvicaBoi

    I need help filling up the t/s parameters for skar audio SDR-18

    Bassbox pro requires many t/s parameters some of which arent on the skar audio website. This is my first time searching for t/s parameters online and i dont know how accurate the estimate and calculate options of this program are. I haven't really found what i needed, i was wondering if anyone...
  5. momeigs

    Major Voltage Issue: Bad Battery?

    Hey guys, about a week ago (queue Bobby Shmurda meme) I noticed my sub amp start to cut in and out at high volumes. This happened for a few days, then my 4 channel started to do the same. Not to long after, on cranking the car up I read 13.8V. My normal is 14.2v. Slowly turning the music up...
  6. H

    Need help!

    I have a skar rp800.1d amp running off stock electrical at 14.24 volts dc at 40hz but without having bass boost on I’m reading pretty low in ac volts coming out of the speaker outputs. But with bass boost on and using ohms laws I’m showing around 800 watts to my sub at 1ohm. And I know bass...
  7. 21gsmith

    Help lol

    So I’m 18 and my brother gave me 2 alpine 10” sun type r he got them a long long long time ago so they are the older model or whatever. I got a skar 1500 watt amp and a 4 gauge 1500 wiring kit. I hooked it up and it worked really good and was super loud at first. But no I hear like a lil popping...
  8. N

    installation help

    this is what i’m working with! i’m not sure how to wire it up to get the right ohms or anything along those lines can someone help me out by answering these questions? will this amp support the sub? is the capisitor going to effect my sub or be beneficial? can you draw a wiring diagram to send...
  9. DeuceLoco

    Trunk box advice

    Trunk box advice needed....At the moment I have my subs and ports facing rear but still have a few inches on top and on sides of my actual box so I still get good bass into the cab. The problem is one of my SDRs blew and i am looking to upgrade my subs to 2 12s DDX or EVL (unless there is...
  10. V

    Help finding good sub for sq around 800 watts

    Ok I sold my old sub (skar sdr) to a guy I know, and now I have an empty 12 inch 2.00 cubic foot box and a 800 watt skar amp. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good sub for sq? I listen to hip hop, but also a lot of rock and instrumental. Money isnt really a problem as long as its under...
  11. momeigs

    COMPLETED Skar Audio refurbished SK-M4004D

    Skar Audio refurbished amp straight from Skar’s HQ. 400 watt 4 channel, 140 per channel @ 2 ohms, 100 per channel @ 4 ohms...
  12. momeigs

    COMPLETED Brand new Skar Audio TX69 Coaxials

    Brand new Skar Audio coaxials straight from their HQ
  13. momeigs

    COMPLETED Brand New Skar Audio TX65C Components

    Taramps HD3K Clipping

    So i have stock electrical with a 4 guage wire on a hd3k and i have the gains set at half @1 ohm on a skar ddx 10 inch. Before I get roasted I'm planning on going to 0 gauge asap haha. So I had my headunit like 2 notches before full volume and I was playing some decaf 30 hz 35 hz. And I had...
  15. AudiophileZach

    New system, JBL speakers, Sundown X8

    Hey fellow car audio guys, I'm gonna be making my own speaker box for a Sundown X8, I'm gonna use 3/4 MDF, my question is; What saws will I need to make it? I have a table, and circular saw, but I'm a little confused on how to cut out the hole, jig saw? What saws do you guys use on sub...
  16. momeigs

    Will this system work together?

    I’m thinking of upgrading my system. Just wanted to know if it would all work well together and any tips or ideas I should know. Anything you would keep or change from the old setup? Thanks! Current Setup: • Skar TX65C 100 rms components • Skar TX69 120 rms coaxial • Skar SK-M4004D 400 watt...
  17. momeigs


    Went to startup the car and before I could even connect to my headunit to play music, all of my speakers (besides my subs) blew. There was a thumping noise coming from the subs during the fiasco. The tweeters were making a loud clipping noise. Smoke started to come up from the front door...
  18. N

    Skar vs Rockford

    putting some subs in my girlfriends car, she doesnt want anything too crazy so im debating on getting her either 2 p3 12’s or 2 skar vxf 12’s. also need an amp suggestion for the subs. thank u
  19. momeigs

    Quick question.

    This part on my speaker got disconnected somehow. I was wondering if I could just solder the wire back on since it’s just hanging off now. Also, what is it?
  20. momeigs

    Skar Audio dual SDR 12s only one sub blown

    Hi, I recently got my Skar audio SDR 12s installed at my local audio shop. I went through a 1 month break in period before actually turning them up. The gain on the Skar Aduio 1500 amp is set by the audio shop at about a little under 3/4 of the way. I had the bass knob turned half way when the...

    Port Hole For Subwoofer Box

    Hello im planning on hooking a Skar DDX 10 inch with about 1.7 to 1.8 cubic subwoofer box. I plan on making a box underneath the rear seats on a f150 but im going to lift the seat a couple of inches. My question is ive never understanded how big or long port holes should be for a box. I've used...
  22. P

    Dual Skar SDR 12s vs 15s

    I’m looking into getting the Skar audio dual 12s 2400 watt or the dual 15s 2400. Considering that they will be ran on the same amp at the same wattage. Which would give me more bass? Since the 15s are more expensive, I could just get the 15s with door speakers or I could get the 12s and door...
  23. Navy1527

    Getting back into the game after almost 15 years

    I've out of the car audio game for almost 15 years. My last system was in a 2002 Grand Prix. I just picked up a 2002 Monte Carlo LS for my daily driver. I wanted to do a budget build and see how loud I can get with 10's ( never had them) so I deiced to go with Skar audio. I use to run DD back...
  24. Luis Fernando

    Need tuning help

    Hey guys- so I have a skar monoblock amp being fed by an LC2i loc, I just upgraded it  recently from a passive loc and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on tuning this set up. My main issue is that I want to use the bass knob that feeds into the bass boost on my amp since I already have...
  25. D

    skar audio VVX-D4 10"

    I just got a skar audio VVX-D4 10" I have 600rms (35v) at 2 ohm, and the sub still barely moves. it needs broken in but I still feel it should be moving a lot more, the box is a little big but I think the cone should still move a lot more. any advise or information on this?
  26. D

    Skar audio VVXv3-d4 10in

    any advise will help please! I'm new hear, and I've built musical and loud boxes before but this time I'm stumped. on the skar audio website it recommends a 1.75ft3 ported box, and the spec sheet I got recommends a .98ft3 (28L) ported box. ajdesign software sort of validates the spec sheet at...
  27. C

    NEED help from an enclosure designing wizard!

    I’m putting together a 6th or 4th order wall everything BUT design and specs is ready to go, that’s where the wizard comes in lol. I mean looking for someone who could whip me up something that will get low but get a little higher as well. I’ve tried doing this myself but I’m just not that great...
  28. D

    Skar Audio zvx 8”

    Hey guys I just picked up a Skar Audio zvx 8”. Has anyone here had any experience with this sub? It takes 900 rms. I never had any skar products but I’ve heard good things about them.
  29. pathfinderone

    skar vvx10-v3 1.75@32hz

    started experimenting with boxes, made a sealed enclosure for this woof at 1.25f^3 and it sounds pretty dang good. subs starting to break in now and really making a lot more noise! im digging it. first time experience with a real nice sub. I want to try making a ported box for it and then go...
  30. shredder1

    Mom's little grocery getter

    Just a quick peek at my latest little project that turned into a ground-pounder jr... It goes low,loud and it's a little insane on those grocery trips! ... It is now functional and since I've been absent from car audio since the late 90's... Quality...
  31. S

    skar audio 1500.1 good for the cash?

    does this amp do the power its rated and will it push a hds315 good? my budget is 200$ for a quality amp the does its rating. but what do you think about this amp?
  32. A

    Skar audio recone?

    Hi guys, I have a skar audio zvx 12 v1. I need to recone it but there isn't a recone from skar. Anyone has an idea of an alternative? Maybe sundown zv3 or dc or another company? thanks!
  33. ekah

    polk vs focal?

    i have 2 6 1/2 component polks 100rms 4 ohms got it for 140 but was wondering if i were to go to focal would there be a big difference for similar price? i like how the polk sounds but then again iv never heard focal before. its being powered by a skar audio rp-75.5ab just wanted some pointers...
  34. 350zkid

    Skar 3500

    1. Product: Skar 3500 2. Specs: Class D Digital Monoblock Amplifier Compact & Versatile Design Linkable / Strappable 4 Way Protection Circuitry : Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 3,519 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v) RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 2,066 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)...
  35. T

    Skar Audio 1500.1D

    Item(s) for Sale: Skar Audio 1500.1D monoblock amp with bass knob Item(s) Description/Condition: For sale I have mint condition Skar Audio 1500.1D amp this a great amp and puts out true power. 4 ohms: 500 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 930 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohms: 1680 watts x 1 chan. Price...
  36. cooper1123

    2 Skar VVX 12s

    Item(s) for Sale: Pair of Skar VVX 12s Item(s) Description/Condition: V1s D4s Motor boots have some type of adhesive on them (don't know what or how, got them that way) should come off with a little bit of degreaser or paint thinner and some elbow grease The back of the gaskets have some...
  37. bassattack95

    2 15s or 3 10s

    I'm stumped on whether i want to run 2 skar vvx v2 15s or three of their vvx v1 10s. they will in the back of a 2000 explorer so space is not a problem. ill be running a skar 2500.1 for the amp. either option will be in a ported box tuned around 32-34hz. cause i have 1 vvx 10 now and it does a...
  38. BlueXI

    Next Bimmer Build!!

    Hey guys, I recently posted about trying to locate a decent 12. i was firmly decided to get the sa. But i had a deal fall into my lap. i picked up a SKAR VVX 12 recently for a killer deal. BNIB. I've heard these are very comparable to the SA. I Know a lot of people are biased because of the...
  39. PHAT BOi

    PHATBOi's T.U.P - Skar Audio & VVME Build

    Started out with Audiopipe mids/highs on a Diesel Audio NS1600.2 and 2 VVME RD-12's on a VVME QA-D1500 but had problems with the VVME amp as it was damaged during shipping. Was already in the process of upgrading my highs amp to an SK85.4, so I went ahead and got an SK1500.1D to match. Also went...
  40. Bigmann6374

    to run 2 soundstream 2500s or not hmm.

    I have a dilemma whether or not my skar audio zvx-15 1500 rms subwoofer could take 2 of these bad boys strapped. Right now I'm fixing up a rub-2500 that had a good bit of blown mosfets and 1 63 volt cap. once I'm done fixing it I plan on strapping 2 at 4 ohms which would make 2 ohms.. This...